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My Sweet Valentine (Part IV of Part V)

Penthouse Suite

Vander turned off the water shower knob. He leaned back against the tile. He actually felt good.  

“Please let Travis Jr., be my seed, please.”  
There was a knock at the door.  
Vander opened the shower door, stepped out, and pulled a towel from off the heated towel bar. He wrapped it around his mid-section, knotted it, and exited the bathroom.  
Vander walked over to the door and opened it.  
“Tangie, what the fuck do you want! I advised you this relationship is over.”  
“Can I come in?”  
“No, the mother of my son is due here.”  
“Oh, we have a disagreement, and then you run into the arms of that bitch.”  
“Disagreement? Woman, you stole medical property, and hid it. Dammit, that’s considered breaking the law, and you have the fucking audacity to stand there like you did not ruin this relationship.”  
“Baby, please forgive me, I lost my head. Vander, I love you, and I really do not want to lose what we have.”  
“Which is nothing at the moment.”  
“Am I interrupting something here?”  
Darla shifted Travis Jr. to her other arm.  
Tangie turned around.  
“Yes, you are.”  
“Please come in.”  
Vander lifted Travis Jr. from out Darla’s arms.  
“Man, you are getting heavy.”  
“Baby, you could come in.”  
Tangie took a step forward.  
“Not you.”  
Darla crossed Vander’s threshold.  
“Take care of yourself Tangie.”  
Vander closed the door.  
Tangie turned and walked down the corridor.  
“Vander, that was rude.”  
“Baby, you do not know the half of it. The woman is not to be taken lightly.”  
“Clearly the woman loves you.”  
“Baby, who side are you on?”  
“No one. I just do not want to be the one who stands in the way of fate.”  
“Then come over here and kiss me.”  
Darla walked over to Vander and kissed him on the lips.  
 “Da, da.”  
“Oh, my goodness, he called you dad.”  
“Well of course, I am this little man’s father.”  
“We would all know very soon.”  
“It’s time for a bottle youngman, and I would allow your father the honors.”  
Darla walked over to the table. She placed the baby bag and her purse on it. She dipped her hand inside and lifted out a glass bottle. She walked over to Vander who was now sitting on the couch.  
“It is warm enough and ready to serve.”  
She handed it to him.  
Vander positioned Travis Jr.’s head in the crook of his arm and placed the bottle in his mouth.  
Darla took a seat by Vander.  
“You are a natural at this.”  
“I’m ready for this… you, and us.”  
Darla leaned against Vander’s shoulder.  
“Baby, I wish I never involved you in this, I’m so sorry.”  
“I would not want to have missed out on loving you.”  
“Now how could you say that? I’m sure you told Tangie the same.”  
“Darla, you are the only woman I will ever love, ever.”  
“Vander what if Tr…”  
“I do not want to hear that. I know this little rascal in my arms is my child, but for now, I will play this game with you, and that Hollywood bastard.” Vander looked down at Travis Jr. “Excuse the language son.”  
“My fiancé is not due in until the end of the week, and I would like to go and lie down. I will meet you in the bedroom.”  
“I’ll be there, after my son and I have had our-man-to-man talk.”  
Darla stood.  
“That could be all night long.” Darla walked in the direction of the bedroom. “Do not corrupt our son, Mr. Vander Levers,” She tossed over her shoulder.  
“Son she will never know if I do.”  
“I heard that.”  
Darla laughed.  
Vander cooed with his son, telling him stories of old. He looked down at the sleeping child in his arms. “You are going to be a knockout with the ladies.”  
Vander noticed a spot, on Travis Jr.’s leg. He peered closer. “Well, I be damn.” His son and he shared the same birth mark, a crescent shape to the inner leg area.  
“I hope that’s a sign you are carrying my genes for the next generation.”  
Vander took the bottle out of Travis’ mouth, and uprooted it on the table. He placed him on his chest, and patted his back, a loud burped escaped his mouth.  
Vander rose and carried Travis Jr. back into the bedroom. He pulled the covers back and laid him on the empty queen size bed.  
Vander looked over at Darla lying in the other bed. He removed the towel and walked to the other side. He pulled the covers back and joined her in the bed.  
He scooted closer to her.  
“Is Travis Jr. asleep?”  
“Yeah, he’s in the other bed dreaming about beautiful girls.”  
“Uum hum.”  
Vander kissed the back of Darla’s neck.  
“Behave yourself Vander; my fiancé is due here at the end of the week.”  
Vander kissed the back of her neck again, he rubbed over her derrière.  
“Make love to me like you use too. Baby, I need to feel the heat of your passion. I hunger to be inside of you.”  
“And not Tangie.”  
“No, my dick aches to be deep inside the woman I truly love.”  
“Vander, do you love Tangie?”  
“No, I do not, or I never did. Therefore, from this day forward, it is you and me. I refuse to dance around with loving you, and using another woman as a substitute, baby it’s not working for me any longer.”  
“Vander, we came together under unusual circumstances. Do you really mean what you just said?”  
“Yes, now would you turn around, so I could look the woman who I love in her eyes?”  
Darla laid on her back.  
“Vander, I do not want to get your hopes up high about Travis Jr.”  
Vander stroked her check.  
“I know this is my family in this hotel suite, and I need to make love to my future wife, the mother of my son.”  
Darla searched Vander’s eyes. She palmed his face and pulled his face down to hers. She tenderly kissed him on the mouth.  
“I love you Darla.”  
Vander rose and climbed in between Darla’s thighs. He leaned down and intensified the kiss. “I love you so much.” He kissed her eyelids, her nose. His lips traveled back to her awaiting lips. He pulled the covers down and kissed a breast.  
“Oh Vander.”  
“I know baby. I missed the woman I fell in love with.”  
He suckled her breast.  
Darla moved the sole of her foot, up the side of his leg. She leaned up and kissed him on the chest.  
Vander grabbed her hands and placed them above her head. He kissed down one of her arms; he rained kisses in the pit of her underarm, and then suckled the side of breast.  
“Oh Vander.”  
Darla’s body twisted to the pleasure.  
His tongue traveled over to the other breast.  
Vander licked over the nipple.  
“Your skin smells so good.” He kissed her cleavage. He let her hands go.  
Vander scooted back on the bed. His tongue dropped to her stomach. He kissed around her navel.  
Darla opened her legs.  
Vander kissed over her downy hairs, He opened her legs more, and sniffed the opening to her pussy. “You smell like roses baby.”  
“The bubble bath gets credit for that.”  
He licked over her clitoris.  
“Tell me you want me to taste your pussy.”  
“Tas…oh baby taste that wet pussy.”  
Vander licked over her clitoris; his tongue danced over the opening.  
He opened her pussy and skated his tongue inside.  
“Oh Van...”  
Vander cupped Darla’s derrière, and pulled her pelvis closer to his face. He inserted his tongue in her repeatedly, suckling, teasing, flogging, and banging his tongue inside her inner vaginal walls.  
“Vander,” Darla cried out.  
She placed her palm over his head and rocked her pussy over his mouth; the erotic feeling moved her closer to a climax. “Vander…I’m…. about to.”  
Vander’s tongue jabbed inside her.  
“Oh Vander….”  
Darla climaxed.  
Vander suckled Darla’s vaginal juices: he licked over her sensitive clitoris. He kissed up her thigh. He kissed over her stomach. Vander palmed the mattress.  
Darla pulled the covers up over them.  
Vander palmed his hard dick and stabbed it inside her cunt.  
“Oh…. baby”  
He leaned his face down.  
Darla palmed Vander’s face, and kissed him, moving her pussy in union with his dick.  
He kissed her neck.  
“I love you.”  
Vander palmed the mattress and fed her the feeling she never knew she missed until his swollen dick slid back and forth against her moisten vaginal orifice.  
“Oh baby, I love you Vander,” Darla moaned to the ceiling.  
Vander slowed the progression of his dick. He looked down into Darla’s eyes.  
“Tell me you love me again, Darla.”  
“I love you Vander.”  
Vander persistently pushed his dick inside her, taking it out, resting it at the cove, and then plummeting it back inside of her.  
“Oh…Vander, I want to feel you cum inside of me.”  
“Beg me for my release, or not, I will fuck the shit out of this tight pussy.”  
Darla leaned up, and kissed Vander on his upper chest, she suckled his skin.  
“I…baby touch me…”  
“I’m holding this load back for you.”  
Darla wrapped her legs around Vander’s back, and scaled her pussy higher.  
Vander anchored his dick lower.  
“Oh… Oh, baby I…”  
Vander held his groin against her pelvis and ejaculated.  
Darla moved her pussy erratically. She clenched her vaginal muscles and climaxed again.  
“Oh Darla.”  
Vander leaned his head down and kissed her on the lips.  
Both glorified in the wet aftermath.  
“Damn women, your pussy is getting better the more we make love.”  
“You bring out the best in me under the covers.”  
Vander smiled down at her.  
“Then if that’s the case. Could I have your word, if Travis Jr. is my son, we get married.”  
“Vander, dammit, oh shit not again I…”  
“Baby what is it?”  
“Dammit, I forgot I’m ovulating, shit, get up.”  
Vander leaned down and kissed Darla on her lips. He moved his dick inside her pussy.  
“And your point is.”  
He kissed her again on her lips.  
Vander kissed over her nipple.  
He palmed the mattress, and slowly moved his dick inside her pussy.  
“Vander…I do.”  
“My son needs a sibling.”  
Darla hugged Vander to her. She moved her pussy with his dick.  
Vander threw his head back. A small tide wave ejaculation shot inside her womanhood.  
Darla leaned up and kissed Vander’s chest. She laid back down, catching her breath in the process.  
“Wow, you are a great dose of carnal reality.”  
“I thought I’ll show you what you’ve been missing under the covers.”  
“Why do I feel no shame?”  
“Maybe because there is none.”  
Vander leaned down and held his face inches from Darla.  
She palmed the sides and kissed him passionately on the mouth.  
Vander inched back.  
“I love you no matter what.”  
“Does, this mean whatever the results are.”  
“I hope you could walk away from your Hollywood lifestyle.”  
“You are so sure of this.”  
Vander withdrew his dick. He rubbed his hand through Darla’s downy hairs and placed it under his nose. He rolled over on his back; he cradled Darla on his chest.  
She snuggled closer.  
“I need to build you a new house.”  
“My very own house from the ground up.”  
“Yes, and I own land in Santa Fe, Californian.”  
“According to Forbes, you own real estate and homes around the globe, an African American real estate mogul.”  
“And how do you know this woman.”  
“When I was searching to build a home, I never knew how many construction sites, your company has invaded, and that is not forgetting all the luxurious homes and condominiums your real estate company sells, including my home.”  
“Doing your homework on a prospect huh.”  
“No, it’s a public fact.”  
“Are you ready to give up this fairytale lifestyle here?”  
“If Travis Jr. is your son, then yes.”  
“Because, either way, the woman will be having my second heir.”  
“Pardon me.”  
“I’m sure you will understand in a minute.”  
Vander rose, and got back on top of Darla. He palmed his manhood and inserted it back inside her pussy.  
Vander made passionate, slow, angrily, and teasing love to Darla.  
Both fell asleep in each other’s arms.  
Vander awoke in the middle of the night to feed Travis Jr. He rocked him until he fell back asleep. He placed him in the opposite bed, covered him up, and then got back in the bed. Vander woke Darla up, and made love to her until both fell back asleep in each other’s arms.  
Vander upgraded his hotel accommodations to a bi-level presidential suite with an adjoining bedroom for Travis Jr, business center, and a kitchenette, and a fully stocked bar.  
“Vander, your breakfast is ready.”  
“I will be down as soon as Travis Jr. finishes downing his breakfast of champions.”  
Darla walked to the window. The skyscrapers loomed over the stirring population below.  
She felt saddened for the content feeling she had in her heart.  
Vander wrapped his arms around Darla’s waist. She leaned her head back against his chest.  
“What’s wrong?”  
“I’m scared. In two days, I have to return to Florida, and submit another specimen.”  
“No, we will all be returning to Florida to retake the test together.”  
“Vander hold me.”  
Vander secured her in his arms tighter.  
“Baby do not fear your destiny. I will be the man next to you in a rocking chair for many of our generations to come.”  
He kissed the back of her neck.  
“I have a day planned for my lady, and our little man.”  
Darla turned around in Vander’s arms.  
“Since the little man is sleep, you mind giving the big man some TLC.”  
“Are we feeling left out?”  
Vander hugged her closer.  
“Yes. Our son can down a bottle in a matter of minutes.”  
“You telling me, remember, I have to pump that milk.”  
Vander swung Darla up in his arms and carried her to the winding staircase. He carried her up the steps. He kissed her while walking down the short hallway. He stopped in front of the Travis Jr.’s bedroom and entered.  
Both looked over at Travis Jr. who was sound asleep.  
“I hope you have all morning,” Vander whispered.  
“I guess you have to wait and see Romeo.”  
Vander walked out of Travis Jr.’s bedroom and entered their bedroom. He walked over and laid Darla on the bed.  
Vander removed his robe and took it off. He leaned over and pulled his fleece from off Darla. He lifted both clothing items and tossed it on a chair. He climbed into the bed.  
Someone knocked on the door.  
“Damn it.”  
Vander kissed Darla on the lips.  
“Hang on, and don’t you go anywhere.”  
“You best believe I won’t.”  
Vander got off the bed and reached for his robe. He put it on, tied the belt, and walked out the bedroom. He descended the staircase.  
Vander walked over to the door.  
“It better not be Tangie.”  
He opened the door.  
Three men in suits stood at the threshold.  
“Is Dr. Darla Cabaña, available to speak with?”  
“And you are?”  
One of the men pulled out a badge. He held it up for Vander to see.  
‘Could I ask what this is in reference too?”  
“Sir, we really need to speak with Dr. Cabaña, time is of essence.”  
“Sure come in.”  
Vander stepped aside for the three men to enter. He pushed the door close.  
What the fuck is going on he thought.  
“I will get Dr. Cabaña; everyone could have a seat.”  
“No one moved.”  
“Suit yourself.”  
Vander rushed out the living room, up the steps, and back into the bedroom.  
“Baby, I have three men downstairs for you.”  
“Uum, what a freaking surprise, as planned I can only assume.”  
“I’m not into the quadruple loving shit. You are mine alone woman.”  
He winked at her.  
 “Then come back to bed and show me you can handle all of this loving, alone.”  
“Baby, I’m serious, I was shown a government badge as identity.”  
Darla sat up.  
“Are you serious?”  
Darla rose from the bed and grabbed Vander’s white button down shirt from off the chaise. She quickly put it on and buttoned it.  
“We will finish this later handsome.”  
Vander kissed her on the lips.  
“You did not think I wasn’t.  
Both exited the bedroom. Vander peeped his head in Travis Jr.’s bedroom to check on him.  
“I guess he sleeps hard like his beautiful mother.”  
“Thank goodness he doesn’t snore, like his father.  
“I do not snore.”  
“Like a loud trumpet.”  
“Forget you woman.”  
“I still love you.”  
“You better.”  
Both laughed.  
Darla followed Vander down the staircase.  
Both walked into the living room.  
“I’m Dr. Cabaña; could I help you gentlemen with something?”  
“Dr. Cabaña, I apologize for the nature of this intrusion. However, your expertise has been called into play.”  
“For what and by whom.”  
“The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the, as to why, is government classified. We need you to fly out this evening.”  
“Not tonight, my son is upstairs sleeping. The soonest I could fly to Georgia is tomorrow morning.”  
One man looked down at his watch.  
“Then you would be cleared to fly out tomorrow morning.”  
“In the meantime, you may want to read this,” another one of the men stated.  
He lifted his briefcase and walked over to the bar; he opened it and took out a folder.  
“Some of the information has been blacked out, until you get future clearance.”  
He walked over to where Darla stood, and handed her a file. “We expect your presence the first thing tomorrow morning.”  
The man walked back to the bar, closed his briefcase, and lifted it from off the surface. He joined the other two men.  
“We will be here 0700 hours to escort you. Have a good day Dr. Cabaña.”  
All three men turned and walked to the door. One man opened the door, the other two men walked out. The third man pulled the door close.  
Darla opened the file stamped by the World Health Organization and walked around Vander’s suite silently reading it.  
“Shit.” She read more information concerning why her presence was needed. “Dammit.”  
“Baby, what’s wrong.”  
“Vander, I have to leave out tomorrow morning, this could not be ignored.”  
“Why, what’s going on.”  
“My services, and it appears, four more Epidemiologists, have been summoned for an urgent meeting.”  
“A possible outbreak, which has not been properly contained. They want me to serve as the Lead Epidemiologist.”  
Vander walked up to Darla and hugged her.  
“You should be proud that your expertise has been solicited.”  
“Baby I know, but how about Travis Jr.”  
“I will take care of our son until you return.”  
“Baby that could be weeks, months. No, Travis Jr. will be with my parents.”  
“Darla, I do not want to part company with you, not at a moment of uncertainty.”  
“I know, but it’s not my call.”  
“How about the paternity test.”  
“That will have to wait. Once you are sequestered by the government, who knows from there.”  
“I love you.”  
“I love you Vander. Would you wait from me until this detour of mine is over?”  
“Are you asking me not to sleep with anyone until your return?”  
“I am asking you to be strong until I know my traveling accommodations in Georgia; you did advise me upstairs you will finish what you started.”  
“Yes, I will.”  
Vander hugged Darla to him tighter.  
“We do have time to meet and greet under the covers.”  
Darla stepped back and ran to the staircase. Vander was right behind her.  
Darla looked out the small window port as the private airliner ascended to the southern skies. She felt less than a mother for leaving her son with Vander. She cried when both departed going their separate ways at the private airport terminus. Please let him take care of my son, as if he is his father she silently prayed.  
She read over the complex assignment she was called in on to assist. She read the genetic history, DNA, lab work up, patient profiles, marital status, and geographies for each one of the five possible hosts. She could not make a correlation to one another. She placed all five patient’s files side-by-side and studied them immensely.  
“Different ethnicities, different sexes, different professions, same marital status. She looked at one of the traveling itineraries for one of the patients; she then looked at the other four patients’ profile traveling itinerary.  
Darla massaged the knot in her neck. She removed her reading glass.  
“Baby, I will take care of Travis Jr.”  
“Vander, I do not know about this.”  
“Baby, you said your parents will be away until next week. You have to learn how to trust your gut instinct. My son will be all right with his father.”  
“How about Travis.”  
“Is he here at the moment?”  
“Come here.”  
She felt reassured once Vander took her in his arms and hugged her.  
“Darla, I love you, I will never hurt you, or cause harm to our son.”  
“How about your mother.”  
“Who I know will spoil him and hire a nanny.”  
“Are you sure about this.”  
Her cell phone vibrated.  
She lifted it from out the beverage holder, and then flipped it open.  
She placed it up to her ear.  
“Are you two missing me already?”  
“Yes, how are you holding up?”  
“Fine, Vander, I feel so lost without Travis Jr., please take care of him in my absence.”  
“You do not have to ask twice.”  
“How is he doing with the formula?”  
“I think he misses his mother’s breast milk.”  
“See, I should not have accepted this assignment.”  
“He’s fine, and baby your presence is needed by the CDC.”  
“Are you forgetting about me already?”  
“No baby that was stated, because, according to the evening news, something is brewing in wind, and I am damn proud of my future wife, and the mother of my son to be involved in this.”  
“Baby, where are you?”  
“Home and Travis Jr. is in my arms.”  
“Vander, I feel out of my element. My profession has been called to task, and I feel it’s a huge challenge for me.”  
“Which I know my baby will honor it with all she has.”  
“Remind me, to make love to you when I see you.”  
“Travis Jr. and I could fly out to Georgia once you get settled.”  
“Are you forgetting about us already?”  
She smiled.  
“Baby, if what you say is brewing in the wind. I do not want to expose you or our son to it.”  
“Say that again.”  
“I do not wan…”  
“No not that part.”  
“Oh, our son to it. Yes, I did see the identical unusual birthmark you two share.”  
Vander smiled in the phone.  
“Well, I will be glad once I get confirmation.”  
“Me too baby.”  
“Please fasten your seatbelt, when are ready to land in ten minutes.”  
“Baby, I’m about to land. Once I get settled, I will give you the address and the telephone number where I could be reached. Vander, this is the first time I’ve ever been scared.”  
“Baby, I love you, and I believe in you. You will be fine; this is your craft, and your profession. Make it work.”  
“Thanks, I love you two.”  
“We love you too Dr. Cabaña.”  
“I’ll talk to you later, okay.”  
“Okay baby.”  
Vander and Darla hung up the telephone. She palmed the D initial diamond necklace he gave to her.  
“I bet my last dollar he gets Travis Jr. tested for paternity.”  
Darla smiled to herself and lifted her glasses up. She repositioned them back on her nose, and continued to study the files.  
“When would she be back?”  
“When this case is over.”  
“Good, then tomorrow, we take this handsome little boy and get his DNA tested.”  
“Mother, Darla will be furious with me.”  
“Son, do you really love Darla?”  
“Yes, I will give her my last breath if need be.”  
“Then she will understand your actions.”  
His mother looked down and cooed to Travis Jr.  
“You look just like your father and I see a little of your late grandfather.” She looked at Vander. “Has he been christened?”  
“Good. I’ve lined up several nannies, which I will be personally interviewing tomorrow.”  
“You are stepping in your role quite nicely, grandmother.”  
“No grandmother title for me. Nana, would do nicely, and thank you.” Mrs. Levers kissed Travis Jr. on his forehead.”  
“I’m hungry mother, how about I take my first best girl and the little man out to lunch.”  
“What a good ideal. Here, let me change and then feed him first. Tell me you’ve purchased a car seat for him.”  
“It’s already in the car mother.”  
Mrs. Levers took Travis Jr. out of Vander’s arms, and walked to the door.  
She turned around.  
“I love you and thank you.”  
“Thank you for my first grandson and once this mess has been properly taken care of. I will like my grandson’s name changed, and a ring on his mother’s finger. We Levers have an image to uphold.”  
“I’m glad you finally approve of my decision.”  
“Well after hearing what Tangie have done, I will not be meddling in your private affairs any longer.”  
“Or was it the Cabaña’s endorsement check.”  
“Son, I had to explain about the unfortunate way you were treated in regard to your questioning at the police station. I think Dr. Cabaña and his wife wanted to apologize.”  
“With a sizable check and a political endorsement.”  
“I’m a judge now.”  
“I hope my son does not take after his nana’s cunning ways.”  
“He’s a Levers, he will.”  
Vander’s mother turned and walked out his study.  
He took a seat at his desk.  
“I love you Darla, make sure you get back to us safe.”  
Vander lifted a bidding file, opened it, and began to read it.  
Druid Hills, Georgia
Darla opened the glass door and entered the CDC. She stopped at the circular security front desk.  
“Good afternoon. Yes, my name is Dr. Darla Cabaña, and I am expected.”  
The Security Officer looked up.  
“Well good morning Dr...”  
“It’s Dr. Cabaña.”  
“Indeed, it is.”  
“Pardon me.”  
“I’m sorry.”  
The Security Officer rose from his seat and walked around the desk.  
“You can come with me Dr. Cabaña.”  
“There’s nothing sweeter than letting a man lead.”  
Liam smiled.  
Darla followed Liam.  
Liam stopped and turned around.  
“I know this may not come out correctly, but you’re a doctor?”  
“Technically, I’m a scientist.”  
“You are a very gorgeous woman to be a scientist, and I say that with the utter most respect.”  
“Why thank you Mr…”  
“Hi, I’m Liam.”  
“It’s nice to meet you Liam.”  
He pushed the elevator up button.  
“Liam, how has your morning been thus far?”  
“Pleasant, and this afternoon, I have encountered a very beautiful scientist.”  
Darla blushed.  
The elevator doors opened.  
Liam palmed Darla’s lower back and slightly rubbed it up and down.  
Down boy she thought.  
 Both stepped on the elevator.  
His palm lingered.  
Liam leaned forward and pushed the up button.  
The elevator doors closed.  
Darla pivoted to look at him.  
“Are you going to escort me the entire way?”  
“Yes, I have specific instructions to personally escort you to this meeting.”  
“Wow, my very own….”  
Liam looked down at her breasts, and the curls surrounding her face.  
Darla looked at his muscular chest wall and up into a pair of sea-green colored eyes. His jet-black tight curls layering his scalp had a glistening sheen to it.  
“I’m sure you could handle the assignment if need be.”  
Liam looked down at Darla’s left hand.  
“If you let me take you out to dinner tonight. We could finalize the plans.”  
“I’m sorry...I do not.”  
“Do not consort with blue collar men.”  
“Talk about being presumptuous.”  
“Am I correct?”  
“If I had time to finalize those plans with you over dinner tonight, you would have found out.”  
Liam palmed his aquiline jawbone.  
“Would had?”  
“Would have. I take it you do not associate with white collar female professionals.”  
Liam smiled at her clever tongue.  
“So is it a date.”  
“I do not remember me being asked.”  
He looked down into her light-brown eyes.  
“You are….” Liam looked down at her hourglass hips, the white mini-skirt suit she had on displayed long legs. “Nice looking everywhere.” He leaned over and smelled her perfume. “Your perfume smells pleasant on you.”  
“Thank you.”  
“Darla have….”  
“First name already and we have not even sat down over a candlelight dinner.”  
“Or finalize those plans after dinner.” He winked at her.  
She liked his wicked tongue already.  
The elevator doors open.  
“After you Dr. Cabaña.”  
“Thank you.”  
Wrap your legs around my back would be thankful enough.  
Darla walked off the elevator.  
Liam looked down at her bare legs and derrière. “Nice.”  
Darla blushed.  
Liam stopped in front of two double brown doors.  
“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”  
Darla leaned forward.  
“It all depends on what you’re parting.” She winked at him. “Have a great day, Liam.”  
Darla turned around. “Yes Liam.”  
“What would I be parting?”  
Darla licked her lips.  
“I give you my word; it will not be a sweet sorrow, more like a sweet surrender.”  
Darla opened the brown door and entered a conference room. She closed the door back.  
Thank goodness his security firm was called in to handle this security, which was sanctioned by the government.  
Several people were already gathered inside.  
“Dr. Darla Cabaña,” someone voiced from behind.  
Darla turned around.  
He hugged her to him.  
“I give you my word; it will not be a sweet sorrow, more like a sweet surrender.”  
Liam opened the door and peeped inside. He watched Darla being embrace, from his observation, a colleague. He pulled the door close and looked down at his watch.  
“The woman is sexy, beautiful.” He walked to the elevator. “No ring on her finger.” Liam pressed the elevator down button. He looked back down the hall. “Hopefully, she sees me for me, and not my race.”  
The elevator doors opened. Liam stepped on and pressed the down button. The doors closed.  
“Oh my, I have not seen you since our fellowship.”  
“Yes, it has been ages. And you still look like delicious eye candy.”  
“And you are still handsome as ever.”  
“Are you married, kids, any grandchildren?”  
“I have a son, and not married, yet.”  
“How about you.”  
“Not married, and no kids. The life of a Virologist is very demanding. I seem to live out of suitcases, more then I live in my own home.”  
“I’m sure Mrs. Right will come along soon.”  
“She already has. Although, someone else claimed her hand while we studied our fellowship together.”  
“Maybe in the next lifetime for us.”  
“I will put my bid in now.”  
Both laughed.  
“I suppose you were summoned for this classified assignment as well.”  
“From reading the reports, patient’s profile, I say we may be dealing with a viral outbreak of some unknown etiology.”  
“Yes, which have originated out of Indonesia?”  
“Very good analytical observation Dr. West.”  
“I wonder why Dr. Sto…”  
“Ladies and gentlemen, you may all take a seat. There is plenty to discuss today. Someone from the World Health Organization, and several Virologists, and Epidemiologists and Commentary Health Center Activists would speak on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”  
Everyone standing, floated over to an elongated table, pulled a chair back, and took a seat.  
Marvin sat next to Darla.  
A man walked to the podium and turned on a microphone.  
“Good morning everyone. I am sorry to have pulled you from various degrees of your personal life. However, this meeting is of an urgent matter.”  
Everyone seated around the table looked at one another.  
“You all have been given pertinent information relating to the classified assignment that may or may not affect the general population. What each of you has been called in is to prevent this from reaching a pandemic of a statistical proportion.”  
Darla slid the binder to her and opened it.  
“You have all been cleared to view the presented information, however, this information is still considered classified, which has been sanctioned by the World Health Organization, and from Homeland Security.”  
Darla sat through several lectures; several colleagues from all sectors of the medical field give a broad spectrum, and an analytical observation. She lifted her glass of water and took a sip. She uprooted the glass.  
“After lunch we have one more speaker.”  
“Good, just give me the information and let me be on my way,” she uttered under her breath.
“I know you do not mean that.”  
Darla pivoted in her chair.  
“No, I’m tired from jet lag.”  
“Would you like to go and grab a bite to eat?”  
“I’m sorry, I am going downstairs, and pump my breasts.”  
Marvin looked down at her breasts.  
“I could help you with that anytime.”  
“I think I could handle this by myself.”  
“Are you breastfeeding?”  
“I was; however, my breasts have not been informed.”  
“Is your son here in Georgia?”  
“No, he’s with his father.” At least I’m hoping he is.  
“Then I guess I would see you in an hour.”  
Marvin stood and walked to the door; he opened it and walked out the conference room.  
Darla stood, and grabbed her purse from off the table. She walked to the door and walked out. She found a bathroom, opened her purse, and took out her manual breast pump.  
Travis reached for the telephone and placed it up to his ear. “Slay here, could I help you.”  
“It all depends on who’s benefiting.”  
“Baby, where have you been? Dammit, I have been trying to contact you for hours now.”  
“I am in Georgia.”  
“For what and where is my son?”  
“I was asked by the CDC to attend, it looks like a World Health Organization global meeting, and Travis Jr…. He is…he’s staying with my parents.”  
“Is this revelation regarding the information on the news?”  
“What is the news reporting?”  
“Something about an outbreak, and several doctors, are meeting in Georgia to discuss the history and nature of whatever it is. The news has been on the low key. What is your address, I could fly out this evening, baby, I truly miss you."  
“Travis, I think we need to cool this, until Travis Jr.’s results are back.”  
“Where the hell is this coming from?”  
“My parents do not condone my relationship with you out of wedlock.”  
“I am not in love with your parents; I am in love with you.”  
Darla took a deep breath.  
“Travis, I have to go.”  
“Now wait a fucking minute! We have not established the paternity or Travis Jr...”  
“I will, once this assignment has been addressed.”  
“Let me ask you something.”  
“What is it baby?"  
“You sound aloof, which leads me to believe you are letting someone else taste my pussy.”  
Dammit. Darla gritted down on her teeth in shame. “Is that what this shit is about?”  
Darla added nothing.  
“I be damn, you are letting someone else fuck you.”  
“Travis, I’m sorry.”  
“Yes, you would be after the paternity has been established for my son.”  
“What does that mean?”  
“It means I will see your trifling ass in court.”  
“Pardon me.”  
“And I will make damn sure I gain full custody of my son.”  
 “That will never happen.”  
“After I show these sleazy photographs to my attorney. You best believe it will.”  
“I do not believe you.”  
“I guess I will see you in court, Dr. Cabaña.”  
Travis hung up in her ear.  
“Are you all right Darla?”  
She flipped her cell phone down and turned around.  
“I’m fine Liam.”  
“Are you making your rounds?”  
“I have men to do that.” Liam looked down at his watch. “I’m hungry, join me for lunch.”  
Darla looked down at her watch.  
“I’m sorry, my meeting resumes in forty minutes.”  
“Good, that would be enough time.”  
Liam grabbed a hold of Darla’s hand.  
Both walked to the elevator.  
“That was a lunch worth sharing with a beautiful doctor.”  
“To the man across the table, I must thank you.”  
“Have dinner with me tonight Darla.”  
“I can’t, I’m presently involved with someone.”  
“Wow. I’m not trying to get you in my bed. I only want to feed you."  
“I’m sorry; I did not mean anything about my confession."  
“Then you will have dinner with me this evening.”  
“Could I think about it?”  
“How will I know what the answer will be?”  
“What time do you get off?”  
“This evening. One of my employees called off sick this morning, and I stepped in.”  
 “One of your employees? Do you own the company?”  
 “I do.”  
“What is the name of your company?”  
“Brink’s Home Security and Surveillance Incorporation.”  
“I love the commercials.”  
“So, you are aware of my company.”  
“I am.”  
“Does that grant me a pass to take you out to dinner this evening, and show you the sights of Atlanta, Georgia?”  
“I still have to think about it."  
“Could I have your cell phone number?"  
“I could give you that.”  
For now, beautiful woman Liam thought.  
He looked at her lips, and then into her eyes.  
“I like the color of your eyes.”  
“Thank you.”  
Liam looked down at his watch."  
“I need to get you back.”  
Liam and Darla both reached for the bill. His hand covered her. His palm stroked over her hand.  
“You have soft skin Darla; please think about joining me this evening. I will be totally respectable.”  
“Nothing to record in my diary, darn you.”  
Liam laughed.  
“And I thought I was shocking you.”  
Liam scooted his chair back and stood. He reached his hand down to Darla. She clasped her hand in his and accepted his assistance.  
Vander cracked the door to his bedroom and walked out. He entered his adjoined office. He walked around his desk and sat down in a wingback chair. He scooted it under the desk and reached for the telephone receiver. He dialed Darla’s cell phone.  
Palace Hote
Darla felt her cell phone vibrating. She opened her purse and lifted it. She looked down at the number. She became concerned.  
Darla flipped her cell phone up and placed it up to her ear.  
“Baby, is everything okay?”  
“I’ve missed you also.”  
“I’m sorry, how are you.”  
 “Fine now that I’m talking to you.”  
“How is Travis Jr.?”  
“He’s sleeping, and tomorrow, he will get acquitted with his new nanny.”  
“Woo, slow down, a nanny.”  
“Yes, my mother handpicked this woman.”  
Darla fingered her hair.  
“Maybe, I should abort this mission. I think I am needed there.”  
“You will do no such thing. Where are you staying?”  
“I have been given a magic key to my very own suite at the Palace Hotel.”  
Liam gripped the steering wheel tighter while listening in on the conversation.  
He looked down at Darla’s legs.  
“We will join you this weekend.”  
“I miss you two so much.”  
“Not as bad, as I miss you.”  
“I love you Mr. Levers.”  
“Then you will have to show me, Dr. Cabaña.”  
“What a challenge.”  
“I’ll talk to you much later once I get back to my hotel.”  
“I love you.”  
“I know, and I love you back. Baby, please make sure you give Travis Jr., a kiss from his mother.”  
“I will, bye now.”  
Darla flipped her cell phone close and dropped it back inside her purse. She closed it.  
“Your significant other?”  
“Something like that.”  
“It sounds serious to me.”  
“It’s still in the initial stages.”  
“So, I’m not invading anyone’s territory.”  
“No, we are only friends, who have enjoyed a luncheon together.”  
More, after I’m done Liam thought.  
“Then you would not mind if I stopped by the Palace Hotel and pick you up at seven this evening for dinner.”  
“You work very fast.”  
Liam brought the vehicle to a red light.  
He pivoted to look at Darla. “You have yet to learn about me, Darla.”  
“That could serve as many possibilities as possible, Liam.”  
“Time would tell gorgeous.”  
Darla blushed at the compliment.  
Liam pressed his foot on the gas pedal and drove through a green light.  
Druid Hills, Georgia
Liam pulled his vehicle into a reserved parking spot for security. He twisted the key inside the ignition, turned off his vehicle, and unsnapped his seatbelt.  
He opened the door and stepped out; he pushed the door close and walked around his vehicle.  
Darla unsnapped her seatbelt and opened the door. Liam pulled the door open wider.  
Darla stepped out.  
Liam closed the door back. He grabbed onto Darla’s hand and walked to the entrance reserved for staff and security.  
“My, it’s very hot out here.”  
“I read you are from Florida; I would think you would be familiar with this humidity.”  
“I am, but I have to say, this weather is extremely humid.”  
“That it is.”  
Liam held the door open Darla to enter.  
“Thank you.”  
Both walked to the elevator and waited.  
Liam reached over and twirled a lock of Darla’s hair around his finger.  
“I know I mentioned this earlier, but I am taken by your beauty, and your presence, totally invigorating.” He inched closer.  
Darla prepared herself for her space to be invaded.  
Liam slowly dropped his arms from around Darla’s waist, and stepped back.  
“I can’t wait for those possibilities.”  
He stroked his cheek.  
The elevator doors slid open.  
Liam palmed Darla’s back and propelled her forward.  
“Yes, as I stated before, you work very fast.”  
“I will slow down for you any day.”  
He winked at her.  
Darla blushed.  
The elevator doors slid close.  
Liam escorted Darla to the conference room.  
“I’ve enjoyed lunch thank you very much Liam.”  
He leaned against the wall.  
“Thank me later on over dinner.”  
Darla looked up into Liam’s eyes.  
“And you will have me back at my hotel suite, before twelve o’clock midnight.”  
“I will even bring a glass slipper.”  
Liam looked down at Darla’s breasts and then at her lips.  
“Yes, you are.”  
Darla smiled.  
“Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, Darla.”  
“You also Liam.”  
He leaned in and surprised her, kissing her on her lips.  
Darla’s lips slightly moved under his.  
Liam stepped back.  
“I’ll see you later on Darla.”  
Oh yes you will with lips like that.
Liam turned and walked away.  
Darla cocked her head to watch his departing view from behind.  
Muscular thighs, and a widen chest wall.  
“Umm, curiosity is already scratching my kitty cat.”  
Darla opened the door and walked in.  
Several attendees were already seated.  
She walked over to a vacant chair and took a seat.  
Marvin slid in the empty chair next to hers.  
“Did you enjoy your lunch?”  
“Yes, how about you?”  
“Had you let me take you, I would have enjoyed it more. You like white men?”  
“I love men in general.”  
Marvin cleared his throat.  
“I guess I had that coming.”  
“With me, yes you did.”  
Both laughed.  
“Could I take you out to dinner this evening?”  
“I’m sorry, I’ve already been asked.”  
“By my white knight and shining armor and his name is, Liam.”  
“As long as you know what you’re doing.”  
“I do.”  
She winked at him.  
 A man entered the conference room and walked onto the stage.  
Travis slammed the telephone receiver down in the cradle. He lifted the phone base and was about to throw it.  
The telephone rang.  
He placed the phone base back on the desk and lifted the receiver. He placed it up to his ear.  
“This is Slay.”  
“Mr. Slay, I have news concerning the whereabouts of your son.”  
“Well out with it, I haven’t got all day.”  
His Private Investigator cleared his throat.  
“It appears Travis Slay Jr., is occupying a residence with a Mr. Vander Levers, and his mother, Judge Levers.”  
“Levers…Vander. That’s the same mothafucka, who is petitioning for a paternity test.”  
“There’s more Mr. Slay.”  
Travis slicked his hand back through his hair.  
“It appears, Mr. Vander, has took it upon himself to get your son tested today to establish paternity.”  
“That slick-foot mothafucka. Keep an eye on the two until I get there.”  
Travis slammed the telephone receiver down in the cradle.  
“Bertha, get in here!”  
Bertha ran into Travis’ study, panting. “What…what is it Mr. Slay?”  
“I need you to contact the airport and have my private jet ready to fly out in an hour, and then I need for you to get State Trooper Jimson on the line, and then Miss. Dawson.”  
“State Trooper Jimson?”  
“Yes, just do it, and switch the call to my line.”  
“Yes sir.”  
Berth walked to the door and exited Travis’ study. Dammit Dr. Cabaña, you just had to get her employer in a funk, hopefully she could survive his cunning demeanor.  
“That bitch gave that bastard my son, and then abandoned him. What an unfit fuck of a mother.”  
Travis looked around his office  
“Are you a sex addict?”  
“What kind of question is that?”  
“A question that requires an answer.”  
“I do not know the definition of such. Now if you mean if I enjoy the opposite sex, then the answer to your question is yes. Now that I have come to rest my lustful carnal ways. Sex is such a small make-up of someone’s characteristics, now, can we change the subject.”
“I bet she let him fuck her senselessly...shit!”  
His telephone rang.  
Travis snatched the receiver up and placed it up to his ear.  
“Mr. Slay, I have State Trooper Jimson on the line.”  
“You could transfer him to my line, thank you Bertha.”  
“You’re welcome.”  
Druid Hills, Georgia
Darla yawned. Her brain could not absorb any more knowledge or listen to another speaker.  
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the director of the CDC. He will address all questions concerning this matter. Without further ado, I give you Dr. Nigel Monasseron.”  
Darla sat up. She swore the man said..., “Nigel.” She slumped down in her chair.  
“I need a doctor over here,” Marvin yelled.  
“I think she is coming around.”  
Nigel stroked Darla’s cheek.  
Darla’s eyes slowly fluttered open. She quickly sat up.  
“Slow down woman, you’ve just fainted.”  
Darla turned to the voice.  
“Nigel.” She caressed his cheek. “You’re alive.”  
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m sure you all would like to go and finish your day. Therefore, we will reconvene tomorrow morning at eight o’clock sharp.”  
Several people were already moving to the door.  
Nigel assisted Darla to her feet.  
He helped her over to a table which held several beverages, and an assortment of doughnuts and fruit.  
He lifted a bottle water, twisted the top off, and handed it to her.  
Darla accepted it.  
Darla took a sip and placed the bottle down on the table. She stood up and drew her hand back. She smacked Nigel. “You have the audacity to stand there like…like you did nothing wrong. You invade my life by pretending to be a farmer, when you could have told me all this time you were still alive.”  
“Darla, I’m sorry, I never meant for you to find out this way.”  
“What were you planning to do, send me a postcard? Dammit, Nigel, I almost let you make love to me in your hotel room, you could have told me then, we played chess together for a bet to kiss me, you could have told me then, you went so far as to work at Hunter’s ranch, but no, you did not bother to tell me who you really were. We made love not once, but twice dammit, correction, all through the night at your residence, you could have spoken, set me straight. All the times, I measured you up to a person, who I told you I once loved, but no, you never opened your mouth to advise me you were that same person. Damn you Nigel.” Darla fingered her curls backwards. She found Nigel’s eyes again. “Do you know I had to go through two years of counseling for what I thought I had done to you?”  
“Darla, this has not been easy for me as well. I had to literally watch the woman I love walk out of my life…”  
“Walk out of your life? You walked back into mine, but you were too damn selfish to explain your presence. That is not fair Nigel; I’m hurt, because the last I saw of you, you asked me to marry you…and then the accident happened, which I never mentally recovered from.”  
He reached out for her.  
“Don’t touch me.”  
“Baby, don’t cry, I never meant to bring this distress to your life.”  
“But you did. Remember, we were supposed to have blazed the word together.”  
Darla could not stop the tears from falling from her eyes.  
“I never forgot about you or stop thinking about you.”  
“Nigel, I do not want to hear it...I hate you. Had you told me the truth; my life would have been better.”  
“Even without your son.”  
“At least he would have been ours.”  
“Baby, what more could I say than I’m sorry.”  
“And at the moment, that is not enough.”  
“Could we sit and talk…Darla I…”  
“Nigel, while we are working on this assignment, stay the fuck away from me.”  
Darla stood and returned to her seat. She lifted her purse, walked to the door, and exited it. She pulled the door close, rattling the hinges.  
“That shit went well, damn!”  
Travis, Miss Dawson, his chauffeur, and Bertha, walked out the airport terminal.  
A chauffeur greeted everyone at the curbside.  
Travis removed his Kenneth Cole sunglasses, and placed them inside his Armani suit jacket breast pocket.  
The chauffeur stepped forward and extended his hand.  
“Good afternoon Mr. Slay. I am Mr. Benton, and I would be your private chauffeur, during your stay in Florida.  
Travis shook the chauffeur’s hand.  
“Nice to meet you man.”  
“I could take those for you sir.”  
Mr. Benton accepted Travis’ overnight traveling bag. He lifted Bertha’s suitcase. Miss. Dawson carried her luggage to the rear of the vehicle.  
Mr. Benton secured everyone’s luggage.  
He opened the door for his passengers to enter. Travis was the last to enter.  
The chauffeur closed the door and walked to the driver side of the vehicle. He opened the door, got in, and settled his presence behind the steering wheel. He pulled the door close and started the vehicle.  
Vander dropped Travis Jr.’s soiled diaper in a diaper disposal bag. He lifted Travis Jr. from off the changing table and walked over to a rocking chair. He sat down and lifted a bottle from off the chairside table and fed him.  
Mrs. Levers peeped inside the nursery.  
“How are you two getting along?”  
“Well as I expected. This little man is wise for his age.”  
“He’s a Levers, of course he is.”  
Mrs. Levers entered the nursery she walked over to where Vander sat. “The nanny is due to start tomorrow.” She looked down at Travis Jr. “Hey there guy.”  
Mrs. Levers stroked Travis Jr.’s forehead.  
“He feels a little hot.”  
Vander felt Travis’ forehead.  
“He does feel a little hot. Do we have a thermometer around here?”  
“Yes, hold on.”  
Mrs. Levers rushed out the nursery.  
Vander cradled Travis Jr. to him.  
“Don’t you get sick on your old man; your mother will kill me for not looking after you.”  
Mrs. Levers returned to the nursery.  
“Here let me see this little man.”  
Vader removed the bottle from out of Travis Jr.’s mouth and placed it on the table. He laid Travis Jr. across his lab and removed his diaper.  
Mrs. Levers inserted the thermometer inside his rectum and waited.  
Travis Jr. squirmed at the discomfort.  
“It’s almost over little man.”  
The thermometer beeped.  
Mrs. Levers slid it out. His temperature was one hundred and one.  
Mrs. Levers felt over Travis Jr.’s gums.  
She felt the beginning of a tooth.  
“I say someone is cracking a tooth. I will go to the store and get something for his fever. Do you know who his pediatrician is?”  
“No, Darla did not leave me any information. She got called away rather sudden.”  
“If his fever continues to climb, or does not subside, then we have no other choice but to take him to an Urgent Care.”  
Vander put Travis Jr.’s pamper back on, and reached for his bottle. He looked down at Travis Jr. “You miss your mother too.”  
Travis Jr. smiled.  
“I will be right back.”  
“Yes ma’am.”  
Mrs. Levers walked out the nursery.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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I will be bringing to you the last five remaining chapters of this novel

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