Stealing Shadows

(Collab by Indie and Prophet)

I'm always chasing the ultimate high
Like demons creeping through the night
To steal the shadows and hex the souls
Of those so warm, when I'm so cold

'Cause oblivion tastes like outta space
Going over smoother than leather and lace
Of the bitch that beats and dominates
Wearing the shackles reality creates

Sometimes I wish that I had more,
Holding onto dreams, I feel so poor.
Sometimes I want to have it all,
And other times I hit the wall.

What's together simply falls apart,
Back to nothing, before the start.
We grab and build it up again,
The heart beats on, despite the pain

And I'm shoving down my inner screams
'Cause I prefer these idle daydreams
While time's hitching a ride out of my mind
Breaking me down to the perfect crime

Where sanity is just a word
That has a meaning completely absurd
And I'm still chasing Alice into a hole
That's mad with Hatters and the tea is cold

I eat the cake, and grow so large,
I break through walls, and I take charge
When I drink the drink, I feel so small
Far down the rabbit hole I fall.

I fall past clocks, ticking in time,
Flowing true, through reason and rhyme.
I feel new, like a snake shedding its skin.
There's no changing the path that's been

And I can't tell if this reality's fake
But it's not really up for debate
'Cause there's no one left to push me around
Deep in this hole far underground

Full of the fantasies I always dreamed
When reality wasn't as real as it seemed
Far from the things I wanted to touch
Far from the things I needed so much

Donít handle the flame if itís too hot.
Donít chase the dragon. It canít be caught.
Like following that girl through your dreams,
Itís farther and further than it seems.

Forever chasing, never catching,
Always wanting, but fully lacking,
The pieces are there. They just donít fit.
Asleep or Awake, Iíll never quit.
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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