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Straight Talk Live (The Dark Gallows, Step Into The Light Of Truth)

Now, what if I told you to close your eyes and tell me what you think of the rose. I will do the same as I explain what I feel. ďThe rose is breathing through the ambience of the wind. The two petals dancing to the melodies of the lakeís waves. I still feel its life even though itís been uplifted from the ground. I give it life expectancy with my thoughts, feelings; the presence of the Rose within the bed of earth itself.Ē What would you have said?

Whatís in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet
I ask you to unite through the meadowlands of my intellect.
As youíve entreated, me to shut my eyes, and convey what I am imagining as I grasp onto one of lifeís sweetest reward in my hand, the Rose.
My senses aligned in correlation with mind, body, my evolving spirit to provide the analogy of my organic emotions.
I inhale through my nostrils the ordained aroma this delicate flower affords.
The thorns from its life creation, contrast to spoken words in truth; the embedding points of its source, ingraining the skin as a prickling arousal of knowledge, to behold, yet its fluency upholding a painful measure of reality.  
As I caress the silken rose petals, analogous with its originality, contemplating the earthen lineage of its roots. I stand as one person among this ponderous universe. My presence created from the dusk of passion. Appreciating the magnificent transformation from the seed from which the Rose was planted in the bed of Mother Earth.
Once cultivated and nurtured as a baby severed from the life giving supply of its mother cord of life. Now given its own wings, to spout and bloom into a beautiful flower. A flower of love as known, and to be cherished if given, more than received.
I rise, as the budding of a Rose from the elements bestowed by the universal constellation. Should I gravitate my sacred pedigree to wallow in the dirt of the beast, to partake in sips of someone else bloodlust, when I am the truth, the way, and the light to illuminate the misplaced who have drifted in a terrestrial passage of self-demotivation, self-demoralization, and self-hate. I will be the overseer but not the contributor. Channeled idiocy can never release endorphins to bring solace to its own aura, it is a fruitless pursuit and a dark reality to mentally dwell.
Gainful knowledge like the Rose is to see the opposite of darkness, from which it came forth, and to discern and decipher truth in the light. As for me, to feel, to smell, and to taste is in conjunction to the woman within.
The Rose and its soothing properties to give unto another, as the petals for which I stand.
Beauty to accept in others, longing to be heard, a desire to fulfill my Creatorís given obligations as a woman, and in sorrow and regret to comprehend the pain for others.
The stars and the moon, I bless its covenant to keep you, as the Aquarian barrier in me gives water. I truly understand, the spiritually of oneís humanly form in harmony with the universe. Respecting the elements of life, Water, Wind, Fire, Metal, and Wood. The three Heavens cloaks my existence, my oath, and will always strengthen the credence of my voyage and bear the burden of my cross.
My spirit has time journeyed to a land, not yet discovered in this time, but a land, my spirit once pilgrimaged.
The seed from which I was planted, and nurtured in the comforts of my motherís womb, to grow and nurture as the Rose by the blessing of the sunrays, metamorphic speaking; the thirst of knowledge in me is as the flow from earthís supply of water to provide quench to a thirsty mentality.
I hope you understand this is my principle, and this is how I feel in connection to the Rose when I close my eyes.
However, when I open them. I see a world I could only create with my eyes closed.
My mind gravitating to whirlwind energies from the four corners of this world to captivate a lost time. By my hand, and the reluctant of my Creatorís favor in me. I will always feel honored to rely on the inner resources of my mind, heart, and soul within, which has once marked this land, spouted from the imagination of my own free-falling creativity, and plucked from the progression of someone elseís sanctified hallow be thy name; given in mental discretion on this planet earth.
As my hands mold and form clay works of art onto a canvas of imagination. Hopefully, appreciated and ultimately understood.
And That Is Another Straight Talk Live For You
Until the moment our souls pass through the cosmos like a rush of polar kinetics may you find harmony and strength as you take care of yourself and hopefully, others
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best.

St. Jerome
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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