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Image for the poem On Sweet Mercy...You Gonna Make My Smokey Eyes Blue

On Sweet Mercy...You Gonna Make My Smokey Eyes Blue

Mm…the feeling of sinking inside the addictive juices of pheromone lust
Oh yes…yes….pouring honey all over me is an universal must
The rapture of desire, my body unto yours, fate as you thrust
Red petals to my silken bed, upon we lay
Coveting man’s virility be that it may
This brown thong has been hugging my soft folds too long
Yes, I can slide them down.. here you are
Teasing me, pleasure felt beyond the stars
Mm... you are very kinky, hot.. when hitting all up in my g-spot

Whispers in my ear, bodies within the midnight hour we sweetly play
My temples as you submerge, deliverance, our bodies sway
What lust joins together let no man asunder
Soft rainfalls quiet the roar of the deepening thunder
As we lay
Reach out, touch me, this night, take my breath way
Soft kisses to my lips, palming my hips
Tender kisses all over, ecstasy behind the first slip, the anchoring dip
A SweetkittyCat coveting a Handsome Tomcat’s famished meow
Tick tock…mmm my bed, my temple, once his pants are down
Desire, yearning, cherishing the addictive craving
His hard erection sinking, bodies in perfect harmony, hungrily caving
Whispers, erratic heartbeats, raving
Engaging climatic sentiments, heard beyond the stars
Venus’ body attuned to Mars
Our mouths we moan in tongues
Mm…ravish me, as you’re locked inside my silken butter rum
Plummeting over and over inside me…awaiting your pearly flow to cum
Passion escalating, bodies gyrating, titillating  
Oh God…wet pussy seeking
Hard dick pulsating and leaking
Pores in blissful contentment reeking
Palm to palm, breath to breath, sinking into my poetic songs
Minds transfixed, blissful feeing entwined, too far gone
Nails raking across his skin, branding, bodies in demand
Giving him all his body can withstand
Softly groaning out my name  
Lust hold me close…surrender me, bodies submitting into its feeling of fame
Leaning his face downward for a hard and long kiss  
Palming by breasts, funneling his girth deeper for a pearly release to drip  
Squeezing my nipples, teeth softly biting skin, dick buried inside a total eclipse  
Palm dropping to caress my scent saturated pussy lips  
Fingers farther ramming, Oh God have mercy...firm dick is persistently slamming  
Panting, mouth veiled by yours  
Moans strangled in my throat, umm…as your pearly seeds violently pours  
Two bodies spend, sent, dick thrust, refuse to relent  
On the bed we go, my ass, the playground with an erected dick in tow  
Throbbing to blow
That’s right baby…mm, I love the way you’re thrashing inside  
Dick repeatedly being swallowed, inch by inch fulfilling my sugar walls as it glides  
Gyrating, slamming  
To the core of my pussy, dick repeatedly jamming  
Oh…baby, slow...slow it down, you’re hurting that pussy with pleasures of ramming  
Smacking my ass, plundering deeper inside, rehashing  
Buttocks dancing back and forth, pleasing an aggressive torpedo thrashing
Lust, an emotion, a feeing, only bodies can speak of its appetite, its hunger, its caressing groove
In the abyss, two hearts finding comfort, transference of endorphins energy, carnal food
Domination …no, is the nature of the feast
Cosmic erection, celestial climaxes placed at man and woman’s feet
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
My drawer is filling up at an alarming rate, let me see here, red thong, black thong, green thong, and a brown thong... Ooo.. I need my favorite color... This is Hustlers.. yes.. I would like to...
My drawer is filling up at an alarming rate, let me see here, red thong, black thong, green thong, and a brown thong... Ooo.. I need my favorite color... This is Hustlers.. yes.. I would like to order a Blue Thong.. you're out.. it figures..

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