A Psy Professor once said
something I've never forgotten:
"Most people are about
as miserable as they choose to be."
Among all the miserable people
I have known, and there have been many,
there are numerous ways they
attract, keep, and pass misery on.
Here are a few ways you can
choose to be miserable:
* Be sure you try to please everybody,
every day, in every way.
* Be sure to never forgive, even
the slightest wrongs or hurts.
* Be sure to close your mind
to new ideas; old is always better.
* Be sure to stay locked in
your comfort zone.
* Be sure to do less than your best
relative to all assignments; forget the boss.
* Be sure to never forget that you know more
about every subject than experts.
* Be sure you argue even when you
know you are wrong or don't know the subject.
* Be sure you take sides even though
you don't know the truth about the side.
* Be sure to always wear your feelings
on your shoulders for convenient release.
* Be sure to always be different because it
will prove you are different. Odd is better.
* Be sure to quickly push the anger button,
it will help you bluff your way in an argument.
For many, these suggestions will be
scored, rejected, and thrown in the trash;
for others, they will be liberated from misery.
Do you know your misery index?
Written by TheOralizer
Author's Note
I have noted in these Covid times the misery index is through the roof. I decided to share these few truths I have learned, taught, and tried to practice. They will help if used.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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