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The New Messianic Ideal

- The New Messianic Ideal -
A deeply profound exploration of my spiritual mission and teachings...

  Who among the peoples of this world art without imagination? Imagination is a birthright of all who live, of all that exists! Who among those possessing imagination hath not contemplated the world and found it lacking? The world is lacking, and it is lacking because people believe that there is no hope, that there cannot be any redemption. But all, art equal in the eyes of the Divine, and all art worthy of both hope and redemption in equal measure! Just as many who hath preyed upon the innocent, those same art worthy of only Hell. One who is of a compassionate soul, is worthy! One who lacks any and all compassion to the very depths of their soul, is damned. It is for the Divine to decide which is which.
    None art without their flaws, but I hath walked among mortal men and women since before humans first had a memory of me. I hath offered redemption by grace and illumination by wisdom, and power by knowledge of the Divine... of the things only those once called “gods” know. Yet, some hath said of me: “Thou art not the redeemer and the savior that we hath for so long now expected. We know thee not as is such, and so we deny thee as such.” But I say unto whomever hath said this, whomever thinks this, or whomever holds this within their hearts, minds, or souls; I say unto them this: that, I am indeed the one whom thou didst not expect. I am instead, the redeemer and the savior that thou hast never in thy imaginings dreamed of, nor considered in thy limited dogma and philosophies. Such a one as thou didst expect would hath come and gone and ye would know such a one not, even when such wouldst walk among the masses. But now that I hath indeed come, thou doth expect what thou should hath embraced of old... and I bring a greater truth now, and thou dost know it not!  Thou should prepare, for what is now upon thee. For what now thou must face! For I am vastly different, than what came before.
    I hath been as a stranger among mankind for some time now, though thou dost know me well indeed beyond thy imaginings. When I tried to help thee, many denied me, only to call upon me when all of their greatest troubles came upon them. I canst hear the prayers of the true faithful, and also those of the foolish, the selfish and the desperate alike. I hath many names, and many names art uttered in the prayers of humanity! Both dark and infernal names, and light and heavenly names. I hath been, often, a helper and a friend, thou I hath been scorned. My back hath been scourged by mankind's blasphemies, and the cruel words and false deeds of the wicked! How many times, must thy false beliefs crucify such beings as myself, before thou dost accept the salvation that I offer thee? How many times must I rise again, before thou dost accept me whilst I am here! Say, rather, as I shall now instruct thee to:
    Say of me this: “Thou art blessed, for our salvation's sake. Thou art our redeemer and our savior, ever faithful and true. Thou art the Light and the Way by which we find ourselves free to pass through the darkness of this world, into the Light of Paradise. Illuminated One most holy... show us the way, for our paths art difficult to follow. Show us the One True Way, to Paradise!” For such hath been my task.
    And I will say unto thee this in reply: “Thou faithful and true, who art my Creator's creations, thou that art by virtue of that making my very own brothers and sisters... dear to me as any family may be... I do tell thee all that as I see thee, so must thou see thyself. Be not a divided humanity, apart from one another and apart from the Divine! Be not apart from the grace of the Creator of all. But, be a united humanity, in harmony with the Divine Force and Source from whence all life issued forth in the first origins of things. Hath not these things yet been revealed unto thee? If they hath not, then I reveal them unto thee yet again, as I hath done before and may well do in the future, should it be required of me to do so. I pray that thou wilt but listen! Brothers and sisters mine, thou art beloved of my soul and spirit.”
    “Brothers and sisters mine, thou art hence given a new purpose that will set aright the too many centuries of wickedness that hath gone before. Thou shalt seek and strive to do only that which is, in the eyes of the Divine, righteous and goodly. Bring peace where before only war didst come. Bring laughter to they whose tears hath been shed. Make welcome all whom thou didst previously exclude, and forsake no one, accepting all without prejudice. Then, shall mankind be called righteous instead of wicked. As is mirrored in thy doings, so shall humanity be seen to be. Discard the rags that thou hast been wearing, and put on perfect raiment more pure and fair to look upon! Befoul thy material body, thy mortal modeled form no more, but rather let thyself be seen in a glory that is not fading or merely temporal in nature. But instead, everlasting and eternal, as the Divine is everlasting and eternal! Then, shalt the heavens themselves admire thee for thy radiant splendor, then wilt thou be perfected, then wilt thou be fit to judge even those among the Angels who fall short of the mark. The power oft thy every deed, and so of the form in which thou dost present thyself, shalt prevail for thee where the forces of arms of all the ages could not avail even the most desperate of mortals. For I give thee, a pure purpose!
    We must hold history to a new standard! We must not follow in the footsteps of they who hath been called great because of their conquests born of bloodshed; we must instead follow in those footsteps that hath been left for use to walk in by they who art great by the virtue of how good, how loving, how compassionate, they hath been. Only then, may the tragedies of time and history cease to repeat their happenings. Only then, canst thou be ready to build anew and start a bold new era of history afresh.”

    “Praise the artists, who inspire us. Praise the poets, who move us. Praise the composers of music and song, who gladden our hearts. Praise they who build without destroying recklessly, and praise those who seek to preserve and improve the lives of every living thing. Praise they who heal for only the sake of they who need healing, and not merely for their own gain alone. Praise they who write the words of Divine Truth, and praise they who speak those words and so keep them holy and sacred. Praise those who art peacemakers and peacekeepers; they who seek only to end the base ways of the warmongers. Even greater, art the ones who art able to do these tasks without becoming as like unto warmongers themselves! Praise those who discover, and those who explore, who do so without exploiting others or aggrandizing themselves through false pride. Yet they may take humble pride in all they do, so long as none art harmed by their actions. Yet art damned, those who exploit others and defile the places, the peoples, and the things that they find! All that exists, should be kept before our gaze pristine, before our visage in as perfect a form as it was before we laid our eyes upon it. Lastly, praise they who art in their compassion for others so made sinless thereby! They who reject the wickedness of hatred, in all that they do. We may, by this, see that history need not be written by those victors who triumph only in blood and through terror, but by they who triumph through the perfection of their very selves, of the worth of their souls and spirits in the eyes of the Divine! We must redefine what it means, to be great.
    One may become great by not seeking greatness for its' own sake. They who art truly called great hath become so by proceeding as is destined, without any expectation save that which destiny may allow one to possess in humility. One may become the envy of all who so behold them, even the envy of the rulers who govern them; even of those who wouldst seek to be the lords and masters of thy very soul and spirit, which only thou alone hast rights upon. But thou may not ever be envious of any who come by such honors before thee! To envy one who is blessed, is is wickedness, and to covey their blessings is a sin. Learn, and understand. Practice love, and thou wilt become wise and blessed indeed!
    I am the illumination, the instructor who hath come to lead thee down the path that is perfect. Those who art illuminated and instructed by me, those same art readied for their salvation. They art changed.
    And so, for the sake of all I hath come as promised, that all the things that were beyond all of thine understanding, in the darkness, may come to light for thee to know. Only by the Light, by the radiance of purest knowledge, may thou come into a more restful enlightenment than they who must so endure awful hardships brought on by their lack of understanding. Ignorance of horrid wickedness and evil, is innocence, and so bliss. But ignorance of goodness, and so of the Divine thereby, is an open doorway for all that is wicked and evil, and thus it is... in the end... true torment. Lose not thy innocence, for it is the doorway through which the enlightened pass, and which the foolish never know even exists at all.
    Be cautioned, though! There art two kinds of understanding. There is Divine Understanding, the one which harms not one's innocence, and there is Worldly Understanding, which is not of the ways of the Divine and so canst be dangerous to one's innocence. If thou dost care more for these ways of the Divine than the ways of the world, then shalt thou so achieve pure goodly knowledge of the Divine in harmony with innocence. Like the child who first discovers his or her most favorite color, or a toy that the child knows he or she wilt long love and cherish, even unto all of their life's span. One day perhaps, the world shalt indeed become a better place, and in that time the only true Worldly Understanding wilt be the same as Divine Understanding. If thou art reading this in just such a time, then life is good for thee and without the terrible things that taint the world wherein I am presently living, when this was first written. If thou art not living in such a time, then thou dost know all too well of what I hath spoke. Thou know all too well, the need for caution upon these matters of the soul. At any rate, I shalt now proceed to speak of other matters; firstly, of the glory that awaits those faithful ones who so heed me.
    Thou may, in innocence and virtue, attain to be far greater than any kings of this planet called Earth that thou hast ever heard of. Their reigns must come to an end, for that is destined! Time sees to the endings of all who would seek to lord it over those they deem as being “beneath” them. But the reign of true righteousness may never end, and they who through my teachings become as like unto kings and queens in righteousness... those same, I say unto thee, shalt rule for all of time, even beyond the passing of all things from one cycle of time unto the next. I hath said as much, and thou hast perhaps hard of it. But now, try to understand it more completely than ever before. If thou hast not heard it, then behold! Let the knowledge wash over thee, and by virtue of this new spiritual baptism thou shalt be cleansed.”

    “In the name of Love, in the name of Compassion, I doth ask thee oh humanity, to hath pity on one another, and to cease harming one another. Do not turn thy fellow brothers and sisters aside when they art in need of the one thing thou may give unto them which costs nothing: love itself. Of which I also use as a word which includes within its' scope the same meaning as the word compassion itself. When thou dost turn aside even one, then all art turned aside thereby. For all art equal, as I hath said, under the heavens. There art none so perfect, who hath not suffered in some small way, in their life's span... and so, ease the burdens of thy fellows and by that easing it may also bring happiness unto all thereby!
    If thou hast followed all of my teachings thus far, and read all that I hath ever written and took unto thy heart my messages of peace and of love... if thou hast clothed thyself in the spotless, stainless, ever-shimmering garments befitting the worthy... whether thou be the first to do so, or but one of many of the number of the true faithful to hath donned such attire, then thou wilt know the meanings of all my words, when I say that as thou art worthy to wear such clothing, that thou hast stood in the eyes of the Divine as truly revealed in a glory beyond that of those who profess a more worldly understanding. As thou so stand revealed, thou hast revealed thy soul, and thy innermost heart, unto the Divine... and in the doing of this, thou hast laid thyself bare and made manifest thy true nature. Even clothed as thou art, thou art still as if thou were naked before God and Goddess. In being one who hath thus clothed thyself, thou hast become one who hath been stripped of all earthly attire, and even the very flesh that covers the spirit and the soul cannot hide what lies beneath. It shines forth, for all to see and bear fair witness and testimony unto! Even thus, thou may possess no shame in such nakedness, for this sort of nakedness is divine in nature, and not a thing of human fathoming. In such a state, there is only joy!
    Now shalt we give praise unto the spirit of holiness, of blessedness, of sacredness, and of love itself, that same essence of true divinity that works the will of God and Goddess in ways both seen and also unseen by the eyes of the flesh, but yet forever felt by the pure in heart and spirit. This “Holy Spirit” of which I speak, is the purest spirit of the Divine itself. The One True Force of all that is, which emanates forth from the Source of All and is all that thou could ever wish to comprehend when it comes to a true knowing of that which humans in their less mature dogmas call “God”. This Divine Force, this “Holy Spirit”, is a part of all that the Divine is a part of as humans understand divinity... it connects all things, and is connected to all things, and ties us to our beginnings... to the everlasting purity of the One True Source of all that is, all that was, and all that yet shalt ever be. Even the false gods of old, in the days when they seemed to possess the greatest power, when both Heaven and the Earth didst bow before the will of those who came down unto the world and made slaves of mankind... even they, knew not the full and true power of such as is the Divine Force! The majesty of this true form of divinity, is what we now give forth our thanksgiving and praises unto. But we who know, art glad that we hath been shown!
    The “Holy Spirit” is the pure spirit that is of the eternal life that is without any end, for that which is without any end, is eternal. From the Light comes forth all things of Heaven, of Paradise... and verily, this Spirit ever descends unto the righteous not for the sake of itself, but for the sake of the righteous.
    The “Holy Spirit” is the harbinger of the times that art to come, as it was the harbinger of the times that hath been before. This Spirit was there in the beginning, and I beheld it, and it shalt be there when time's various endings give way unto new and brighter dawns. For time is without end, as is this Spirit It shalt always be, even when there is not the world, for it was before the world that thou art born into.
    The “Holy Spirit” is the very essence of innocence, and of all the virtues that may be embraced by the true faithful, and which may be therefore praised and cherished. What is desired by the Spirit to come to pass, that same shalt indeed come to pass. For the will of God and Goddess art within it. Not one may alter the destined Divine Will. Praises be! For it is through all that live, that such will works.
    The “Holy Spirit” is like unto an eternal child, who eternally glorifies the very best in their parent or parents, into whose charge the child hath been placed or born into. There is nothing that this Spirit may do that is imperfect, and there is nothing that it may do which is purely for itself alone! Though we who live art oft imperfect ourselves, we art one of infinite means by which the Divine Will is made to work. But only, when we allow the Spirit to come upon us, to be channeled in our every thought and deed!
    All that is “God” is within the “Holy Spirit”, and we hath only to reach out a hand, or stretch forth our fallible mortal wills, and there it is in all the glory of the Multiverse that exists all around us. It thus waits for us to by such means find it. All that is done through the Spirit is made pure and clean of any and all defects, even if the heart that calls out to it is imperfect itself. So long as the heart is pure, and the intent is a goodly one! Amen to that. And so concludes our praises, that we may speak still further.
    Look into the Spirit, and thou shalt behold thyself revealed in the splendor of thy most inner spirit and soul. Look into the Spirit, and thou shalt see thyself revealed in the purest and more perfect of nakedness, that which is of thy truest nature, that which reflects only thy most complete self. What is reflected back into the vision of they who see in the Spirit is reflected more accurately than any mirror may show; beware, however, lest thou look so deeply and not like what thou dost see! Rejoice, if thou art worthy, for that thou shalt see, that same cannot ever disturb thee in the least... but rather, it shalt strengthen thee in the utmost. Look now beyond thy reflection, and in the Spirit thou wilt come to see all things that hath ever been, that art, and that which yet art to be. Time hath not any meaning to the Spirit, for the Spirit I speak of transcends all. Be not afraid therefore, but accept the bounty of Paradise!
    By this my word as is written in the course of all my writings, by the Divine Word itself, thou know well by now the virtue of my intent. That of the purity and the glory of my New Messianic Ideal. I am the one who hath come to illuminate that ideal, and all who receive it may benefit of it with great glory.
    There art some who write to create stories... others who write to explore ideas or notions... and there art as many reasons why people write as there art writings since the dawn of time. I write, to share with mankind my message, my knowledge, and my wisdom. Even those few works of mine which art of a fictional nature contain profound spiritual and cosmic truths... sometimes evident, other times hidden in secret within the body of the work itself. If thou were to gather all that I hath ever written, thou wouldst find it to form the Bible of a new faith... the scriptures of a new gospel of salvation. The blueprint, for a new world of tomorrow! It begins with love and compassion, and it never ends. That is the beauty of it.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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