Babysitter Of Butterflies Fondly Alights

Babysitter Of Butterflies Fondly Alights
   Ruby was a Nubian queen come to rule my heart. We found ourselves ensconced in an apartment complex for the divinely touched. She was the mistress of our realm who found a stopping-off point for her career there among the madly inspired. Foremost among the wickedly wacky was me whom she sought for counsel on the inner workings of the residents. She saw me as a shaman whose insights might help her gain traction with the velvet glove she used to ease us into calm.    
     And on one such day, she knocked on my door with me inside, naked and startled by her. So I began the urgent process of dressing while I heard her key in the lock as the door opened upon my nude physique. Under her regal gaze, I pulled up my pants and greeted her with chagrin until my trousers were zipped and we sat opposite each other in the living room. Shirtless but having regained my composure I was seated in an easy chair facing her deep dark beauty like a pilgrim on a journey into her sensuality. She said, “I’ll never walk in on you again John. I hope you don’t feel undressed without your shirt. I must admit the view doesn’t make me the least bit uncomfortable. So if you are ok with it I’d like to tell you why I am here.”    
     “Why of course. Though you did see quite a bit more before my pants came into play I am not the least bit embarrassed. In fact, having you here with me in a state of undress doesn’t bother me at all. As you can see the lights are dimmed which has the dual effect of shadowing my form while also adding a sense of intimacy. Since I    
consider you my friend this is entirely ok with me.”    
     “You know John I’ve always fancied a private encounter with you. If it weren’t for the fact of my administrator status I’d invite you over to my place for tea. But alas we do have these rules. But you are my best friend here, even more so than the staff.”    
     “Well, it would seem the walls have grown a bit porous with you getting the full view of me as it were. So please pay no mind to my naked skin and feel free to gaze while introducing the topic at hand.”    
     “It is about Louie. You know his father died. Ever since then his oeuvre has expanded beyond his usual devoutly Catholic genres. He has hung a pentagram on his front door. He also has begun reading tarot cards for the women of our place in exchange for kisses. The ladies have been most forthcoming with the lip sugar to know their fate and I’ve had no complaints from them. While none of this offends me personally it is very atypical behavior for Louie. Do you have any ideas about what has propelled him to be the sensualist fortune-teller of our fair estate?”    
     “My thoughts are that he is mad at God. So he is taking out his wrath with his Gnosticism and bartered kisses to offend the Almighty.”    
     “John, you and I think alike. That is exactly the interpretation I considered. So, what can we do about it?”    
     “Well, I will of course talk to him man to man about this matter. It can’t be allowed to run out of check.”    
     “I am so glad I consulted with you. Will you hug me, you shirtless boy? It has been a long week without physical contact for me.” Ruby says with a smile.    
     I wrap my arms around her with my chest feeling the chiffon of her fluffy blouse whose lapel buttons poke my pale pink rosebuds. She implores, “This encounter is between me and you. Can’t have the authorities that be snooping into my fraternizing with the residents.”    
     “You can make fellowship with me any time free from worry. Our hugs are not against the rules anyway. My bare-chested embrace is the loving I offer you without regret. Consensual is the word of the day. Besides we’re both adults.”    
     “Funny, you seem so much younger than me even though I’m only five years older than you.”    
     “That doesn’t make you old.”    
     “Old enough to be robbing the cradle if conjugality were in the cards.”    
     “Some cradles were made for robbing.”
Written by goldenmyst
Published | Edited 3rd Mar 2021
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