I am a liar

I canít take this, canít take this anymore
I canít hold in the fire, I canít wait for the dawn
I canít stop this desire that burns within my heart
I have to succumb to the aching thatís tearing me apart
I have fallen into the well
I am burning in the flames
I am tired of this world
I am tired of these games
I am tired of the wanting and the waiting and the pain
Of the pushing and the needing and the hunger for the rain

But I canít stop, though I canít take this, I canít take this anymore
Because I have to sate the hunger and I have to close the door
And as I bite into the apple, juices dripping down my face
This is one choice I made that time cannot erase
And as the aching is replaced with a distorted smile
It felt safe to be here, for a while, for a while

But already I knew, the core of the apple was dead
Oh so rotten, poisoned and cursed in this bed
I awaken, cannot remember where I am or how I got here
But I know that you quenched the aching, for a while it was clear
You reached deep inside me and took what wasnít yours
And I let you take it, because I always want more

Because you pushed so hard that I thought I would die
And I wanted you to kill me and every sordid lie
That I told and committed and this felt oh so right
You took me into the fire, you took me into the night
I didnít want you to stop because I needed the pain
I begged and begged you to keep driving in the nails

I screamed because release was a welcome friend
If only temporary and time will never mend
These wounds, these scars, these fractures in my spirit
I wouldnít have taken more, if by now I knew my limits
But with the moment over I whispered into the rain
Let us come here tomorrow and let us do this again

Thrice over and regret seeping from every pore
Once again, I canít take this, I canít take this anymore
The aching in my heart has torn apart this fragile dawn
Yet still in this state, I want more, I want more
As I give, and you take and you take what isnít yours
Please donít stop, but I canít take this, I canít take this anymore
Written by Aurore
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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