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My Sweet Valentine (Part III of Part V)

Willow Woods Estates

“I told you that woman is no good for you.”

“Mother, I could do without the sarcasm. Darla is a great woman.”

“Then where is she, and when is this paternity mess going to be straightened out.”

“Darla assured me she would be back. And I’m willing to take the paternity test now if need be; however, it’s that…it’s the man she is living with who is backing out.”

“According to whom?”

“According to People Magazine. It appears, Darla, and this guy is getting married.”

“I will not let that happen, not without knowing if that little boy is my first grandson.”

“I told you, I should have left this alone.”

Vander walked out the dining room. He walked into his study and sat at his desk. He was horney, and the only pussy he craved was Darla’s pussy.”

Vander reached for the telephone receiver and placed it up to his ear.

One Week Later

“You two look so handsome.”

Travis repositioned his son on his other knee. He looked around the restaurant.

“Son, I have to say, we do have all the ladies’ eyes.”

“Now that’s too much information.”

Travis and Darla laughed.

Travis Jr. stared to girdle.

“Son, never let a woman know when she’s right.”

“I’m going to get you for that.”

The waiter walked up to the table.

“Mr. Slay would you, or your lovely family like anything else.”

“I’m fine how about you beautiful?”

“I’m fine thank you.”

“How about the little one?”

“He’s cool, and thank you for warming up his glass meal.”

The waiter looked down at Darla’s breasts.

“It was my pleasure sir.”

Darla blushed.

The waiter turned and walked away.

“I see, not only does my son have a fan club, but my fiancée as well.”

“I cannot be held responsible, if I still have it.”

“Yes, you do, just make sure, now one else gets it.”

Darla slipped her feet out her stiletto pump and stretched it across the table.

The tip of her toes make contact with Travis’ leg.

“I will make sure you always have the time to get it.”

The waiter returned with the bill. He laid it face down. He smiled down at Darla, turned, and walked away.

“You are never to eat here alone.”

Darla smiled at Travis.

“Son, who would have imagined your father, is jealous.”

“No, I’m just looking out for what, or should I say, who’s mine, and woman you’re it.”

“Flattery, gets me on my back every time.”

Travis winked at her.

His cell phone rang.

Darla slipped her foot back into her shoe.

“Here, I would take that youngman.”

Travis stood, and handed Travis Jr. to Darla.

“Excuse me.”


Travis walked away from the table. He dipped his hand inside his suit jacket side pocket. He looked at the number, and then flipped his cell phone up. He placed it up to his ear.

“Yes Bertha.”

“Mr. Slay, there are two men sitting in your home, and one of them is inquiring about where Dr. Cabaña and his son are.”

“How in the hell did they get into my home!”

“Well, it was not me sir, however, that’s beside the point. What do you want me to do?”

“Serve them some refreshments and keep an eye on both until I get home.”

Travis flipped his cell phone down and dropped it back into his pocket.

“That fuck!”

Travis rushed back to the table.

“We have to go.”

“Is everything, all right?”

Travis looked at Darla, and then looked down at Travis Jr.

“I hope so.”


Darla looked over at Travis, she looked behind her seat at Travis Jr. who she assumed was fast asleep in his car seat. She looked back over at Travis.

“Travis, are you, all right?”


Darla looked out the window, and then turned back to face Travis.

“Okay, out with it, what’s going on?”

“Baby, everything is all right. I got you, Travis Jr. and myself. When the time comes, I hope you can say the same.”


“We’re here.”

Travis unsnapped his seat beat, opened the door, and stepped out his vehicle. He pushed the door close and rushed around the rear of the vehicle; he opened the back passenger door, and unattached Travis Jr.’s car seat from its base. He pushed the door close.

Travis hurried to his front door, inserted the key inside the lock, twisted it, and withdrew the key. He pushed the door open and entered his home.

“Well gee; you could at least open the door for me.”

Darla unsnapped her seatbelt and opened the door. She got out the car and pushed the door close. She heard raised voices.

Darla rushed to the entrance of Travis’ home and entered.

Bertha and England was positioned between Travis and… “Vander? What…what are you doing here?”

“I came to get my future wife, and my son.”

“Travis Jr., is my son, and if you and this silk talking bastard do not vacate my home, I will shoot you both where you stand for trespassing.”

“I am not leaving, without Darla, or my son.”

“Bertha, go get my weapon.”

“Fellows please. My son is sleeping, and I do not want to awaken him.”

“Miss. Dawson, could you please take my son to his nursery.”

“Yes sir.”

Miss Dawson turned and waked in the direction of the elevator.

“And Bertha, I thought I advised you to go and get my fucking pistol.”

“Bertha, you would do no such thing. Vander, what are you doing here?”

Vander’s attorney stepped forward.

“Dr. Cabaña, my client and I would like to apologize for the untimely nature of this visit; however, there is an unresolved issue.”

“I’m sorry, what issue?”

 “Establishing paternity for Travis Jr., which my client states is his biological son.”

“Over my dead body.”

“Dr. Cabaña, I would like this matter resolved, discreetly. All Mr. Slay have to do is submit to a DNA test, if the child is his, then we will absolutely go away, but if not. Then Mr. Levers would like to claim his legal right.”

“I will be damn if I submit to a DNA test. Travis Jr. is my son, and Dr. Cabaña is my fiancée, and I want everyone, to get the fuck out my house, now dammit!”

“Vander, could I speak to you in private please.”

Travis looked at Darla.

“What do you have to speak to that bastard about? I asked him and his two-bit attorney to leave.”

“Travis, will you calm down, please.”

“Make sure you speak to him outside.”

Darla turned around and walked toward the door. She walked out. Vander followed her and pulled the door close.

“We can talk in my vehicle.”

Darla walked toward her vehicle and pulled the door open. She got in, and then pulled the door close.

Vander opened the passenger door and got in. He pulled the door close.

“Vander, I thought you would wait on me to straighten things out with Travis.”

“Well apparently it has taken you quite a long time to contact me. Dammit Darla, I want this shit taken care of. Travis Jr. is my son, and that is the bottom line.”

“Until Travis has agreed to submit to a DNA test, then we are back to square one.”

Vander slicked his hand back through his hair.

“I don’t understand this. If you really want to know who the father is of my son, then, I could submit to a DNA.”

“Vander are you sure, what if.”
“There is no, what if. I would be over here tomorrow.”

Darla sighed. She pivoted to look at Vander.

“This is really important to you?”

“Yes, it is.”

Vander placed his palm on Darla’s thigh.

“I’ve missed you, I wouldn’t be a disobedient boy, if I kissed you, would I.”

“Yes you…”

Vander leaned over and kissed Darla on her lips. Thank goodness for tinted windows she thought. He inched back and stroked her cheek.

“I needed that, and I apologize you and I are in this uncertain mess.”

“No worries, if I come out the victor.”

Darla stroked Vander’s cheek.

“You came all the way from Florida, wow.”

“To fight for what’s mine, and what I believe in. I would have swum the English Channel to get here.”

Darla leaned over and tenderly kissed Vander on his lips.

“Thank you for caring, but I have to get back inside, before Travis catches me in an uncompromising position.”

“I would see you tomorrow. Do you want me to come and pick you up?”

“No, you can meet me at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.”

“Darla, I love you.”

“Strangely, I love you too.”

Vander and Darla leaned in their head.

Two lips met.

Vander palmed Darla’s neck: he ran his lips over her skin. “Hang in there, okay.” He kissed the side of her lips.


Darla inched back.

“Don’t ever doubt my love for you.”

“I love you too Vander. I have to go.”

Vander and Darla opened their car door and stepped out.

Both pushed their door close.

Vander followed Darla.

Darla pivoted to look back at Vander.

“Are you ready? And please be nice?”

“I have myself.”

Darla reached down for the doorknob.

Vander covered her hand.

“Are you in love with this guy?”

Darla took a deep breath and pivoted to look back at Vander. “I once advised you, I do not know how to love. I am only waiting for the right man to come along, and not only love me, but also, have enough love for my son.”

Vander palmed his cheek. “I see.” He caressed her hand, and then removed it.

Darla twisted the doorknob and entered Travis’ home. Vander entered after Darla and pushed the door close.

Travis, and then Vander’s attorney stood.

“You’ve had your talk, now leave. And if you even think, my fiancée, will agree to submitting my son, to…to this… shit you’ve cooked in your head, think again.”

Vander turned toward Darla.

“I will see you and my son, very soon.” He looked over at Travis, and then at Darla. “And don’t worry about this piece of shit, it’s only temporary.”

Travis advanced toward Vander. Vander’s attorney stepped between the two.

“Gentlemen, we will settle this in the court of law, if need be.”

“Bullshit.” Travis walked to the door and opened it. “Okay out, both of you, now dammit!”

Vander turned and walked out. His attorney looked at Darla, and then looked at Travis.

“Have a good day, Dr. Cabaña, Mr. Slay.” He followed Vander out the door. Travis slammed the door close. He turned to Darla. “What were you two discussing out there?”

“Travis Jr.’s paternity.”

“Which I am his father.”

“Then take the test, so we can move forward.”

“I do not need to take a DNA test; I know that little boy upstairs is mine. Now, let’s not allow this to interfere with our evening plans.”

Travis turned to leave.

“Wait, if that’s true, then why haven’t you signed the birth certificate. Why haven’t your parents come to visit their only grandson?”

“Because they are very busy individuals.”

“Travis, your son is five and a half months now. I would like to think they can make an allowance to travel.”

Travis slicked his hand back through his hair in frustration.

“Baby, let’s just concentrate on the evening.”

“I will meet you upstairs. I am going to sit here and enjoy a glass of white wine.”

“And you cannot do this upstairs.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Darla don’t let this bastard come in here, and break up this family. I took you at your word that Travis Jr. is my son. Now if you are having any doubts, let me know now.”

Darla looked at Travis. She took a seat on the couch.

“Baby, I don’t know anymore, you were the only person I slept with while I was ovulating.”

Travis palmed his chin.

“Are you trying to tell me I couldn’t be Travis Jr.’s father?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Ain’t this about a bitch?”

“Travis, I feel in my heart you are Travis Jr.’s father.”

“Yes, and so does that other bastard.”

“Will you take the DNA test; it will ease my mind.”

Travis looked down at Darla.

“And have the media get a wind of this shit, hell no.”

Darla stood.

“Forget the press; this is your son’s life, our future.”

“You should have thought about the consequences during that time. Listen, I can’t go through this shit right now.”

Travis turned and walked out the living room.

“Shit,” Darla mumbled to herself. She walked to the elevator and pushed the up button.

Travis threw his pair of pants across the room. “That mothafucka bastard, him, and her.” Travis turned around at the sound of the elevator doors sliding open.

Darla stepped off the elevator. Travis met her eyes.

“I will sleep in my study tonight.”

“Travis, you cannot run away from this. Why are you so damn stubborn about this? Just take the test, so we can all go on with our lives.”

“I am not taking the test, and that’s the end of this conversation. I will be in the damn shower.” Travis walked into the bathroom and slammed the door.

“Ooh I hope your son, did not inherent your temperament.”

Darla walked into the adjoined nursery. She crept over to the crib and looked down at her sleeping son. She stroked his cheek.

“Maybe, it’s time for you and me to hit the road. Your mother never did feel comfortable in this lifestyle. Italy, for us in the morning little man.” She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. She turned around and met Travis’ angry eyes.

“I do not think so. I will be damn, if you run away with my son, if you want to go to Italy; dammit the door is right there.”

“Travis Jr. is my son.”

“No Travis Jr. is our son.”

“Then if you are so sure, take the damn test.”

“I do not have to take a test to know the blood that flows in my son’s veins, is mine.”

Travis turned and walked away from the door.

Darla sighed to herself and walked out of Travis Jr.’s nursery.

Travis was getting under the covers.

“I see you do not know how to locate the study.”

“No, this spot is my reassurance I will not awaken, and find my fiancée, has fled with my son.”

Darla looked at Travis. If it were any other time, she would have laughed, until she realized he was serious.

“You’re serious.”

“As you can see, I’m still lying in this bed.”

She had to turn and hide her blush.

“If I’m needed, I will be in the shower.”

Travis already had his head buried in a manuscript.

She strolled into the bathroom and shut the door.

Travis tossed the manuscript down on the bed he was reading. “Oh Travis….you have…oh baby…. you have to take it out, I could get pregnant.”

He looked at the closed bathroom door and palmed his cheeks. Why was he afraid to take the test? Could the real reason be, Zia, and he tried to start a family, before she advised him, he may be sterile.

“Just take the fucking test,” Travis hissed to himself.

The bathroom door opened. Travis snatched up the manuscript.

Darla rubbed the towel vigorously at her dampened curls.

“I thought you will be knee deep in snoring.”

“As you can see, I’m not.”

“Touchy, I see.”

“I suppose.”

“If you do not want me here. I could sleep on the couch in your study.”

Travis placed the manuscript back down on the bed. He pivoted his head in her direction.

“Did I ask you to leave?”

“Not technically.”

“I have self-discipline not to overstep my boundaries with you lying next to me.”

Darla turned toward the mirror. She lifted the brush and brushed her dampened curls. She placed the brush down on the dresser and turned around.

Darla unraveled the towel and let it drop to the floor.

Travis looked at Darla’s pussy, her curvaceous hips, her blossomed breasts, her skin coloring, to her lips, and then light-brown eyes.

Darla walked over to the bed. She reached down for the covers.

“Maybe you should sleep...aah on the couch in my study.


Darla walked around the bed. Travis hoped out the bed. He blocked her pathway.

“I bet you would just love that so you can call that bastard.”

“Travis, what are you talking about?”

“You must think you are dealing with a young boy. You are making excuses to flee my bed, so you can find a way to enter his bed.” Travis gripped Darla’s upper arms and pulled her closer. Her breasts mashed against his chest.

“Travis, you’re hurting my arms.”

Travis looked down at his palms wrapped around her upper arms; he immediately loosened his grip.

“Why are we even in a relationship? If we have no trust, we cannot build a foundation. Therefore, let’s just call this relationship quits before we both become bitter, and emotional hurt one another.”

Travis dropped his hands and slicked his hand back through his hair. He searched her eyes.

“Is this what you really want?”

“I see I have no other choice. I have to protect my emotions, as well as our son.”

“Well, I won’t keep you where you don’t feel wanted.”

Travis moved aside.

Darla walked over to the chaise and lifted her robe. She slipped into it and tied the belt. She walked over to the elevator and pressed the down button.

Travis walked back over to the bed, got into it, and flipped the covers over his person.

He looked over at Darla who stepped onto the elevator. He clasped his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling.

Darla stepped off the elevator. She walked in the direction of the study.

“This is some BS. Ooh that stubborn man,” Darla mumbled aloud.

She opened the door to Travis’ study and entered. She looked over at the leather couch. She closed the door and strolled over to it.

Darla lifted the Afghan from off the back of the couch and unfolded it. She took a seat, curled her legs under her, and covered herself with it. She lifted the remote control and pressed in the CD button. The mounted CD powered-up. She sat the remote down on the end table and lifted an Essence magazine. She thumbed through it.

Travis took a deep breath and exhaled. He turned the doorknob and entered his study. He closed the door back.

Darla placed the magazine down on the couch. She looked up at Travis.

“I came down here to find my high-lighter.”

“Which is on your side of the bed, in the drawer?”

“I looked there.”

“If you say so.”

She picked back up the magazine and began reading where she left off.

“You think you have me eating out the palm of your hand.”

“I thought you came down here to locate a high-lighter. You have spoken; therefore, I really do not see any need for trivial conversation.”

Travis mumbled something under his breath. He walked over to his desk and rounded it. He pulled the chair out and took a seat. He pulled the top drawer out and rummaged through it.

Darla lifted her eyes and looked over at Travis. God, their son, looks just like him, right down to the crease in his forehead area, can he not see that?

Travis pushed the drawer close. He looked over at Darla. “Come here.”

Darla placed the magazine she was reading down on the table. She stood and walked over to desk.

Travis scooted the chair back. He grabbed Darla’s hand and pulled her down onto his lap.

“Baby, I really do not mean to get cross with you…but.”

“But what.”

“I’m petrified to take the paternity test.”


“No hear me out first.”

“I’m sorry, please continue.”

“Once upon a time, Zia and I were planning on starting a family, however, as time progressed and fruitless results… Baby, I might be sterile.”

“Did a physician advise you of this?”


 “Did you two go to a fertility specialist?”

“Well no.”

“Then how do you know if you are sterile.”

“I assumed, since we tried, and she never got pregnant, something must be wrong with my swimmers.”

“Could this be the real reason, why your parents have not visited their grandson?”

“Yes, I am to blame for that. My parents know I wanted a family years ago, and I totally convinced them I’m sterile. In essence, once they found out about Travis Jr., they assumed you must…”

“That I lied about Travis’ paternity. Travis, why didn’t you come clean about this months ago.”

“I had my reservations, until.”


“Until I seen your determination to leave me and take Travis Jr. with you.”

“Travis do you love me.”

“Yes, with a heart as strong as my will.”

Darla leaned in and kissed him on the lips. “Okay Mr. Director, what comes next.”

“I say, I take the pretty lady back upstairs, make love to her until the sun rise, and then, we go and take this paternity test.”

“Baby, are you sure about this.”

“To have my future wife and the heir of my seed in my life, yes.”

Travis leaned in and kissed Darla on her lips.

Penthouse Suite

Vander lifted the telephone receiver and placed it up to his ear. He thought for a minute, and then replaced the receiver back into the cradle. He wanted to call Darla with an urgency; he hopes she does not back off taking the paternity test. “I know that boy is mine, dammit, I just feel he is.”

His cell phone rang.

Vander walked over to the dresser and lifted his cell phone. He flipped it open and looked at the displayed number.

“Dammit, let it go.”

Vander placed his cell phone up to his ear.


“I’m surprise you still have this cell number.”

“And I’m surprise you are still using it. The last we spoke; I was forewarned I will be sorry.”

Tangie did not issue a reply.

“I said a lot of things I never meant, and I am only calling to apologize to you.”

Vander smiled into the cell phone.

“Your apology is accepted.”

“How have you been Vander?”


There was a forth coming pause.

“I was wondering since I’m in the neighborhood, do you mind if I drop in to see you.”

“I would like that; however, I’m out of town.”

“Oh. Where are you?”

“In California.”

“I have a lot of frequent flyers miles accumulated.”

Vander palmed his cheek.

“Can you be here by tonight?”

“I will catch a Red Eye flight out. Where are you staying?”

“At the Westin, in the Penthouse Suite.”

“Nice, I will be there as soon as possible.”
“All right.”

Tangie and Vander discontinued their conversation.

Vander tossed his cell phone on the bed and walked into the bathroom.

The Next Day

Vander looked down the corridor, and then down at his watch.

“What the fuck could be taking her so long.”

“Vander would please sit down and calm yourself. I’m sure this…this woman who is falsely accusing you of such will be here.”

Vander looked down at Tangie. “Let it be known, I was the one who initiated this paternity test. I refuse to have another man raise my seed.”

“And you are so sure this child is yours, which brings me to my next question. What becomes of you and me?”

“There is no you and me.”

“Funny, that wasn’t the impression I got this morning.”

“Tangie, not now.”

“Trust me there will be later.”

Vander looked back up the corridor.

Travis’ chauffeur pulled the limousine in front of the outpatient entrance of the hospital.

Travis looked over at Darla, and then down at Travis Jr.

“Travis, I really appreciate you coming with me this morning.”


Darla looked at Travis’ troubled expression.

Damn, this is not what she imagined for her son and herself to be going through.

The chauffeur opened the door.

Darla stroked Travis’ hand.

“Everything will be all right, you’ll see.”

Travis stepped out the limousine. He pivoted and removed Travis Jr. from out Darla’s arms.

Darla stepped out the limousine. The chauffeur pushed the door close.

“Do we really have to do this today?”

“Yes, it’s about time we move forward with our lives.”

Travis looked around waiting for the press to jump out the bushes and began snapping their cameras at the trio.

Vander walked to the front desk.

“Yes, I would like to know has a Dr. Ca…, has a Darla Cabaña arrived.”

The receptionist looked up from reading her computer screen.

“I am not at liberty to disclose that sir.”

“I’m asking because we are both here to take a paternity test for my son.”

“I understand that sir, however when she arrives, you will be paged.”

“Thank you.”

Vander turned around and walked back to the receptionist area.

Travis and Darla entered through the revolving doors. Travis kissed his son on the forehead.

Please let this boy I hold in my arms be my seed Travis silently prayed.

“I’ve read you are a father now, are you sure abou…”

Zia’s words echoed in his head.

Travis stopped.

“Baby, I can’t do this.”

“Travis, it’s going to be all right. If you’re scared of needles, do not fear. Someone will only swab your inner cheeks.”

“You are not hearing me. I said I cannot go through with this.”

Travis placed Travis Jr. in Darla’s hands.

“I will meet you two at home.”

Travis turned and walked away

The elevator doors opened.

Darla hugged Travis Jr. to her chest and stepped off the elevator. “I hope you are ready for this little man.” She walked to the front desk.

“Good morning.”

The receptionist looked up from reading her computer screen.

“Good morning, can I help you?”

“Yes, my son and I are here to take a paternity test.”

“Your name, ma’am.”

Darla bit down on her bottom lip.


“The last name.”

“Darla Cabaña.”

“Cabaña…,” the receptionist mumbled under her breath. “As in, Dr. Cabaña.”


“I’ve read your book on chemical warfare, and I was highly impressed.”

“Thank you.”

“Who would ever think our environment plays a role in biological and chemical warfare.”

“Surprisingly, it does.”

 “Oh, there is a gentleman asking for you.”

“A gentleman.”

“Yes, handsome, but a very impatient man.”

Darla looked both ways.

“Dr. Cabaña, he is in the receptionist area, down the hall, and around the corner.”

“Thank you.”

“And I will call you once the Lab Technician is free.”

“Thank you.”

Darla turned and walked down the corridor.

“Where is this woman? We have been waiting for over an hour. Maybe she realized that little boy of hers is not yours and refused to come.”

“Tangie please.” Vander looked down at his watch. “I will be back.”

Vander stood and walked out the receptionist area. Darla rounded the corner. Her presence was intercepted by Vander.

“Good morning, I guess you were the handsome gentleman waiting.”

“And you were the beautiful woman, I was waiting for.”

Both laughed.

“Hey man.”

Vander stroked Travis Jr.’s cheek. He looked into Darla’s eyes.

“I see we’ve made a handsome son.”

“The jury is still out on that Mr. Levers.”

Vander palmed his chin.

“Are you ready to find out?”


“Where is this other guy?”

“He is not coming.”

“That bastard was cruel enough not to come and see if this is his son.”

“Vander please, I do not want to discuss it. This entire ordeal already has me on edge.”

“Come here.”

Vander pulled Darla and Travis Jr, into his arms. “You know I love you, don’t you?”

“Tell me now, how a man can love two women,” someone voiced from behind.

Darla stepped back and looked over Vander’s shoulder.

“What is she doing here?”

“Because I am now the woman who shares his bed.”

Darla looked at Vander for clarification.”

“Tangie, not in front of my son.”

“Something you do not know yet.”

Vander turned back to face an enraged Darla.

“I apologize.”

“Hey, no need to on my account. You could meet me in the receptionist area.”

Darla stepped back, turned, and walked the other away.

“What the fuck is wrong with you. That woman may be the mother of my son.”

“Yes, and I am the woman who shared your bed last night.”

“Not for long.” Vander turned and walked away. “Fucking bitch,” he hissed under his breath.


Travis pulled the curtains back. He looked down at his watch. “Where the fuck are, they,” he mumbled to himself. He let the curtain fall back into place. He walked back to his desk and took a seat. He reached for the telephone, lifted the receiver, and placed it up to his ear.

Bertha placed the serving spoon on the trivet. She walked over to the wall-mounted telephone and lifted the receiver away from the cradle. She placed it up to her ear.

“How could I help you Mr. Slay.”

“Has Darla called?”

“No sir.”

Travis palmed his chin. “I sent my chauffeur to pick her up over an hour ago.”

“I’m sorry sir, but I have not heard from either. Would you like for me to call the limousine’s telephone?”

“No, I will handle that.”

Travis replaced the telephone receiver back on the cradle.


Vander’s cheeks were the last to be swabbed.

The Lab Technician placed the swab in a plastic container.

“Sir, the water fountain is down the hall.”

“Thank you.”

The Lab Technician blushed.

Vander lifted his suit jacket from off the back of a chair and put it back on. He walked to the door, and walked out the Lab.

Darla stood. She adjusted Travis Jr. sleeping form on her chest.

“Here, I could take him.”

Vander lifted Travis Jr. from off Darla’s chest.

“Vander, why would you bring another woman to something this private?”

“Baby, she called yesterday, and one thing led to another.”

“Dammit, did you sleep with her again!” Darla hissed.

“Darla, you cannot love two men. When you make a decision, you know I am there. When will the results be back?”

“In a week.”

“And where would you stay in the meantime.”

“I’m heading back to Florida tonight.”

“Is he going with you?”

“Why, it appears you have your own pleasure.”

“That’s not fair. You know how I feel about you, yet you continue to place your conscious first, instead of your heart. Now, is he going with you?”

“No, I need to be alone to think things out.”

“Would you be open to stay with me?”


“Just until the results are back.”

“Four is a crowd.”

“There would not be four, there would be three. The only person’s welfare, I am concerned about, is my son’s, his mother, and mine.”

“You may want to tell Tangie.”

“Yes, tell me what.”

“I would leave you two.”

Darla walked away.

“Do not go too far.”

Darla turned around.

“I won’t.”

“What do you mean, tell Tangie what?”

Vander slicked his hand back through his hair.

“Baby, I…Tangie, when we get back to Florida. Darla and I will be temporarily living together until the results come back.”

“What becomes of you and me?”

“Dammit Tangie, you knew before you hopped on the plane, what you were facing, and how I feel about Darla.”

She slapped him.

“You used me.”

“No, we used each other.”

“Stay the fuck away from me, you and that harlot deserve one another.”

“You laid with me, so what does that make you.”

Vander backed away, turned, and walked away from Tangie.

“That bastard.”

She turned and walked down the hall. She rounded the corner and bumped into the Lab Technician, the contents in her traveling caboose, fell on the floor.

“I’m sorry.”

Tangie bent down and lifted a plastic tube from off the floor. She looked at the name Darla Cabaña. She reached forward and lifted the other two labeled plastic tubes, Vander Levers, and Travis Slay Jr., she silently read.

“I really am sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

Tangie concealed the plastic tubes containing the three separate swabs inside her suit jacket side pocket. She stood. “I think this does it.” She handed the Lab Technician a slew of plastic tubes.

“Thank you again.”

“No, thank you.”

Tangle turned and walked away. She entered the bathroom, walked into a stall, and pulled out the tubes. She removed the name labels and placed them in her side pocket; she bent all three of the tubes and dropped each one inside the toilet. She reached downward, and pushed the toilet handle down.

The three tubes, swirled, and then descended.

“I told you do not mess with me.”

Tangie walked to the door, opened it, and walked out the bathroom.

Tangie met Vander outside.

“I’m surprised you’re still here.”

“I did bring you here. Would you like to go and grab some lunch? This whole ordeal has drained the shit out of me.”

“If we go back to the hotel room. I could make it better.”

“They do have room service.” Vader winked at her. He grabbed her hand.

Both walked back to his vehicle.

“Vander, I love you.”

“Somehow I believe you.”

Vander unlocked the door, and opened it for Tangie

Tangie got inside the car. Vander pushed the door close. He walked around to the driver side and opened the door. He slid behind the steering wheel and pulled the door close.

He plugged the key inside the ignition, placed the gears in reverse, and backed up. He shifted to drive, and then drove off.


Darla and Travis Jr. boarded an afternoon flight to Santa Barbara, California. She did not have the strength to face Travis or shack up with Vander. The plane rushed down the runway, and slowly ascended to the blue sky above.

She hugged her sleeping son to her chest.


“Dammit pick up,” Travis screamed into Darla’s cell phone voice mail. He slammed the receiver down on the cradle. He walked to the door and opened it.

“Bertha, get in here!”

Bertha placed the glass cleaner down on the kitchen cooking-island and rushed out the kitchen. She wiped her hands on her apron and entered Travis’ study.

“I need you to get my driver on the line, and have the call transferred to me.”

“Sir, England is out front.”

“Out front.”

“Yes sir.”

Travis walked out his study. He walked through the foyer and opened the door. He stepped over his threshold.


England turned around.

“Yes sir.”

“Where is Darla and my son!”

“Sir, I waited as instructed. She and your son never came out.”

“Why wasn’t I informed of this?”

“Sir, I made numerous attempts to contact you. The telephone line was busy.”

“Do you not know where my study is at?”

“Sir, I just pulled up, less than two minutes ago.”

Travis looked at Bertha.

“I’m sorry sir.”

Travis turned and walked back inside.

“Dammit, somebody better get in contact with Darla!”

Bertha closed the door and rushed after Travis.

Santa Barbara, California

Darla and Travis Jr. walked out the airport terminus. She walked to the curb and opened the back door of a taxicab. She got in and pulled the door close.

The taxicab driver looked through his mirror.

“Where to ma’am?”

“Yes, could you take me to the nearest downtown hotel?”

“Anyone specific?”

“No sir, just somewhere where my son and I could rest, and please a five star hotel would suffice.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The taxicab driver pushed in his fare meter and turned on the ignition. She pulled away from the curb.

Penthouse Suite

Vander rolled off Tangie onto his back.

“I love it when you’re inside of me.”

Vander did not add a response. He got up and walked out the bedroom. He walked into the living room, picked up his suit jacket from off the floor, and dipped his hand into his inner breast pocket. He pulled out his cell phone and flipped it open.

Damn, not one missed call, shit.

He wanted to extend his family with Darla.

Tangle rubbed her hand over Vander’s back.

“Is everything, all right?”

Vander flipped his cell phone close. “Yes.” He placed his cell phone inside his suit jacket side pocket. “I will be in the shower.”

“Need any company.”

“I think I’m a big boy to wash my own ass.”

He walked back to the bedroom.

Tangie sighed and followed him.

Ambassador Suite

Darla gently unlatched her breast from out Travis Jr.’s mouth and held him to her chest. She burped him.

A loud burp escaped. She repositioned him on her other breast. She manipulated her breast nipple inside his mouth. He began suckling.

“You are getting so big and heavy youngman.”

Her cell phone vibrated.

She reached forward and lifted it from off the table. She managed to flip it open.

“You most likely will hear your father’s voice.”

She pressed in the call button and placed the cell phone up to her ear.

“This is Dr. Cabaña; can I help you?”

“Where the fuck are you!”

“Travis, you are not addressing a child, now lower your voice.”

Travis slicked his hand back through his hair.

“Where are you and my son,” he reinstated in a clipped voice.

“Baby, Travis Jr. and I are okay.”

“That does not answer my question.”

“I have withdrawn all interactions with you until the paternity test results come back.”

“This is bullshit! I want to see my son.”

“We have a problem here. How do you know if Travis Jr. is your biological son? He may be Vander’s son, therefore, until I know, he’s not. You would have to wait.”

“I swear you will pay for this shit!” Travis slammed the telephone receiver down in the cradle. He lifted the receiver, placed the receiver up to his ear, and then hit redial.

Darla reached at her side for her cell phone. She flipped it open and placed it back up to her ear.

“Could you at least tell me where you’re at?”

“I prefer not. I can’t do this with you, not anymore. I will call you once the results become evident.”

Travis Jr. began to whimper.

“Darla don’t do this. I need to see you and my son. I really miss you two. Why can’t we wait for the results together?”

“Travis, I have included your home address to receive the results in about a week. Take care of yourself.”

Darla flipped her cell phone down, and then turned it off.


Travis slammed the telephone down.

“Bertha, get in here!”

“What is it now,” she expressed under her breath.

Bertha placed the silverware she was polishing on the cooking island and rushed into Travis’ study.

“What is it sir.”

“I need you to contact a private investigator for me.”

“Pardon me sir?”

“As a matter of speaking. Contact Mr. Haiku, and transfer the call to my study.”

“Yes sir.”

Bertha walked to the door.


She stopped and turned round.

“Yes Mr. Slay.”

“Without you around for important issues concerning my well-being. I would lose my damn mind.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Bertha turned and headed to the door, she smiled, and walked out.

Travis rolled the chair under his desk.

His telephone rang.

Travis leaned forward and lifted the receiver.

“Yes, is this the parent of a Travis Slay Jr. and a Dr. Darla Cabaña?”

“Yes, may I assist you with a matter?”

“Yes, this is the hospital administrator.”


“There was confusion among lab specimens, which was not properly handed.”

“What specimen is in question?”

“A DNA test for paternity of a Travis Slay Jr.”

“What happened?”

“We are sorry to inform you the specimens were somehow misplaced and must be recollected. I offer my most and sincere humble apologies sir.”

“Thank you informing me, my fiancée and I will be at the hospital by the end of the week.”

“Thank you for understanding. Oh, my spouse and I loved the movie Pillow Talk.”

“Thanks man.”

“You got it.”

Both men hung up.

Ambassador Suite

Darla relaxed in the Jacuzzi bathtub. “Please be Travis’ son, I love that stubborn, arrogant man.”

Her cell phone rang.

Darla lifted the towel from off the towel bar and wiped her hands on it. She placed it over the bathtub rim and lifted her cell phone. She flipped it open and placed it up to her ear.



 “I apologize to you and my son. I miss you and Travis, baby please come home, please.”

“Travis, I would love to come home, but until this issue has been addressed. I will never feel your home is where my heart is. Too many lingering doubts. Baby, had you taken the paternity test, this would never have occurred.”

“If you come home, I will take the test.”

“It’s too late.”

“Not accordingly to the telephone call I received. It appears the test has to be retaken.”

“I do not believe you.”

“Darla, you know me better to fabricate the truth.”

“Are you serious?”

“And when have you known me to joke.”

“Incompetency to the uttermost.”

“Would you come home, I would like us as a couple to take the test together.”

Darla did not issue an answer.

“Baby, I’m serious at this point. I want our lives to move forward, I would like to start planning our future, more children if we could.”

“I do have a hotel suite for three more days in Santa Barbara, would the handsome director like to shack up with me.”

“I will be there very soon.”

Travis hung up the telephone in Darla’s ear.

Darla pressed in the number to Vander’s cell phone.

Penthouse Suite

Tangie heard Vander’s cell phone vibrate. She reached over and lifted it from off the bedside nightstand. She flipped it open and placed it up to her ear.


“Hello Tangie, this is Darla. I need to speak with Vander.”

“He is not available.”

“This is very important.”

“Did you not hear what I said?”

“Tangie, I do not know, who you think you’re dealing with, but I would say this to you just as kindly as I can. If you want this relationship with Vander to play out, then I suggest you put him on the phone, because if not. My son and I will be on a plane so fast; to claim what I know could be mine. Now, I ask you woman-to-woman, put Vander on the phone, or that bed you are trying to keep warm, will be my responsibility alone.”

“Hold on.”

Tangie got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. She slid the shower curtain back. The display of a muscular back, triceps, and biceps welcomed her.

“Baby, you have a call.”

Vander turned around. She looked at his muscular hirsute chest wall.

Vander turned off the shower faucet knob. He grabbed a towel from off the towel bar, and wiped his hands off.

“It’s Darla.”

Vander grabbed the cell phone from out Tangie’s hand. He placed it up to his ear.


“Vander, the hospital contacted Travis.”

“What’s going on?”

“The specimens we submitted were displaced. We must retake the test.”

“Are you fucking serious.”

“Yes, however, Travis and I will take the test. Once the results are interpreted. You will receive a certified letter.”

“I do not believe this shit. You sure your Hollywood director boyfriend isn’t behind this shit.”

“I resent that accusation, and he is not my boyfriend, he is my fiancé.”

“That would not be long, after the results.”

“Vander learn to love who you are with. Tangie is crazy about you.”

Too bad, I cannot return the emotions he thought.

Vander cut his eyes in Tangie’s direction.

“I will talk to you once I receive the letter.”

Vander flipped his cell phone close.

“What’s going on?”

“It seems the specimens Darla, Travis Jr., and me submitted were somehow misplaced.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yes, so am I. I’m ready to place this ordeal behind us.”


Vander pulled Tangie to his body.

“Yes, us.”

Vander bent his head down and kissed Tangie on her lips.

“You know I love you Vander.”

“I know you do. Tangie let me ask you a question.”

“What is it?”

“What if the baby is mine?”

Tangie retreated.

Vander pulled her closer.

“If the baby is mine. How would you like to step in as step-mother?”

“Oh Vander, I would love that.”

She reached down and stroked his manhood.

“Why don’t you get down on your knees and show me.”

Vander leaned against the tile.

Tangie knelt on her knees. She grabbed a hold of Vander’s dick and massaged the length.

“Oh baby, show me how much you love me.”

Tangie mouthed the length. The tip of his manhood hit the back of her throat. She pulled her mouth back, and slowly blanketed his dick inside her mouth.

“Oh baby…baby.”

Tangie stroked Vander’s dick faster. Her tongue waltzed over the meaty flesh.

Vander ejaculated inside Tangie’s mouth.

She spit the essence out and lifted her face.

“Would you like to finish this in the bed?

“Yes, that would be okay.”

Tangie stood. Vander followed her out the shower.

Ambassador Suite

Darla laid Travis Jr. down in the adjoined bedroom. She walked to the door and kept the door ajar. She walked into the living room; she looked over at the clock on the antique table.

Darla rushed into the bathroom; she stripped out her clothes, twisted her hair into a coiffure, and grabbed a hair comb from off the vanity. She pinned her head up and turned around. She opened the shower door and stepped inside.

Penthouse Suite

Vander took a sip of his Brandy.

“Baby, would you like to go out for dinner, I’ve heard California has the most fabulous restaurants in the west.”

“I’m not in the mood. You go ahead and enjoy yourself.”

“Baby, getting out would do you some good.”

“I’m worried about the test results. Once I know, then you and I will celebrate.”

“Baby, what if…what if Travis Jr. is not your son.”

“Then life goes on. Maybe you and I could go on a cruise.”

“I would love that. I will be in the shower, feel free to join me.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Tangie rose from the couch. She leaned down and kissed Vander on his cheek.

“Do not think so hard.”

She walked into the adjoined bedroom.

“I want you in my life Dr. Cabaña. Can I have permission to love you, and make love to you? I want this relationship to be just that, a relationship. Can I date you, or whatever you refer to me being at your side?”


“I have it bad for you.”


“I want to wake up lying next to you.”

 “Please be my son, I really do love that woman.”

Vander rose from the couch and walked into the bedroom. He heard the shower running. He took off his robe and threw it over Tangie’s suit jacket.

Both clothing items fell on the carpet.

Vander walked over to the chaise and lifted his robe and laid it on the chaise. He lifted Tangie’s jacket and tossed it over his robe. Something fell out the pocket.

Vander bent over and lifted an imprinted name label. He read the name, Travis Slay Jr. He dipped his hand inside her side pocket, and took out two more crumbled name labels, labeled Darla Cabaña, and Vander Levers.

“No, this bitch didn’t.”

Vander walked to the dresser and pulled the drawers open. He lifted Tangie’s clothes and placed the heap on the bed.

He walked over to the closet, opened it, and pulled her suitcase out. He placed it on the bed and opened it; he dumped her clothes inside, closed it, and sat it near the bed.

“I really don’t believe this shit.”

Vander lifted his robe from off the chaise and put it on. He walked out the bedroom.

Tangie opened the door and walked out the bathroom.

“Baby I was wondering….”

She looked down and saw her suitcase. She looked at the specimen labels on the bed.


She ran out the bedroom into the adjoined living room. Vander was seated on the couch drinking a glass of Brandy.

“I need for you to get dressed and get the fuck out my hotel suite!”

“Vander, I’m sorry, I...”

Vander slammed the drink down on the glass table and stood. He walked over in front of Tangie.

“Are you this shrewd of a woman that you would deliberately sabotage a fucking test, which you know I was waiting for? And the paternity of my son was not important enough for me to know.”

“Baby, I’m sorry, I never looked at it like that.”

Vander palmed his chin down.

“Just fucking leave! And if you do not know, this relationship will never, and dammit I mean never fucking leave!”

Tangie stood there. Tears rolled down her face.

“Leave now dammit, before, I throw your crazy ass out.”

She turned around and ran back into the bedroom.

Vander titled the bottle of Bandy up. The fiery liquid slid down his throat. He lifted his cell phone and dialed Darla’s cell phone.

Ambassador Suite

Darla laid Travis Jr. down in the adjoined bedroom. She leaned over the crib and kissed him on the forehead. She stroked his chubby cheek.

“You look so much like you father.”

Travis Jr. smiled in his sleep.

“Just please keep that temperament of yours…like your grandfather, on second thought…develop your own.”

Her cell phone rang. She looked at the clock on the wall.

“I hope that’s your father.”

Darla walked out of Travis Jr.’s bedroom into the living room. She lifted her cell phone from off the table, flipped it open, and placed it up to her ear.


Vander listened to Darla’s voice.


“Darla…I….I love you, I…”

“Vander are you intoxicated?”


“Baby, are you, all right?”

“Could I see you, I really need to see you. I realize I’m losing you befo…befo...shit.”

Vander dropped the cell phone. He bent over and picked it up. He placed it back up to his ear.

“Baby...Tangie, screwed me, she…Baby, I’m so lost without you. I want to hold you, my son.”

“Vander listen to me.”

“Baby, I will always hear…listen to you.”

“Do you want me to come over and check in on you? Travis is supposed to come over, but I’m concerned about you.”

“Baby, I would love to see you and my son.” Vander slicked his hand back through his hair. “I knew this would be hard for me, damn, I wish I left this shit alone.”

“Then you and I would never know. What hotel are you staying at?”

“The Westin Hotel in Los Angeles.”

“You are only an hour away from me. Travis Jr. and I will be there soon, okay.”

“Baby, I love you and my son.”

“I know. Let me get dressed.”


“And in the meantime, no more drinking.”

“All right.”

Both disconnected the call.

Darla took a deep breath and flipped her cell phone back up. She pressed in the number to Travis’ home phone.


Travis reached for the telephone and placed the receiver up to his ear.

“This is Slay here.”

“Baby, this is Darla; we may have to cancel our planes. My parents are here, and I will be going with them until the end of the week.”

“Wait, what about the test.”

“I will be flying out tonight. Once I return, we could take the test then. My parents were not too thrilled to know me and their grandson is living out of a suitcase.”

“Baby, I love you, and I need to see you and my son. This shit has gotten out of hand.”

“I know, and I love you too, but until this is behind us, there is no future for us. Could you meet me in Florida at the end of the week?”

“How about in California.”

“No Travis, I am not dancing with you on this issue.”

“I love you so much, and my bed is craving your company.”

“We could always have phone sex.”

“Nothing could take the place of your arms.”

“You mean that.”


“I will see you in Florida at the end of the week, and don’t by any means necessary, place your person on the singles market again, are we in agreement?”

“The test comes first, and then we talk about our future, fair enough.”

Travis paused.

“I will agree.”

“I love you Travis Slay Sr.”

“And I love you Dr. Darla Cabaña. I’ll call you later for that phone sex session.”

“My line will be open.”

Both hung up the telephone.

“Vander you better been bending over a trash can, expelling your guts for the lie I just told my fiancé.” Then why was she giddy with spending some time with him.

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