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Casual Sex Chapter I

"Let me buy you a drink." I looked up startled from gazing at my glass.
"What do you have to lose?” he asked, staring across the corner of the bar. His smile was warm and he appeared several years younger than me. I saw a group of college kids at a table nearby and guessed those were his friends, but they weren’t looking after him.
I looked squarely at the handsome young man. “What do I have to lose?"

"Just everything,” I said firmly thinking of my daughters parasailing in the nearby bay, assuming their mom was napping.    

As I stood silently to leave, I knew he saw my eyes soften and clear. I felt it, too. Resistance slipped away, and I was caught in an irresistible pull that seemed to suck the breath from my lungs. He saw me stumble next to the bar stool.    
“Are you alright?” his words came easily and sincerely.    
“Yes,” I wheezed with what little breath I had.    
He quickly stood next to me and I returned to the stool, laughing to cover the embarrassment I felt puzzled at the unmistakable desire growing in my chest.    
He signaled the bartender, a beautiful blonde more his age and ordered his drink and another margarita for me. I didn’t need it after that first one, but I let him order.    
Sure enough, he was from the table of college students spending the week enjoying the beach. He said, “You caught my eye.”    
“So you go for divorced brunette soccer mom types?” I shot back immediately sorry I’d shared so much.    
“I find you intriguing, and my friends tell me I’m an old soul, so maybe we’re closer in age than you know. Surely you’re not here by yourself.”    
“No, my daughters are parasailing and I’m taking a nap, can’t you tell.”    
“I like the way you nap. If you have some time, you can come up to my room.”    
I was startled by his boldness. I wanted to slap him, but the strong magnetism only grew, causing my head to spin. I thought of something my eighteen-year-old said during our drive.

“Mom, you need to have a little fun and cut loose sometimes.”  I had argued that I dated some when there was time. She then began to list and slam the divorcees I’d dated over the last couple of years, finally drifting into silence as the car hummed along.    
“Maybe I’ll surprise you,” I’d retorted after enough silence to make her wonder what I was talking about. “You know, let my hair down.”    
She rolled her eyes. “Yes, you really should cut loose some.” She was young and beautiful. I knew she had “cut loose some” in college that previous year.    
As I sat contemplating his bold offer, I thought my daughter might have been a better choice for his hunk of a college boy. As I stood, I held out my hand. “I usually know the names of my dates.”    
"I’m Drake," he said giving his full name, where he attended school, and where he was from. This impressed me.    
“It’s customary to give your name during introductions,” he said with an air of formality. “I’m Kathy, thank you very much,” I said with a dip of my head.    
“Well, Kathy, if we leave together, I’ll save face with my buddies over there, and you can be on your way. Of course, you’ll have no control over the story I make up for them,” he said with a mischievous smile.    
I offered my hand and we walked out together and down the hallway. I felt the urge to pull away, but continued to the elevator. “What story would you like to tell them?” I asked.    

“Well now, it might not be appropriate elevator conversation.”    

“Try me,” I said, genuinely curious with what he’d say.      
“The story I wish I could tell would be about this beautiful soccer mom that made passionate love to me,” he said. I felt my face grow hot with blush.

“Truth is," he said, "I wouldn’t tell anything to them if that happened. It’s not the manly thing to do.”    
“Ah, so chivalry is not dead?”    

“Of course not,” he said as he pushed his room door open widely bowing slightly as I entered.    
We walked to his patio and viewed the skyline. The pull of him was stronger now, and my sense of judgment and caution had vanished. I felt like a smitten teenager and there was a tingling in my chest. I turned and he kissed me lightly. I wrapped my arms around his back and rested my head on his chest. I knew my breasts were pressing into his stomach and wondered if he would think they were sexy.    

He kissed me again and said, “You’re an amazing woman, Kathy. I can’t believe I’m here with you.”    

I looked up at him and I felt my lips form words evenly, almost reverently. “Fuck me tonight,” I said, immediately startled at my words and wanting to take them back. He didn’t move, but smiled and pulled me close with his hands in the small of my back. Then his fingers drifted down the back of my ass and resting there.    

I tried not to appear frantic, but with shaking hands, unbuttoned my blouse and slid down my jeans. He joined in my disrobing dance and within a minute we stood naked facing each other. I felt goose bumps on my thighs and lower back where the air conditioner blew against me. I could see my nipples hard from the cold air, and saw him looking at my breasts.    

“You’re beautiful,” he said, still staring down at me. I felt my neck redden and felt dizzy. I leaned into him, letting my breasts warm against his chest and my face rest on his shoulder. His heart beat steady and strong. I felt his firming warmth bumping my stomach and did a little shifting of my feet to feel him slide back and forth across me.    

I pulled away and looked down at it. It was shining but shadowy in the lamplight, mysterious and unknown to me. I knelt down and kissed his shaft, letting my tongue slide its length. I heard him moan. I put him inside my mouth and felt a drop of salty syrup against my tongue.    

I looked up and our eyes met as I drew him out and said, “I just want you to know I don’t usually kiss on first dates.” We laughed and I felt a tension release. He rubbed his hands over the top of my head gently, unaware of the hairdresser’s magic that covered gray strands beneath his fingers.      
I returned to my work, letting my tongue dance over his crown and then sliding him in deeply.  I’d given head before but not like this and not to a man who created such a strong animal attraction.    
In all my 38 years, I’d only had casual sex once and that was at a sorority party during college when I was drunk. It was disastrous and left me feeling damaged for weeks. This was different. The attraction was strong, but I knew I was free to walk out at any moment. I also knew I wouldn’t.
Written by LostViking (Lost Viking)
Published | Edited 22nd Apr 2021
Author's Note
Kathy's daughters went parasailing while she took a nap. Then she was approached by a college boy with advice from her daughter still ringing in her ears.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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