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[This is a lament I wrote on Blackwolf's thread  
For The Love Of Animals, last Oct.
She passed on 10/14/20 I'll never forget that
I was going to rewrite it into more of a poem format but then decided against it.
I think about her every day. ]  

Lost my Daisy-girl yesterday  
I posted a shitty poem about it yesterday too, but hated it and took it down.  
I was in a state, to put it mildly.  

She was a big golden girl of love  
and pure bright sunshine.  
No matter how bad your day †
may have been going †
she could immediately turn it around  
with one doggo look  
or her immense love of anything tennis ball †
She was so very smart, loving, emotional  
and so much fun
I had been lucky enough  
to visit her almost every day since 2013  
often multiple times a day, too.  
We had a tremendous bond.  
She knew my name as well as her own.  
When asked, "Is Susan here?" †
or "Where's Susan?" †
she would run to the front window  
to see if I was walking up the driveway, †
which is how I would usually find her every day waiting for me...  
Always in the big front window  
I would open the door with my  
"Where's my Daisy-girl"??!  
Inevitably, I was almost knocked over  
by her already right there
tail waggin' with tennis ball in mouth  
Until the last few months,  
which had her missing †
several days at the window. †
Her hearing had really started to go, †
and her age was effecting her more and more.  
Then I found her yesterday,  
on her dog bed,  
thinking she was asleep.  
I have seen many animals pass away  
and I have been there  
with so many owners †
if they themselves  
have chosen to end suffering.  
I know this process.  
I know it well.  
However, this hit me hard as fuck.  
I was destroyed...I am destroyed still.  
I called Daisy's owner's at work  
(talk about a shitty phone call),  
told them as much as I could choke out  
and then †
I sat. †
Petting my Daisy-girl, crying my eyes out,  
until they got there.  

I almost had to Uber home.  

She was part of my day for so long,  
I feel lost today.  
with a piece of my heart missing  
that was reserved only for my sweetest  
Daisy-girl and her sunshine.  
Lost with a cloudy heart. †

I'm sending her my love out into the universe  
and hopefully it will meet her  
at whatever window she might be waiting at...  

"There's my Daisy-girl."  

Author's Note
For The Love Of Dogs comp.
I had Daisy as a client of mine since the very beginning of my little pet sitting business. Meaning I visited her almost daily, since 2013 and many other vacation...
For The Love Of Dogs comp.
I had Daisy as a client of mine since the very beginning of my little pet sitting business. Meaning I visited her almost daily, since 2013 and many other vacation visits, too. I love/ed her like my own. Her spirit, (always) shone bright, even as the aging process wreaked havoc. I try to prepare myself for these endings but I never really can. Even knowing it's inevitable and part of the joy of having the awesome opportunity of animal care. That these bits of pure furry goodness are gracious enough to wander into our lives, with their blind loyalty and love, making us better humans, that's ALMOST a fair trade off. When some are so full of love & sunshine that it's unexplainable, it just feels like no amount of time would ever be enough.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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