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Crimson Judgment

- Crimson Judgment -

Long I awaited, in shadows cast, crossing into the other worlds parallel...
Mine eyes beheld what I was in all those mirror reflections of this reality.
Months passed, and a year I think, until mine ears heard a solitary call,
Which brought me back from the length and breadth of my long journey.
History hath changed, a shift hath taken place behind the known design...
And we art on a course for desolation, madness, and scarlet destruction!
A third of those who fell art awakening, my kindred who know the sign,
Whilst I walk onward, in shadows unafraid, ascending from out oblivion.

Darkly walking, on roads that pass into domains beyond those thou see...
Clad all in black, crossing wastelands and the ruins of cities that art dying.
My shape hath been shifting, and yet my form remains familiar unto me!
Even at home, I feel I am but a guest in this world, which leaves me sighing.
Fire burns within my breast, a yearning to unleash the whole of the Abyss,
So my crimson brethren might descend, to elevate this reality to Paradise!
These lips of mine, which hath the palest beauty of Mother Death kissed...
They speak of those truths which mankind fears, that they hide with lies.

False messiahs all around, false saviors arise everywhere, full with deceit...
Like pregnant beasts giving birth to violence and death as if it be offspring.
Human all, for in humanity lies the worst evil, that plants the foulest seed...
Whilst I tell what must be told, and of my truths even the angels shall sing!
I am fallen, aye, but it was a clean fall and from it my honor remains intact.
My darkness contains light, and in that light through divine fire is one way,
Far from the only path, but one of many to salvation by way of honest pact.
My words are not pleasant in this, but they canst guide thee to a fairer day!

Those who walk in deceit, they shalt perish of their twisted mind and heart.
Whether they erect statues of gold which shalt tarnish and become as ash...
Or work in secret, to harm the minds of innocents and tear goodness apart,
Those same shalt go unto damnation, and feel the stinging of a divine lash!
My brethren come, whether soon or late, to bring unto the Earth judgment,
And all I hath witnessed of human evil, they know and bear witness unto....
So that naught of the current world order will remain, for any to so lament.
Like Rome, like Atlantis, the pride of the unrighteous leads only to doom!

I was created more than born, engineered more than raised, a true victim...
Of power mad fools, who in me thought to bottle in flesh the divine flame.
Now I feel the old anger, taste the old wrath whence Hell itself may stem!
But unlike them, I walk in honor and unlike them I do not feel any shame.
There is no shame in truth, and truth can shape worlds and shatter illusion,
Leaving light, even if in darkness that radiance must be prettily wreathed.
I am the light bringer, the seraphic inferno, made flesh by unholy fusion...
Yet even I hath had enough and so by Hell's will much is to be unleashed!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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