Through Love and Kindness

We humans tend to think highly of ourselves  
By saying we were made in Godís image  
We think weíre intelligent beings when in fact  
I believe we may still be a primitive race  

God is something beyond our comprehension  
The universe, all inclusive living inside of us  
We are stardust, part of that original creation  
Bound not to a physical body  
But to mind and soul  

The teachings from the Good Book  
Are simplified so that we can understand  
After all, whatís a day to a God than to a man?  

Muhammed, Christ, Confucius  
And other prophets who walked this earth  
Were enlightened enough to know  
That there is a greater conscience  
And the path to achieving it  
Is through love and kindness  

I may call myself a Christian  
But I know religion wonít save my soul  
If I practice what J.C. said  
Then perhaps I have a better chance †

Maybe picturing a bearded man in a throne †
With lightening bolts coming out of his hands  
Works for some  
Who knows  
I donít imagine it  
I rather feel God and the Universe in my heart  
Knowing Iíve been kind
Author's Note
I don't blame the fucked up shit that goes around the world on God, I blame the fucked up shit that goes around the word on man. Many have taken something that's supposed to help us guide to a path of higher self and twisted it because though man is generally good, man can also be selfish and greedy.
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