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The Dark Lady's Path

- The Dark Lady's Path -

In the hollow depths, where none who see the sun behold,
I hath seen thee, like an errant spirit carried upon the air...
Exactly as thou didst oft appear when we embraced of old.
Blue gown, dark eyes, and the softest tresses of raven hair,
As if time had ceased for thee, despite what years wilt pass.
You see me when I face my fears and seek to find solace...
When it seems comfort is fleeting, and peace doth not last.
And I behold thee, finding my comfort in thy beautiful face!

Thus began one journey, to which I set my will thereupon...
But I canst not say, just when that beginning was ordained.
Only that it was in the midst of a struggle no man had won,
In a time lost, in an age and moment filled with horrid pain.
Part of a great design, into which my heart had been drawn,
And still, I stand in its' vestiges, attempting to make sense...
Of the long night's winding ways, which presage the dawn.
I see the symmetry of things, but know not what was meant!

I long, to break the chains of a world ensnared in madness...
But too I recall the pain that mankind hath visited upon me.
It seems oft, that I hath spent centuries drowned in sadness,
Awaiting the turnings of time, to enable a possible victory...
And thou, oh raven-haired goddess whom men doth so fear!
Thou dost guide me still, a dark angel guiding a demon on.
Onward, ever forth to things most prophetic that draw near,
So that these struggles become a cycle, ere the battle is won!

Like Cassandra, I see future destinies that could be enacted,
Endings in fire, some in ice, and some in water or in blood...
And the consequences of many fates, the lives oft impacted.
In how many past cycles of time, didst reality burn as wood,
Lit by the hot flames of the righteous and unrighteous alike!
Countless, innumerable as art the stars that bedeck the void,
And still humanity fears, when their current end may strike.
Look to thyself, oh humans, if thy end is thine to thus avoid!

Lady of the darkness, calling me to awaken and go beyond,
Past the things that held me back, which oft manifest within:
The limitations of my flesh; to face the dark and never run!
I follow thee still, and in my pursuit I see this is not any sin.
Despite the ramblings of the supposedly devout, the foolish,
In whom weakness is most evident despite illusory strength.
I am not in their grasp, in their snares I shall not so languish,
For I am free, to follow my Lady's path for all of its' length!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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