Long Distance Romance

He watched her as she sang from the rocks of her tiny isle
The song although he didn't know it, it made him smile
It was in a language so much older than even he was
It had a rhythm of before the great flood and before there was first blood
It was only through his prowess that he could see her from this distance
Her beauty radiated, it out shone the moon, forcing a creature of the night take a stance
He knew that she couldn't see him,so he took pleasure in that fact
As she sung a higher note, the cords stood out on her neck forcing him to react
As he leapt from his balcony, the song became a drug, so luring, so addictive
With eyes luminous and fangs fully extended, the song still felt constrictive
Though she couldn't see him, she could smell and sensethat he was there
She could imagine the moonlit kisses and running her fingers through his hair
Haha she could feel him getting closeras he closed the distance between
Outside of a passion for the darkness, they but could taste what they need  
He had tucked his fangs away as he got close enough to distinguish her scent
He didn't want to frighten such a fragile flower for her singing to relent
As he glided just above the surface, she moved down to meet him at sea
This night excited and reminded of eons ago and sailors lost at sea
They were lesser beings, it took a special song to bring him down from his balcony
It contained lyrics taught to her by the Darkness, herself, about eternity
As he approached slowly, they both hovered above the waves feeling darkened sparks
As their mouths came together their only thought and taste was of the dark
He tasted of the darkness of his crypt, while she tasted and smelled of the depths
Without his knowledge she slowly dragged him under as he fed from her throat like a whelp
Written by I_IS_ME
Published | Edited 3rd Mar 2021
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