Mod addiction

The internet is my addiction  
It's my cocaine, in joy and pain
I stick its needles into my head
It's my mania, my marijuana
without it I'm a restless iguana
24 hrs without it would be too hard
I'm caught fast in this world wide web
A social butterfly stuck in its web
I mean binge watching reels and reading,
on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube  
anything that piques my interest ,
It all reels me in, clickbaits and I bite the byte
The algorithm has picked up my preferences  
so feeds my eyes what I want to see
Yet I need to stroll out more and scroll less
for sedentary lives are not healthy.
I tried other things, painted and planted flowers  
Yet at the end of the day I missed it like nicotine
over my cup of coffee, with my feet up
I needed to connect online, even WhatsApp.  
I just can't imagine going off all internet
cold turkey, oh can't quit cold turkey.
Don't even want to taper off this drug.
Real bear hugs replaced by virtual hugs.
Tis a pity, addiction is addiction.
Hope to rehabilitate in heaven.
Author's Note
( written today sept 5 2022)

"If everything around you seems dark...look again, you may be the light" - Rumi
( written today sept 5 2022)

"If everything around you seems dark...look again, you may be the light" - Rumi

When all seems too gloomy and dark
a searchlight to search for inner

Paat poems
Condemning the tyrant
Imperfection of the world didn't bother him
as long as it served his goals and mission    
He had no time for any arts except martial arts    
He thought he could fool all into his imperialist designs    
All he was interested in were tanks and war submarines    
He spouted cruel jokes at the expense of lives    
The killer wand in his hand killed vulnerable kids    
His stony heart didn't find their corpses heartbreaking    
For only kind gentle hearts can find dead children heartrending
Inspired by poem below: Epitaph on a tyrant by
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