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Straight Talk Live (And Whose Tending To Your Mind)

As the say in life, it is quicker to sink then attempt to swim  

This is my last in class assignment I will have until May, which is presenting an Oral Presentation in Adolescent Physiology after a PowerPoint presentation for another junior class with classmates asking questions.  
Then as of next Monday, I will be doing field work... whereas, I will be participating in real time group sessions at a New York Forensic Mental Health Facility.  
I expect not to find anyone from DUP as a new admitting psychiatric patient… okay that was joke.  
With that being said, and on a softer note. I must admit at times, I still have the pangs of I do not know what I am doing, an appropriate phrase would be, “I do not know what I am getting into”, I am just going through the motions by the seat of my pants... if that makes sense to anyone… however, my grades tell me I got this, my preceptor tells me I got this, being a Director of Nursing, I should have this.. but by the grace of God’s will. I am totally petrified, in addition, tomorrow, several of my classmates, including myself, have to report to Human Resource and get medical clearance, a student badge, and a handbook on emergency codes. Thank goodness I am CPR trained and do not have to sit eight hours classroom training and then mouthing mannequins. I am IV certified when I was an Critical Care/Trauma ER Nurse… the glorious days.  
I have to take into consideration the commute from Upper Eastside New York to Brooklyn will be a deterring factor alone, I am still learning from one end of New York to the other. This all seem too complicated… I wanted my first time in a psychiatric clinical setting to be when I begin as a Student Nurse Practitioner during my clinical rotations starting in September 2021  
I am venturing into the last and please excuse the pun, final leg of my undergraduate’s studies, whereas, the textbooks, PowerPoints presentations, online test taking, and my encouraging classmates will no longer be my inspirational guide.  
I now stand on my own to educationally represent countless hours of schooling and breaking my bank accounts to attend… and with my grann’s financial monthly stipends.  
We were told as of last Monday we cannot even take notes during these four weeks during group therapy participation.  
This is the first of many other field assignments I have to undergo; we must listen, assess, and then draw upon the right plan of care, marginalizing a profile case due to act upon the severity of mental health related needs, and refer to any other outside essential services; medical doctor or social services if needed.  
Three out of these seven inhouse patients are not on any medications, as of yet… those are the easiest ones for case managements and a plan of care.  
Please be advised these patients’ mentalities breaks down into several cognitive classifications and disorders. I had to admit it, but would I be cheating if I have my phone recorder on. hey, it was just a thought. It was explained to the class. Do to HIPPA, and the student grants the hospital receives to have this program incorporated. We must act as if this is our place of employment. We will have an incoming tour.  
You would think after five years of attempting to earn this Master’s Degree, I will be mentally prepared. New flash, it is only getting harder and the beginning of greatness, at least I am praying.  
I know I will arise to the occasion once I can clearly see what is in front of me, other than relying on my female intuition of the unknown… and then I can properly dance with the butterflies. I did make one stipulation, I prefer no males during this time, I really need to focus and see where/what my weakness are, and how to differentiate the counselor’s role from the female nurturer role, from which I am, the one I seem to cling too as my preceptor advised me.  
From reading the dynamics of the human mind and all the catalyst of its behaviors, its chemical unbalances, its challenges, its darkness, and its salvage in its most beastly form to mankind. I can only say, please be true to yourself, no matter what, and never give credence or give in to the thoughts concerning abnormalities of the brain, or anyone who asks of you to participate in anything toxic to the heart the mind cannot compute or recover  
In addition, if you are being bullied, or know someone who bullies, please stand up for yourself, or for them. Most adolescent from the age of six years old, mental illness begin from some form of child abuse; verbally, or physical or being the victim of being bully. I've heard the report on the news, but when you read someone's case file and realize the traumatic effect it has on a vulnerable mind; the mental scar that never heals.  
If you do not have a cause, please make that one it; it is not a joking matter, and it is quite discouraging hurtful, and degrading to read the metamorphosis a young mind undertakes during development, and then subjective to a house of ruins, or society’s cruelty. Some may survive, and others, let’s just say, its not a great ending for all left behind.  
And That Has Been Straight Talk Live for you  
Until our souls soar as we fly in unity for the greater good, be true to yourself as you give of yourself to others  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Thank you all who have read my homework assignments, as I move on to a different phase of my education studies. And may my feet always be a guide in the right direction to lead to future success

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