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Straight Talk Live (Could It Be Illogical Or Bizarre Ideas Or Fantasies)

Illusions of torture (A strong conviction that others, often a vague society are out to get you).
Illusions of suggestion (event is believed to have a special and personal meaning- Auditory elements, such as a person/people is subjecting your mind to mental messages only you to hear).
Illusions of opulence (This may involve the belief that you have unusual powers or can reach heights intangible by man such as you can fly).
Illusions of self-control (This the inundating fate most people who are diagnose as being schizophrenic is their social/private actions are being controlled- it is what it referred to psychological thought broadcasting or a better term, thought insertion).

My psychiatric field of interest I will venture into is Forensic Psychiatry, (Forensic psychiatry is a subspecialty of psychiatry and is related to criminology) And I can utilize my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice more effectively. Hey blame that drive on countless hours of watching, Criminal Minds.

That aspiration have carried me thus far when I was Trauma/ER Nurse. I have watched when a person is having a psychotic episode and have to be subdued on the spot and then placed under supervision for seventy-hours, due to self-harm.

I want to get into the intellect, of how the dynamins of the mind goes for normal to felonious abstract. How does a Serial Killer murder from the mind, yet, can love as father/husband with his heart, where does the breakdown come into play?

How does the complex of the mind stray to believe the interest to act without any morality renders devious choice, conniving intentions to harm another, yet have the heart for the selective view?

Should the detrimental of the mind be held accountable when it is imprisoned in its own self-belief of immoral tendencies, the necessity to uphold it as being reasonable.

Its stagnation to adhere to the truth within self. Is there a law of complacent to align the mind when there is no chemical imbalance, no history of mental illness, or when the brain is exceptional, a high IQ to uphold or condemn the theory, itís all in their head? Or is it.


I will call this patient, Jeremy, who is 32 years of age, a father of two beautiful girls, a practicing Catholic, well-respected and a pillar within his community, Jeremyís occupation as it presently stands is Regional/District Manager for a major sales conglomerate.

Jeremy, my case file patient was on the brink of his company downsizing due to the Covid-19 in 2020. He was later demoted and then forced to work from home. His spouse, accordingly, to her, noticed small supple changes, which is acceptable for anyone in the beginning, who experiences a sudden †lifestyle modification that brings with it the outcome of financial hindrance.

The phycological changes and not being in a healthy frame of mind to adapt become widespread, insomnia, lack of drive, withdrawal from interacting with his family, then blaming this growing pandemic woos on the government (He had several written journey entries noting conspiracies-which we all have them, to put it mildly.

In Jeremyís case, he took the delusions of control, whereas it became a fixation, mental preoccupation, his greatest strength to act, which became his challenging weakness to prosper.

In mid 2020. The authorities were called by his spouse to their home, she went on record, stating her spouse barricaded himself in the basement and refused anyone to enter or him to exit.

According to the active case file, he become belligerent, and his conduct to himself that day was noted as being physically threatening. He had papered all the windows, taped all the sockets, and removed the light bulbs. In his own admission, he stated the satellite were witnessing his every mood, and his smashed workstation computer were spying on him and eavesdropping using several gigabytes planted in his hardrive to sustain his presence.

Jeremy, a once loving husband/father was aggressively subdued in front of his family, a screwdriver at the time was confiscated, and injuries were suffered among several law enforcement officers. He was transported to a local hospital triaged on the spot, and then kept for observation. He is currently taking several medication for mental health and receives counseling on an outpatients basis. He is thriving at a greater pace, given his circumstances.

After reading this case file, I know we all have major setbacks in our life, it is a common, occurrence. we are human by nature at that consists of, we error, we forgive, and we test the capabilities of our strengths through our darkest hours, our periods of self-reliance and the need to remain sane, mainly, when we must solely rely on our faith, family, and friends to assist us to get us through.

Jeremy had it all, well the basic means to survive until his disorganized behavior became apparent and his conscious refused to control his realistic emotions, therefore, he found himself at the mercy of his own dominant conscious, at that time in his life he became the victim of his irrational behavior, allowing his mind to victimize his actions.

While schizophrenia does tend to run in families, be advised about sixty percent of schizophrenics, have no family members with the mental disorder at all. Treatment does vary and there is a better prognosis than ever before, or treatment has progressed from years ago. In prior years of conventional treatment most patients relied heavily on Electroconvulsive Therapy (Shock Therapy Treatment).

I humbly apologize, I can only sparely relate some of the case files convolutions, due to confidentiality.

After reading the entire gist of this case it went well beyond my scope of medical and mental health analysis and tested my faith not to judge as any medical profession takes the oath not to a heed.

In my research for the proper dictation and then transcribing for this case file homework assignment. Iíve recently discovered there are several infamous people who have underwent Electroconvulsive Therapy, its usage was invented in Italy in the late 1930ís.

Sylvia Plath
She was clinically depressed for most of her adult life, and was treated multiple times with electroconvulsive therapy

Ernest Hemingway
American Writer

David Foster Wallace
American Author

Stay strong people, I can understand life will throw a curve ball your way at times, just take into consideration; money, fame, of fortune, means nothing, when your mind is not chemically balanced to understand fantasy or reality. †

I could not stress the importance if you must take medication to mentally stabilize your cognitive senses, then please do what needs to be done. I now can respect the concept, A mind is a terrible thing to waste.. trust me from reading over psychiatric case files.. it truly is

And That Is Straight Talk Live For You


Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I have one more case file for homework.. this is the third one. In two weeks, I have to sit in on a group session, and for my final grade, write what I observe among each patient.. there are seven in all and then execute some form of care plan... I do not know if I should be frightened or thrilled by this. I know I was blessed to skip a year, but I wish I had worked my way up to this.. I truly do.. oh well you live and you learn.. maybe its just fearing the unknown I suppose...

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