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Tears of the Mother, Tempest of the Father

- Tears of the Mother, Tempest of the Father -
  Beneath an alien sky... two moons I beheld rising, where on this world there is but one. It was the past. That planet was a desolation, where once perhaps far too long ago it had been a paradise. Upon that old lost world, there was a large lake within a hidden valley... and upon that lake was a massive island, where did rise yellow spires and lofty walls, built from mighty stone taken from the mountains. The towers themselves were slender, their pinnacles topped with crystal-like domes. They rose up from a great city, a holy and sacred place whence came those who worshiped the ancient, unspeakable gods of that valley. From the lake, which held a name spoken of now only in arcane texts filled with dark secrets... deep canals brought water to countless lands and places. Some believed that if one followed the canals far enough... they would lead to a legendary river which was said to carry those who sailed upon it to other worlds. I came unto that city once, but not as a pilgrim. The gates were barred to any who did not know the secret of gaining entry. In the air before them, I traced a mystical sign which I shall not describe to any who are not initiated... and I entered therein. Strange were the moons on that evening, and stranger still the color of the waters of the lake. Was this a dream? Or a memory! Or was I betwixt and between the spaces that lie mingled in the realms where time and space have no meaning? Perhaps all of the above, was closer to the truth of it. Indescribable in human terms, were the wonders I witnessed beyond the gates. Everything was physical, as is the reality you might be used to... but it was also all on another level, a more subtle one by far. My garments were loose and yellow in color, and on my head I wore a golden circlet. I felt cool, despite the warm air that seemed to dominate the valley just before one actually entered the city proper. It may have had something to do with the lofty transparent dome that rose above the city on all sides... for within its' confines, it felt only like either a mid-spring or early autumn afternoon. For late it was in the day, so late that one could call it early night. How I did come hither, I know not! Only that by paths which cannot be walked by only physical steps alone, I came to that domain. This had been my home once... I have had many homes, on many worlds over the centuries since the dawning of time. The people even recognized me... more by my attire than by my face... and yet still when I spoke it was the voice they heard of old when in times not dust they called me their monarch. In various parallel realities, that place is in ruins... its' people long dead. Pale blue was their skin... those people... with reptilian scales down the sides of their faces, necks, shoulders and down along the very edges of their arms. But otherwise, they possessed an uncanny beauty! Somewhat finned were their ears, and pointed as well. Their eyes were all one solid color... some had eyes of dark black, some of dark green, some of dark blue, and others of dark red. I had never been a member of their species, but rather I had even of old come from another world prior to finding my way to theirs. But always, my coming was in answer to their calling out to a god whose name I dare not utter though it had been my own name when in a far less human guise I existed. They wore garments of dominantly white, or yellow, or green colors. All shades therein. And the style of that clothing was ancient in its' design but quite distinct... exotic in its' appearance yet comfortable to wear most certainly. It was hard to tell which of these people were women and which might be men, or if they possessed any gender at all. It mattered not, for theirs was a society where what one felt they were, so they were. What one most desired to be, they were free to be. With no restrictions placed upon anyone, and only the mandate that is most pleasing unto the Divine... do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Do as thou wilt, but harm no one in the doing of thy will. My own personal creed, as well. And so I felt at home there very much! I placed my walking staff before me and my sandals tread upon the paving stones of the city as I traced my way by memory to the temple not far from the royal palace. Therein, lay my true destination.
    The temple was pyramid-like in its' design, with its' top cut away and replaced by a dome in style not unlike those one might see in architecture of Arabian style. The doors of the temple were solid gold and had patterns upon it that corresponded only to concepts in alien geometry. As I approached, the doors were opened by great chains and mechanical devices operated by mighty-muscled servants. I was, in fact, expected after all! And so I made my way into that house of worship, carefully measuring my each and every step as I walked along. Was I savoring this moment... or fearful of what was to come when I reached the endpoint of my journey? A beautiful... women, I suppose you could say... stood at the very holiest of holy tabernacles at the temple's heart. The path therein was long and circuitous, the floor soft due to the red carpeting that adorned it. High were the temple's archways, and triangular the design of the arches themselves. The pillars that supported the arches were slender and had upon them a design like unto entwining snakes. I knew this place from of old, it was where they came to worship me. Where these peoples' ancestors made sacrifices unto me, and sometimes spilled their own blood in my name... before I bade them to stop the most barbaric of those customs. And so I came to the altar place! The altar was square in shape, and topped with a pyramid of silver design. On each side of the pyramid there was an eye-like design with a gemstone set into it. One ruby, one emerald, and one sapphire. Each stood for a different planet that these people had considered sacred. Mars, which by them was called by a vastly older name. That was the ruby. Rahab, which once existed between Mars and Jupiter before the gods' warring smote it into pieces, creating only a lifeless asteroid belt. That was the emerald. And the third was Earth, the planet that the gods chose to colonize and upon which many decided to remain. Some willingly, some in exile. That was the sapphire. I touched each stone with my right hand, and the woman I spoke of, who was the high priestess of the temple, she smiled as I did so. Being somewhat telepathic but highly able to sense the emotions and feelings of others... gifts I too possess though not to as vast a degree... the high priestess knew why I had come unto her halls. She could fully sense it. “Welcome back, ye whose name I shalt not give voice to!” she spoke. Or did she think it, and place the thought into my mind? And she said it was good to see that still remembered to old traditions. I had not consciously recalled them, so much as that everything that I did in that place merely “felt” correct to do. Like someone long mute remembering how to speak again, or like one long paralyzed recalling how to walk. I bowed before the high priestess, but she bade me stand. “No! Not you... you must not be seen bowing to me. I... I should bow before you.” and she did so, politely as might one of royal blood who is before their king or queen. She did curtsy, her golden-colored skirts held in her slender, delicate hands. Her hair was pure white, I noticed, but she had to her no signs of age... seeming youthful in both her appearance and in her mannerisms and expressions. Eager, even. She then smiled again and rose... the look of shock and surprise gone from her face. Then, she began to sing a very strange song. I shall relate the song to you presently. Numerous children entered the chamber, each of them singing along with the high priestess, each of them bearing an illuminated orb their hands. The orbs were placed all around the circumference of the altar chamber, forming a perfect circle in an otherwise square room. As the song went on, there seemed a faint mist which began to fill the temple. I felt oddly dizzy, and had to sit upon the floor, laying my walking staff down at my side. The words of the song triggered old memories in me of familiar places, peoples, and events. And the words of the song were not in any human language, yet this is the closest approximation to what in English the words would be (the song was not one that rhymed, but it had a musical quality to it regardless that seemed divinely wrought)...
    “In Lemuria, of old, it was there that I did hear a great and beautiful voice, always filled with so much sadness and lamentation: all this, and much weeping... and I did ask of the High Priestess of the elder temple there these words that now I shall relate to you. Who is it that cries and weeps so, for I would comfort them if I may? And she said of this, unto me: It is the Great Mourning... for God-Queen Rahab is weeping for Her Children. She will not be comforted, for they are not comforted. It is ever so. Go not near to Her, for Her dwelling-place was smote from whence it was on high. That road is closed. Her form was destroyed, Her waters dissolved, Her continents shattered, and yet... Her spirit remains!  
    In Atlantis, of old, it was there that I did hear a great and mighty voice, always full of much terrible anger and vengeance: all this, and many fearful outcries... and I did ask of the High Priest of the elder temple there these words that now I shall relate to you. Who is it that does scream out so, for I would calm them if I may? And he did so speak of this, unto me: It is the Great Wrath... for God-King Mars has seen His Children wronged. Never, will He be calmed... until they know peace again. It is ever so. Go not near to Him, for His dwelling-place was deprived of life though it remains. That road is closed. His form was deprived of life, His waters lost, His sands became wastes, and yet... His spirit remains!
    But I hear you proclaim: Lemuria fell! And Atlantis fell! Both fell long ages after those things were said, and now those temples no longer exist, the High Priestess of Rahab and the High Priest of Mars are no longer are remembered, their knowledge lost. And so I hear you ask of me: who shall weep for Rahab's Children now... and thus whence shall all the Sons and Daughters of Mars taste of peace once more! I asked this of the gods of old... and thus was the answer they sang unto me, as I sing it for you:
    A time of great revelations comes with these words, and within them comes the words of the gods. Man shall weep for the Children of Rahab, so long as sorrow exists in the world. They who were of Mars... shall not taste of peace so long as it is in the nature of Man to make war. This was, to me, most puzzling; so I asked of the gods, who these Children of Rahab were. And thus did I hear: they were these very same, the Sons and Daughters of Mars. I thus began to see it, but I asked anyhow: who are these, then, the Children of Mars? I knew the answer in my heart, even as the gods of old told me. The blood of Mankind is one with theirs... as it pours out in misery and suffering, it is a pain to the Mother and a source of anger to the Father. And worse still, they know not whence they came, for they are lost and their memory has been taken from them. One day, it shall return, and then all things shall change.”
    And I awoke from the visions that the song sent unto me, the mists cleared, and the children were all smiling as they gathered around me and helped me to my feet. The high priestess sat on the floor across from me, and stood to her feet as I was upon mine. My clothing was yellow no more, but crimson red. My circlet had become a crown. In her hands, the high priestess carried a large black spider that was tame and very docile, like unto a pet. She bade me to be unafraid, and she placed it into my hands. It seemed to smile, if such a creature could, as I accepted this strange gift... but the very instant I accepted it, the creature simply vanished as if it had never been there at all. “Sometimes, it can be difficult to accept a thing... yet necessary to do so.” the high priestess explained. “When you go forth among Man to speak your message unto their kind, some of their number shall find it difficult to accept. The world will need to change, but it will be stubborn. Man will need to change, but it will be stubborn. For what is necessary is sometimes what is the most difficult of all. What can be in reality peaceful and good, can seem frightening and terrible to those who know it not. Change never comes without cost. Some will be willing to pay the cost... many will not. But you are not there for those who cannot accept your message! You will go forth and share your message for the sake of those who can accept it.” and her words made sense to me, as did the symbolism of the spider and my leap of faith in kindly accepting it.
    The high priestess then took out an ornate pitcher filled with water that glowed strangely in the pale orange light of the temple's interior... she bade me disrobe, and she anointed me with the water, which cascaded down over my entire body from my head. My body seemed to glow along with the water... and the glow came from within before being visible without. First it was a cold blue, like the glow of the water, and then it was fiery red as if my very being was made of such fire. And I knew that it was! The high priestess chanted: “Fire of life, from the waters of life... carried forth from the Divine Spark within, which emanates from the Divine Force of all that is.” and in this way, she baptized me as much as anointed me, into a greater truth. I felt the fire within me, and yet I did not burn to a cinder from it. The waters of life cooled me, kept me cool... and in the calm that washed over me in that moment, I had a crystal clear realization of the importance of teaching others those spiritual and arcane things which only I knew. Though I know not how I came unto that world, to that temple, to those great people, I do recall that I was brought back from there unto this reality when the fiery glow that issued forth from me had blazed at its' brightest. When it had dimmed once more, I knew that my mission had truly begun!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
Author's Note
An old memory, a mystical journey, and a timeless vision in which the importance of my spiritual mission on this world became even clearer to me. I shall tell you of it, herein.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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