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Follow Your Dreams part 3

Follow Your Dreams part 3

I'll be right back, Lucia said, smiling. I watched her dance over to the other patron. I admit I was feeling selfish and had no desire to share. I knew that wasn't part of the strip club experience, but I brooded anyway. I grabbed my drink and sat away from the stage and the bar to sulk a bit.

After a few minutes, I laughed at myself. Here I was thinking I was bonding with an onstage stripper when all she was after was what was in my wallet. The drink was going to my head and I was letting the fantasy become a bit too real. I saw Lucia turn back to where I was sitting, and frown a bit before collecting a few more dollars from the interloper. At least my twenty held some sway over her thoughts. She really was a fine looking woman. I loved how she moved her curvy hips and how her calf muscles moved her confidently on the heels she was wearing.

Lucia's set ended and she walked off the stage toward where I suspected the DJ booth was. I began to consider leaving again. I had no idea what I expected coming here, but I wasn't as happy as I thought I should be. It all seemed a bit superficial and I only had a brief moment of titillation. I felt more relaxed at Rusti's, and the conversation was better.

I had just emptied my drink when Lucia walked up. She was wearing the same pink bikini top, but had a silky sarong wrapped around her waist. She sat in the chair next to mine and put her hand on my thigh, stroking it lightly.

"You left," Lucia remarked, showing me a set of pouty lips. I decided I would respond with truth. There was no reason to try to pretend I was something else here.

I'm selfish that way - didn't want to share, I said, hoping I didn't sound too intoxicated. It had been a while since I had drunk a lot of rum. Her hand moved higher up my thigh; the feeling was pleasurable.

Well, I'm here now, Lucia said with a smiled, you have my full attention. I thought about that for a second. I liked the idea, but I knew it was a delusion to think it was any more than a one-sided business arrangement - at least as far as profit was concerned. Time was too short. I decided I would just latch onto the illusion for a while.

Now that makes me happy, I smiled can I get you a drink? I knew I could. It was one of the numerous ways to drain my wallet. It didn't matter in the scheme of things. It's not like I needed money for retirement any more.

Sure, Lucia responded and waved Mandy over. I ordered another rum and coke, this time with a glass of water. Lucia ordered some kind of fruit cocktail. I suspected it was devoid of alcohol and she would split the cost with the bar. I was happily cynical.

So, you have any kids, Lucia? I asked. She was a bit taken aback by the question. Not something a guy with a lady's hand high on his thigh would normally ask. I decided I wanted a normal conversation with a pretty girl.

I have a girl. Lucia smiled. I saw some pride in her brown eyes. I work here to put her through college. That took me by surprise. She simply didn't look old enough.

Either she is a prodigy or you're a bit older than you look, I said with a bit of whimsy. I was really feeling the rum. I felt her hand tighten on my thigh.

No, my baby is smart, but not that smart. Lucia went into mom mode. I found it endearing. She will be the first one to graduate from college in my family. Her eyes were alive as her hand left my thigh and she began animating her words with her hands.

She isn't sure if she wants to be a lawyer or an English teacher. She is only a sophomore so she has some time left to decide. I was so proud she got accepted - my mama cried. She even got a partial scholarship because she plays viola for the orchestra. I can tell you this she won't be dancing for a living, not if I have any say about it. Lucia's accent became more pronounced as she continued I kind of want her to meet a nice guy there, someone who will have an education like her. I don't want her worrying about rent and struggling through life like me. She kind of had a hard childhood and deserves more than I gave her.

She sounds wonderful, I said. Mandy showed up with our drinks and gave Lucia a glare. I suspected the conversation was supposed to be moving toward a private dance. I paid for the drinks and tipped well, figuring Mandy might let it go for now.

Is Mandy the owner? I asked. Mandy seemed to be in control of things and was able to offer the free drink without consultation.

Yes, Lucia said quietly, she's a good boss, maybe a little pushy. Lucia's hand returned to my thigh, rubbing up and down. We have private dances here, she said without confidence. I guess talking about her daughter and lap dances didn't mix well in her brain.

How much? I asked.

Twenty a song, Lucia responded with a little more enthusiasm. I reached in my wallet and counted out two hundred.

There, for the next ten songs, we can talk unhindered by financial constraints, I said. I took a sip of my water, trying to even out the alcohol.

You want to pay me to talk? Lucia asked incredulously.

Yep, I just want to talk with a pretty woman, I said with a smile, unless that's too kinky for you. Lucia smiled as I clarified the proposal. I had decided naked breasts are fun, but only if it didn't stop there. Since it had to stop, I might as well go for companionship since the money didn't matter any more. Lucia took my money up to the bar and I watched Mandy shrug her shoulders and nod. I guessed they were discussing my strange fetish. Lucia returned and held out her hand.

We still get the private room, Lucia said. I let her help me out of the seat and grabbed my water. She led me along the stage and up a flight of stairs. We got to the end of the hall and she pushed a curtained door aside. There was only a small table and a bed in the room. Lie down, kinky boy, Lucia said as she took my drink and set it on the table. I lay on my back, my head on a small throw pillow. Lucia lay next to me on her side, her hand caressing my chest.

So, what would you like to talk about? Lucia asked. Strangely, I wanted to listen more than talk.

You were telling me about your daughter. I tried to get her going again. I can't believe you're old enough to have a daughter in college.

I had her when I was seventeen, Lucia said calmly, it was an accident, you know, drinking at a party, and the guy ran as soon as he found out. My mama and I raised her. I never finished high school because of it, that's why I am going to make sure Sofia finishes college. Lucia's hand pulled at my shirt, pulling it free my pants. I was about to stop her when I felt her hand on my belly. It was pleasurable so I didn't say a word.

You work every day? I asked.

Nope, I'm off Wednesdays and Thursdays. What's your name, strange man who only wants to talk? Lucia inquired as her warm hand stroked my belly.

Todd, strange woman who agreed to talk, I answered trying to be funny. Her fingers ran up my side, sending a shiver through my body.

Well, Todd, what do you do for a living? Lucia asked while her hand traveled across my chest. Her hand was really soft and it warmed my skin. I was enjoying the touching more than I thought.

I used to be a bond broker, I answered, now I'm trying my hand at restoring a house.

You must be rich to afford such expensive conversations. Lucia smiled as her hand ran across my belly, just above my belt. I felt a little aroused by her efforts. It was pleasant so I didn't stop her. I was letting the rum do the thinking. I tucked my arm under her head and pulled her closer, as I would a girlfriend - if I had one.

I guess you could say I am rich this year, I responded cryptically. I did have a lot of money to blow since the future was going to take care of itself.

No family? Lucia quizzed. The conversation was becoming about me. I wanted to steer it back to her.

Nope, I do have a cousin I haven't seen in twenty years I said then tried to retake the conversation, tell me about your mama.

Not much to say. Lucia pulled up my shirt, exposing most of my belly and chest. She works hard at the same hospital she started at thirty years ago. She does the laundry and cleans rooms. Never misses a day of work. That's my mama. I loved the way she said 'mama,' the way it rolled off her tongue with just a hint of Hispanic accent.

So, what are your plans once your daughter graduates? I asked as Lucia's fingers dipped just under the waistband of my pants and tickled the top of my pubic hair. I involuntarily sucked in a breath. She smiled at my response.

Ticklish, hmmm, Lucia commented as she reached behind her neck and untied the top strings of her bikini. I haven't thought that far ahead. I just had that one goal since she was born. Lucia pulled the bikini cups free of her breasts and smiled. I know you like my tits. You're allowed to play with them while we talk you know. I reached over with my free hand and caressed her left breast and ran my fingers over her nipple.

I'll have to work here for a few more years to pay off Mandy, Lucia stated, then I won't need as much money. I don't know, maybe waitressing or something.

You owe Mandy money? I asked. I was a little surprised by that revelation. My eyes never left her breast. It felt really good in my less-than-sober hand.

She loaned me tuition money for Sophia, Lucia admitted, she doesn't charge me interest, but I promised I would work here until it's paid off.

Lucia's hand sank deeper into my pants, never touching my growing erection, but sending sweet twinges its way. I figure I have to be here another four or five years. It would be less if all the customers wanted to have long conversations. She laughed.

It was a friendly form of indentured servitude. Mandy was keeping Lucia locked in by leveraging her daughter's future. Since there was no interest, it wasn't predatory, but it still smelled bad on the surface.

You liked to be touched, Lucia observed. She sat up and helped me remove my shirt. I didn't fight it; I was deep in a rum fog and she was correct in her observation. Lucia undid the bottom set of strings of her top and tossed it on the floor. She maneuvered on top of me and laid her breasts on my chest, her eyes only a hand's width from mine.

Why did you decide to quit being a broker? Lucia asked. Her breasts felt extremely nice mashed into my chest. It had been a long time since a woman had paid this much attention to me. Too long I decided.

To be continued
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