This Isnít John Lennonís Dream

Can you prepare me for whatís coming?
Tell me how itís gonna be?
ĎCause Iím not sure I can handle it  
This societal monstrosity  
That creeps and winds its way around  
The narrow minded and naÔve  
And there isnít a person alive today
That has never been deceived
When itís bound to books so old
The paperís now decaying  
With ideas so antiquated
They belong in the bindings, fraying  
And did you know that someone died?
For being who and what they are  
And did you know the words they use?  
Will forever leave us scarred
And itíll always be ironic  
That I donít have an answer
To the questions that creep inside
And ravage me like a cancer  
ĎCause Iím not the one thatís asking  
For a reason of how and why  
Iím not the one berating me  
And forcing me to lie  
Iíll never be in someoneís face  
To call them an abomination  
Iíll never hit you with my beliefs  
About how weíre meant to be created  
ĎCause humanity is not made equal  
When the powerful close their minds
And I wonder about the fight I fight  
Wonder if maybe Iím wasting my time
And my battle, itís not won today  
Today, it still pulls me under  
And if gave in and died
Would anybody wonder?  
About why I took that option  
When Iím surrounded by such love  
About why I never let them in  
Was their love just not enough?
There is no reply to offer  
That would eternally satisfy  
There is no response I can give  
That wouldnít sadden and defy
I donít want to be a rebel  
And I donít want to fit the mould
I want the song John Lennon sang  
Before someone left his body cold
So prepare me for whatís coming
Tell me how itís gonna be
ĎCause Iím not sure I can handle it  
This societal monstrosity  
© Indie Adams 2012
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 16th Feb 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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