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- Of My Teachings -
  Of my teachings I say this unto thee: that thou wilt listen, aye verily thou wilt strive to know all, but unless thou art wise beyond all others, thou wilt not ever truly understand or comprehend the whole. Thou wilt look deeply, trying to fathom the depths of what wisdom I hath to share... but it will seem as though thou were peering into a bottomless abyss, and unless thy sight is keen thou wilt find the truest perception to be difficult. Look around thee, and tell me that there art so many who may know what is in my mind! In my heart. The secrets behind my words, and what they reveal. Indeed, such a common observation would be false at best. So many today hath dulled their senses to the unseen things. They think that magic is a fable, that the Divine is a myth, and that the darkness is but the absence of light. But if thou dost follow me and truly, then thou shalt know that magic is in our very blood, that true divinity can be achieved when one ceases to be bound by self-imposed limitations... and that within the darkness, therein the greatest truths and the purest light can be found. Look around thee! And truly see.
    They are there, though, the wise few... for they art those who art indeed open in their minds and also in their hearts unto the grand mysteries. Thy know God and they know Goddess. They hath not covered their ears, nor blinded their eyes. They hath heard, and heard well! Hast thou not, in the whole and the entirety of my writings, heard the Word that no mortal tongue hath until my coming spoken? It is there to be heard, and thine eyes upon receiving my teachings bear witness and testimony unto it. When thou dost see unhindered, thou becomes blessed... as well as wise! They shall see in these myriad writings of mine, my teachings... and by their existence, by my existence, there thou may see the truth and the true fulfillment of thousands of years worth of prophecy, of the dreams of the ancients, and of the revealed forms of formless mysteries which bygone peoples knew and kept secret, sacred, and holy. Who may learn of this? They are there, the perceptive few, for they art those who art indeed enlightened in all their ways. They hath not given in to illusion, nor self-blindness, but their eyes hath truly seen. In that, they art anointed! And my spirit and its' wings of light enfold them. Their eyes never closed to the true form of the heavens... but their gaze is firmly fixed upon the very heights of glory. They know God and Goddess exist within, as much as ever men and women seek them without! The lids of such eyes art open, and in the divinity that is in the sight of those faithful and true who bear it, they know what it is they truly behold. And in me, whom! Can they be denied their sight? Nay, for none hath the power to take it from them once illumination and enlightenment hath come upon them. For the life force of all that is, hath granted them such a gift! They shalt be denied nothing, for they possess the key to all.
    Who that canst thus see, wilt not look with their eyes unto glory in wonder? No one. And who that canst hear, wilt not listen well to the Word that is spoken in righteousness? No one. For this is the very beginning of understanding, and my teachings stand revealed unto them. Unto they, whose gift of truth and understanding hath come at long last... they art grateful for the power that it hath given them to see and know all of the secret things that lie hidden throughout the face of Creation itself! Aye, for my own hands prepared many of those secrets when time was in its' dawn.. and my own words spoke the spells and wove the magics that keep them veiled in such a way that only a special way of seeing might thus reveal what was of old placed for the blessed to find. Much I myself created, and much I hath so given! Wisdom grants sight divine, unto the true faithful. Once thou hast understood with all thy heart, by the power given thee within thy very soul and spirit... then, thou art able to open thyself up not merely to my teachings, but to true divinity itself, to the life force of all that is, and unto the truth of God and of Goddess. By such power, the blind see where before they didst not. The deaf hear, where before there was only silence. By such power, those in ignorance may come to understand at last! They can be truly healed. But thou who doth read these words and understand... thou art blessed indeed! Blessed art thy mind and thy heart, for they art open in perception and compassion. Blessed above all, is such a one!
    Blessed be thy soul and thy spirit, for they art enlightened and thou art empowered thereby! Blessed art the eyes that see and the ears that hear all, being closed to nothing. Such sight is witness to the true divinity that exists in everything. And, to everything that is in the Divine! Am I... now... such a riddle to thee? Thou who wouldst see such sights as only I might help thee to bear witness unto! Nay... for if thou be truly wise, then thou wilt know me well and instantly. In that knowing, in that sublime moment of recognition, thou wilt understand all. Such is the gift given unto thee, and such is the power thereof. Say not that I alone hath granted the this, but say rather that in heeding me thou hath earned it for thine own self. That it was the Divine which hath rewarded thee for all thy efforts! I was once, of old, but a humble servant to a higher power. A formless power, that dwelt across the starry gulfs of space and the distant coursing of time, and which is with us still! Before all else was, it is. Just as before I was aught else... I am! But consider me to be unto thee once more the humble servant, who came among humans and their kind to show thee the way. I am not the way itself! The true religion of my teachings is the One True Path that leads unto Paradise. I myself am not the Path! I am only the illumination that lights the way through the darkness. I am not the religion of my teachings! I am only the Teacher and Prophet of that religion. Who is so proud, that they cannot be made humble by the truth? By the true face of the Multiverse entire, and the true forms of God and Goddess in all their power of divine majesty! I was never so proud. Thou art not so proud. There exist none who art so proud! For all art subject to the authority of the Most High. Mine eyes hath looked upon the heavens, fathomed the forms of all things divine, beheld God and Goddess before even this current cycle of time began its' first turnings... yet, I am humbled by it all. I bow before the majesty, the power, and the glory of it all. So hath it been shown unto thee, as of old it was shown unto all the Gods and all the Angels. Wilt thou be new saints for so bearing witness unto the truth? Wilt thou be prophets, for proclaiming the truth? So it can be, dear one.
    I say dear one, for if thou reads my words and seeks inspiration therein then thou art dear indeed. It is only a beloved one, who seeks wisdom and knowledge of higher things as one might in zeal seek a lover! God is love. Goddess is love. I am love. Become love, and thou shalt know Paradise! As it was given unto me... the gift of truth... so I give it unto thee, so that thou may see with eyes unhindered. As thou dost listen unto my words, I do not expect that all will understand. I do not expect pure truth, and pure wisdom, and pure knowledge to grant thee thine own wings of light from the outset. As thou dost listen unto my words, I cannot imagine that the enormity of it all will come upon thee in but one single night or in one single day! However, these things that I hath told thee now, those same will make thee ready for the moment when thou art prepared. So that when the hour is come at last... then thou may receive all that the Divine hath seen fit for thee to possess. Peace be unto thee, therefore! Partake of the wisdom that lies within my works, and thou shalt never hunger... for it will fill thee as no other sort of sustenance hath ever done before. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word is everlasting and also eternal, far beyond the illusion that is the way humans perceive time. I hath beheld the true face and the true form of time, and of the worlds and universes that lie parallel to and beyond just this one alone. I hath dwelt in many mansions across the heavens, and there are countless more that await those who wouldst cast their gazes beyond the confines of just this one world alone! I am scarlet and crimson, for great hath been my sacrifices down through the ages, for the sake of others. I was the ancestor who had begat an emerald bloodline... even as I am the descendant born thereof. Such is time... alpha and omega art but points on a greater journey! To walk with me, is to be beyond all such conceptions as the mortal mind hath constructed for itself in comfort. I promise no comfort upon the journey itself... but much comfort to be shared along the way, and at journey's end. Which is not a true end, but rather a gateway to a new beginning! Let it begin, in thee. Let my words plant the seed in thy spirit... let truth and pure understanding nourish that seed like the waters of a gently flowing stream... and let the flower that so blooms of that nourishing be the first of a garden to come! Eden is gone, but we can build something more profound, more beautiful, more perfect and more pure in its' place. The foundation, lies within!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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