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Searching for eternity (3)

Searching for eternity (3)

The light shone dimly, from the candle In the room, the Vampire King peered inside with ease, his eyes accustomed to the gloom

Laying quietly on a bed was a maiden oh so young and fair, in a instant he was mesmerized, he had to stop and stare

He looked around the window frame, Garlic hung there strung in cloves, he laughed to himself, as he climbed in, the superstition here still grows

Garlic wont fend him off, though its true Vampires hate the smell, but it won't protect you or keep one out of the place you dwell

Standing above her, he could feel her beating heart, hunger grew inside him, the time to feed must start

He pushed away her long blonde hair, he watched her bosoms rise and fall, he moved in much closer, it was time to take it all

She woke up in a frightened start, she opened her mouth to scream, but there was only silence as she collapsed back in a dream

She was in a dream like state, it was the Vampires skill, to mesmerise his chosen victim, before he made his kill

Her white skin shone by the candle light, with a bite her blood began to flow, the taste was the purest nectar, he knew he would never let her go

He couldn't take her life that night, he was addicted to her taste, he scooped her up in his arms with ease, he left with her in haste

In the castles highest turret, in a small window shone a light, in that dungeon was that maiden, the girl the Vampire took tonight

Chained to a Iron ring, just above the bed, she lay there scared and deeply sobbing, she knew not how she got there, or why her neck was sore and throbbing

The Vampire was laying in his coffin, from there he could hear her scream, until all went quiet, then he closed his eyes to dream

Written by averageJoe69 (Ron Summers)
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