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Follow Your Dreams part 2

Follow Your Dreams part 2

I turned back to the bar and raised my empty glass to the Mandy. She smiled and started making me a fresh drink. The bar had a mirror behind the bottles that allowed me to watch the stage without turning around. Ms. Perfect was playing with her crotch, trying to coax more dollars out of her admirers. It seemed to be working.

Are you having fun? Mandy asked as she placed the fresh drink in front of me, collecting the empty one and taking seven dollars from what I had left in front of me.

Well, I'm not bored, I admitted. I wasn't thrilled with my decision to stop in, but I wasn't ready to walk out yet. Is it always this quiet?

We pick up when the sun goes down, Mandy replied. She didn't immediately return to the corner of the bar. I assumed that meant she was willing to talk.

Are there other girls dancing today or do I have to wait for the vampires? I said humorously. I don't think she cared for the humor.

Most of the guys like Rebecca, Mandy answered and pointed to the stage with the bar rag in her hand. I let my eyes follow the rag back to the stage. Rebecca was pulling her bikini bottoms to the side, trying to urge more dollars her way. I looked back with sardonic grin.

I know I don't look like a guy who should be picky, but she is a bit too Barbie for me, I said. Mandy laughed. I didn't think she expected anyone with a dick to make that comment. I smiled and took another sip of my drink. I noticed Mandy was making the drinks pretty stiff. I guess that helped loosen the customers' wallets.

I have never heard Rebecca described that way, Mandy said happily, she's a nice girl though - not like you would expect. I smelled a sales pitch. I just shook my head.

Nah, I'd rather talk to you, I stated. I saw her cringe at the comment. Only I could overstep in a strip club.

I don't dance and my clothes stay on when you tip, Mandy informed me very clearly. I was a little surprised by the venom I sensed at the end of her statement. I raised my hand in surrender.

I meant nothing by it. I should have kept my mouth shut, I said. I swung my chair around and looked blankly at the stage. I figured I would finish my drink and get the hell out of there. It was a stupid idea in the first place. This is a perfect example why I have acquaintances instead of friends. My mouth always moved faster than my brain and people always misinterpreted my comments.

It took me about half a minute to down the rest of my drink. I was thankful it wouldn't be a long ride home. I decided I had outgrown strip clubs. I placed my glass on the bar and left the six dollars on the bar as a tip - my way of apologizing for the unintended slight. Life was too short to let a situation grow bigger than needed.

I almost made it to the door when a large man, linebacker large, stepped out from behind a dark counter. I guessed he doubled as the DJ and bouncer. At first, I thought he was just leaving his booth, but he blocked my way out.

Excuse me, I said politely, and made a move to pass him. He grabbed my arm, not strongly like he obviously could, but carefully, just to stop me.

Mandy wants to have a word with you, he said, nodding toward the bar. I looked back to the bar and Mandy was waving for me to come back. I looked back at the mountain before me and sighed.

Look, I am just trying to leave - I left a good tip, she'll just have to accept that as my apology, I said. I was hoping this wasn't going to get blown out of proportion. I was surprised when he let go of my arm.

Okay, but I think she wants to apologize to you, he said, stepping aside to let me pass. I looked back at the bar and Mandy waved me in again. 'Shit,' I thought. Now I had to go back. I took a deep breath and took the long walk back to the bar.

I think I misunderstood you, Mandy apologized, I was wrong and I'd like buy you a drink. I certainly don't want you to leave angry with us. She was giving me a fake smile. I could tell she wasn't used to apologizing. The six dollars was still on the bar and a fresh drink was waiting. I thought about just accepting her apology and leaving. There was nothing here that really appealed to me. Mandy wasn't even appealing any more. The math was easier when I added in the dark house I would return to.

Okay, I guess we did get off on the wrong foot. I smiled and sat back down. I do thank you for the drink. It's a nice gesture. Mandy’s smile became real. She just nodded and headed back to the end of the bar. Business was business and I am sure they had me sized up for more than twenty bucks.

Ms. Perfect finished her set and collected the money off the stage. I was watching in the mirror as she reassembled her clothing and carefully walked off the stage in her heels. She was making a beeline for me and I would really prefer she didn't. I saw Mandy out of the corner of my eye wave her off. Rebecca caught the signal and switched directions. I guess Mandy and I now understood each other.

I was feeling no pain when the DJ announced a new dancer, Lucia. I swiveled in my chair, a little too far, and looked to the stage. An olive-skinned woman with rich black hair cascading down her back climbed the stairs. She was dressed in flowing, translucent silks in different shades of pink. Fleetwood Mac's 'Gypsy' began to play over the sound system. Lucia began twirling, letting the silk spread out in some kind of Stevie Nick’s impression. Her face was more mature than Ms. Perfect's and her curves were more womanly, at least what I could see as the silken wings flew about.

"She's not a Barbie doll," Mandy said from behind me. I looked back and Mandy pushed my six dollars at me and gestured to the stage. I smiled and pushed the money back at her. 'Can't spend it in the grave,' I thought. I winked at Mandy and moved to a seat by the stage. Lucia had already lost some of her silken coverings. Lucia moved toward me as I sat down and she gave me a little private show. My eyes were even with her feet. A small patch of four leaf clovers was tattooed on her right ankle. When I looked up into her eyes, I didn't see one ounce of Irish. I guessed Hispanic.

Lucia wrapped one of her silken wings around my neck and it just stayed there, as she stepped back, disrobing a tantalizing bit more. I was alone at the stage, the others probably blew their wads on Ms. Perfect. Lucia took a quick spin around the poll in the center, leaving the rest of her silks behind. She returned to me in a dark pink bikini, the top holding what looked like real breasts. I was basically lost in her beauty when she leaned over, her lips close to my ear.

It's usually customary to tip she whispered with a slight accent and reinforced it with a smile. The smile was deadly cute. I chuckled, a bit buzzed, and remembered where I was. I withdrew a twenty and placed it on the stage. That got me a bigger smile. She lay on her side, ass to me and grabbed my hand. She caressed herself, running my hand up her thigh, along her hip, up her stomach. She guided my hand to her breast and helped me squeeze it through the fabric. It was real, not a hard silicone facsimile.

Untie me, Lucia whispered and released my hand. I pulled the strands of the two bow knots that held her top on. She rolled her body and teased me by holding the cups to her breasts, the strings snaking away on their own. She rose to her knees, her thighs far apart, threw the bikini top behind her with one hand and covered her breasts with the other arm. I enjoyed the private show and smiled as I watched her midriff undulate to the music. This woman had muscles motivating her curves.

Some asshole sat down on the other side of the stage and I saw Lucia's eyes glance in his direction. I knew where I was, but unfounded jealousy crept into my consciousness. I kind of wanted Lucia to myself, but my illusion of being special was beginning to fade.

Her eyes returned to mine and she dropped her arm. Her breasts were full and soft looking with just a little healthy sag. She took my hands in hers and ran them up her sides, along the sides of her breasts and then had me fully cup them. The nipples were taut as I ran my fingers lightly across the tips, almost tickling them. She cooed on cue which excited me, even though I knew it was all an illusion.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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