Head vs. THE Words

This is for the believers in GOD
These words I shared with my pastor, my mouth remains unfiltered
At the end your feelings may be butt hurt
My mom stated again, number 1 sin is GOD'S name slandered
She even moved aside for lighting bolts and his wrath to be raptured
These are only perspectives, I will not martyred
This is not for GOD'S weak sheep

Why do you blindly love?
I have so many questions, about the heavens above
How do you have so much faith and devotion as the white dove?
You never have doubts, it could be a fraud

Could GOD just be a bully?
And Lucifer's story never was told fully
Too scared to speak up, his voice was never heard

What if Abel and Cain simply HIS social experiment
After hundreds of years being a disappointment and unfavored
I may have committed the same crime, justified as entrapment
Today Cain would undoubtedly be acquitted

I don't want to seem mean spirited
It was man who wrote the bible, and man that deciphered
One book, so many different beliefs, man declared every word sacred
Never meant to be altered
Man reconstructed

Your need to believe in hope, using beautiful illustrations
Faith comforts your soul,your love for GOD can't be measured

Has it crossed your mind, maybe GOD is a pervert and into porn, HE was angry they were no longer dim-witted
HE said they would die same day they ate from tree of Knowledge,  HE promised

Was that HIS first lie, of course it stays unaccounted
Watching them naked, HE enjoyed
They gained knowledge, knowing right from wrong,
GOD was angry, not for disobeying, they were ashamed

When Adam answered
That's  when GOD knew he disobeyed
GOD realized Adam gained  Knowledge, that HE didn't want obtained

I can admit I'm  easily misguided, and very opinionated
Your points of views are humbly excepted

Every story in the bible you pass on, keep them treasured
The bibles stories are.... Fables, is one word
I still have questions that remain unanswered
Cutting a infant in half a sensible answer, sacrificing your son as a offer

GOD made earth HIS sinister playground
HE created good and evil, portrayed to be big-hearted
Sodem and Gomorrah ,HE simply discarded
Caused a flood,  killed all but 8,their existance no longer deserved

Ten commandments HE made for us, HE incorporated
Honestly common sense, why obeying them is complicated
All week till Sunday they're dismissed

HE chose to let HIS only son to be tortured  cold blooded
Payment for our sins HE himself calibrated
The cost paid to whom?,  I often pondered
GOD operates the sole controller , HE made the rules, HIS decisions blueprintted

There's so much more I haven't mentioned
I just want it all explained

If you have absolute purity, polluted substance is impossible to form in all reality
How was Satan so evil,  created by GOD who is absolute pure?

Written by Just_Me_
Author's Note
I have read some of bible, I end up feeling mad. I do go to church.  Frustrated.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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