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My Sweet Valentine (Part II of Part V)

Westin Hotel
The Next Day

The bellhop opened the door wider for Darla and stepped aside. Darla entered her hotel suite and walked over to the settee. She placed her diaper bag down on the floor and leaned over to place her sleeping son on the settee. She walked back over to the door. “Thank you so much.”
“You are welcome ma’am.” He positioned her two luggage near the door. “Is there anything else I could do for you?”
“Yes, could I get a wake-up call at seven o’clock in the morning?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Thank you. Oh, here you are.” She turned and walked over to where she dropped her purse and diaper on the floor. She lifted her purse, opened it, and pulled out a ten dollar bill. She walked back over to where the Bellhop stood and handed it to him.
“Thank you, Dr. Cabaña.”
“You’re welcome.”
The Bellhop pulled the door close.
Darla walked over to the couch and took off her shoes. She sat down on the settee.
“Woo.” She looked down at her son. “Well, I guess it’s just you and me, Junior.”
Her son squealed.
Darla laid her head back against the settee and closed her eyes.


Slay slammed the telephone receiver down on the cradle. He looked over at the mounted clock. “Where the fuck is she!” He rested his back against the comfort of the chair. “Bertha get in here,” he hollered out.
Bertha placed the China plate she was cleaning and walked out the kitchen. She took a deep breath and entered the study.
“Yes sir.”
“I need a favor from you.”
“What is it Mr. Slay?”
“I need you to leak some information to the press on a Dr. Cabaña for me.”
“I do not follow you sir.”
“Just listen, and I need for you to say exactly as I say.”
“Yes sir.”
Darla lifted her head from off the back of the couch at the sound of her son crying.
“Ouch.” She grabbed at the crock in her neck. She rotated her head, and then looked down. “I see someone is hungry.”
Darla stood and stretched. She bent down and lifted her son from off the settee. She walked into the adjoined dinette.
“Did you sleep well Junior?”
She opened the refrigerator and took out a glass bottle. She pushed the door close and walked over to the sink. She grabbed a paper cup and placed the bottle inside; she turned on the hot water faucet knob.
Darla looked around her surroundings. “So much for us living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.” She tasted the milk. “And who said breast milk is good, yuck.”
Darla walked over to the settee and took a seat. She placed the bottle in her son’s mouth.


Vander slid his chair under the desk. He felt good this morning after reading the headline in the daily newspaper. There was a knock at the door.
“Come in.”
Mrs. Levers opened the door and entered Vander’s study.
“What can I do for you mother on this fabulous morning.”
“I take it you’ve read the newspaper.”
“Yes, and if this bastard wants a fight, consider it’s on.”
“Vander, please do not get your hopes up.”
“Mother, I wanted to do this privately, it’s that fuck, who wants to play this out in the media.”
“Okay, just so you remember, you’re going up against money.”
“Tell me something that does not bother me in the least.”
“If this man is so sure this child is his, then why is he refusing to submit to a DNA test?”
“Hollywood scandals make great publicity mother.”
“I never thought about it that why. Have you spoken to Darla yet?”
“If she is on this bastard’s side, I do not intend too.”
“I would keep you posted, and you have a press conference this afternoon.”
“Press conference.”
“Yes, a press conference. You will answer to this man’s allegations, and hopefully force his hand in submitting his DNA.”
“Mother, I love you, however, you are a very shrewd woman.”
“Thank you, son, have a nice day, and wear the blue suit.”
“I think I can dress the part mother.”
“It was only a suggestion. I will see you much later.”
“Have a great day.”
“You too.”
Mrs. Levers walked to the door, and exited Vander’s study.
Vander reclined in his chair.
“But not enough to bear my seed or my last name.”
“And build a relationship off what, good sex, and pillow talk.”
“That’s not all I see in you.”
“What do you see?”
“I see an intelligent African American woman, whom I fell in love with somewhere along the way.”

Vander sat up in his chair. He palmed his chin. Was this the right thing to do?
He could not do this to her. Vander reached for the phone. It rang before he lifted the receiver.
He lifted the receiver to his ear.
“Would you like to give a statement on the paternity suit you are filling against Mr. Travis Slay?”
“How in the fuck did you get this number!”
“Would you like to comment Mr. Levers?”
Vander slammed the telephone receiver down in the reporter’s ear.
His doorbell rang.
“Let it be one of those motherfuckers.”
Vander stood and hurried around his desk He exited his study and walked into the foyer.
“Listen, you son-of-a bitch…”
He pulled the door open.
“What a wicked tongue so early in the morning.”
His chest dropped.
Both stared at each other.
Darla’s son started to cry.
“I’m sorry come in.”
“Thank you, my breasts are past leaking breast milk. Baby, is there somewhere where I can nurse.”
Darla entered Vander’s residence. She leveled the baby bag strap on her shoulder and her son in her arm.
“I can take him.”
Both stopped.
Darla handed Travis Jr. to Vander.
Vander peeled the baby blanket back.
“Wow, you are a handsome little fellow.”
Vander walked behind Darla. His eyes cruise up the back of her legs.
Damn, damn, and damn. Still looking good. Maybe if she had appeared on his doorstep looking pathetic this reunion would not have hurt.
“Here, you can nurse in my study.”
Darla walked through the foyer. “It’s to the left.” She rounded the corner and entered his study. She placed the baby bag on his desk and walked to the couch. She sat on it, and unbuttoned her silk blouse, she unclasped her nursing bra. “I will take that handsome fellow.” She winked at him.
Vander walked over to the couch and leaned downward. He placed her son in her arms.
Darla cradled her son in her arm. Her son turned toward her breast. She inserted the nipple into his mouth.
Vander looked on as Darla nursed. He sat down next to Darla on the couch.
“You know we have to talk.”
“You would think.”
“I apologize for my...”
“It was not done out of spitefulness, and after I opened my door, and seen you again, and held my son in my arms, I am not sorry, neither will I apologize for it.”
“Talk about arrogance.”
Vander leaned over and kissed Darla on her cheek.
“I miss you also.”
Darla smiled.
“What makes you so sure this is your son?”
“The same as if you know you are his mother.”
“And you are absolute of this.”
Darla unlatched her breast nipple. She placed him on the other side
Vander looked down at her engorged nipple.
“Does that hurt?”
“No. Vander, we have not spoken to each other in what, over a year. What have you been up to, and what does Tangie have to say about you claiming to be a father.”
“There is no Tangie and I have been celibate thus far.”
Darla arched her eyebrows at his admission.
“I see.”
“You look well, actually more beautiful.”
“Thank you, however you are not getting off with me that quickly.”
Vander snapped his two fingers together. “I guess the ‘you look more beautiful didn’t do it.”
Darla laughed.
Vander stood. He looked down at Darla nursing her son.
“Darla, that handsome boy, who you hold in your arms, is my child, our child. And I will fight tooth-in-nail to have him, and you in my life. I am ready to settle down. I’m sure it’s no surprise I love you and would like to raise my son.”
“And you have been celibate for over a year.”
“Is that all you heard.”
“No, but the admission does peak my attention.”
Vander leaned down and tilted Darla’s chin. He kissed her lips slower than before. He stroked her chin.
“Yes, celibate.”
“I see he is like every man, fed, and then sleep.”
Darla looked down. Her son was fast asleep. She unlatched her breast nipple from out his mouth and positioned him against her chest; she burped him.
“Are you hungry?”
“How about you hold Travis Jr., while I go and prepare us something to eat.”
“I can live with that.”
Darla transferred her sleeping son into Vander’s arms.
Vander looked down.
“And the first and last name will be change after the paternity test has been confirmed.”
“If he is indeed your son.” Darla looked around Vander’s study. “By the way, where is your mother?”
“In court.”
“I know this recent news must have caused her tension.”
“Not really.”
“Actually, she was the one who suggested the paternity suit.”
“Wait a minute, your mother had to convince you to file.”
“Baby, I did not mean that how it sounded.”
“Funny, that’s the way I took it.”
“I knew Travis Jr., was my son the moment I read the spread in People’s magazine. I swear I never intended to hurt you, and yes, to ensure your happiness, I would have looked the other way, but my heart would not let me live with that decision. So yes, my mother totally convinced me I would not be hurting you, but it would please me to know if I have an heir and her a grandson.” Vander slicked his hand back through his hair. “Darla, I love you so much, and I have never stopped, but I also advised you I would step aside, and allow you happiness, however, not at the cost of never knowing if I have a son.”
“What if this is your son, then what?”
“Like I told you many months ago. I would love to see you walk down the aisle and become my wife.”
Darla leaned over and kissed Vander on his lips. Vander leaned into the kiss.
Travis Jr. wiggled in Vander’s arms.
Vander and Darla inched apart.
Both looked down at Travis Jr.
“Yes son, your father loves this woman.”
Travis Jr. smiled in his sleep.
“I will be right back. He should be fine until then.”
Slay sat back in his chair. He missed Darla and his son, he would have thought by now, the void in his heart and home will disappear with time. Maybe he should have fought harder to keep her in his life and what if Travis Jr. is really his son.
Travis scooted his chair under his desk and reached for the telephone receiver. He placed it up to his ear and dialed out.
Trina heard her phone ringing. She clumsy reached for her cell phone on the nightstand.
She flipped it open and placed it up to her ear.
Travis cleared his throat.
“Yes, this is Mr. Slay.”
Trina opened her eyes and sat up.
“How can I help you Mr. Slay?"
“I would not have bothered you, had this call was not important, however, I am trying to contact Darla, it seems she has something of value to me.”
“And that something is."
“Yes, she has in her possession my engagement ring, and I would like it back, due in part it’s a family heirloom.”
“Mr. Slay, I am not at liberty to discuss my client’s whereabouts.”
“I understand that. In as much, I would like to contact Darla personally, and that’s only because my insurance company is requesting it. That engagement ring is very costly.”
“How about I advise Darla to contact you.”
“That would suffice, and I advise you to take care of that immediately. She has twenty-four hours, to contact me, or the police would be contacting her for theft and deception, and I’m sure you understand, Dr. Cabaña does not need any more negative publicity wouldn’t you say.”
Travis hung up the telephone.
Trina flipped her cell phone down.
You arrogant asshole, she wanted to say.
Damn Trina wished Darla stayed with Hunter.
Darla fixed Vander’s plate and then fixed a plate for herself. She removed the apron and placed it on the counter-top; she lifted both plates and placed them near their eating utensils. She lifted the wicker basket of biscuits and centered them on the table.
She exited the kitchen and rounded the corner.
The doorbell rang.
Darla walked to the door and opened it. Several cameras flicked in her eyes.
“Dr. Cabaña, any comment on the paternity suit filed by a Mr. Travis Slay.”
The reporter thrust his microphone in her face.
“Is the baby Mr. Slay’s lovechild,” another reporter hollered out.
“No comment.” Darla slammed the door. “Wait until I catch up with you Travis...ooh.” She hurried to the study. “I could not bele...”
Vander was lying on his couch, with his arms protectively wrapped around Travis Jr., who at the moment was sound asleep. She crept over to the couch and unwrapped Vander’s arms from around her son. She gently lifted her son and walked out the study.
Vander opened his eyes. He felt his chest and sat up. “Travis.” He looked on the floor. He stood and ran to the door. He looked around the living room, he entered the kitchen. He hurried to the staircase and mounted the steps. He checked every bedroom on the first floor. He mounted another staircase. He looked in two more bedrooms. He walked down the hallway and twisted the doorknob. He saw Darla lying on the bed, and Travis Jr. asleep in the nearby bed.
Vander entered the guest bedroom and closed the door. He took off his shoes and socks, his clothing attire followed. Vander walked over to the bed, pulled the covers back, and got under the covers. He cradled Darla in his arms and slowly closed his eyes.
Darla snuggled closer.
Darla opened her eyes and looked around. She bolted to an upright sitting position; she jarred Vander out his sleep.
“Baby, what it is.”
Vander rubbed his eyes.
“Where is Travis Jr.?”
Darla threw the covers back and hopped out the bed. She reached for her bra and thong. Vander looked at her derrière. He jumped out the bed and scurried around the bed.
“Baby, most likely, my mother heard him crying and came to get him.”
“I just want to be sure.”
Darla pulled her shorts up her legs. She lifted the top from of the chaise and slid it over her head. She fluffed her curls with her fingers, and then stepped into her stiletto sandals.
“Wait a minute.”
Vander ran around the bed and lifted his shirt and pants from off the floor.
Darla’s eyes did not miss the tall physique. She looked down at his groin region. Damn, he is still holding I see, wait until later on. Darla cleared her throat.
“You still look...handsome.”
Vander turned around. “You can prove that fact after my son is fast asleep later on.” He winked at her and walked around the bed.
Darla joined Vander at the door. Vander grabbed Darla’s hand.
Both exited the bedroom.
Her cell phone rang. Both stopped and turned around.
“Baby, can you go and check on Travis Jr., I will be right down, it’s probably Trina.”
Vander thought about it.
Darla walked over to the nightstand, and lifted her purse; she opened it, and removed her cell phone. She looked down at the number and flipped it open.
“Thank goodness, I finally tracked you down.”
“Is everything okay?”
“Yes...I mean no. Your dear director advised me to tell you to call him; it’s something about your engagement ring.”
“Which I left in his safe.”
“Then you may want to call him and tell him that.”
“I will, and I’m sorry about that.”
“No problem. Have you gotten this other guy to take the paternity test yet?”
“I’m working on it.”
“Good, because, if Mr. Slay is my Godson’s father, that boy is going to have an explosive attitude and very direct.”
Both women laughed.
“How are you doing?”
Darla looked at the door and leaned her mouth into the mouthpiece.
“Trina, I really miss Travis.”
“You have got to be kidding me.”
“I’m serious. I thought I wanted this part of my life, but it was only good sex between Vander and me.”
“Yes, good sex that most likely produced a handsome little boy.”
“I really hope not.”
“At least if he is Vander’s child, the man is stepping up to the plate.”
Darla sighed.
“I know, and I will call Travis Sr. that man is going to drive me crazy.”
“You are too stubborn for that.”
“Forget you.”
“I’ll check in on my Godson later on.”
“And how about your client.”
“Are we missing the attention?”
“Bye Trina.”
Both women hung up.
Darla took a deep breath. She dialed Travis’ home telephone number.
Travis placed the glass of wine on the table and rose from the couch. He walked over to the table and reached for the telephone. He lifted the receiver and placed it up to his ear.
Darla combed her fingers through her hair.
“Hi it’s me; Trina stated you were trying to contact me, in regards to your engagement ring.”
“Yes, which you have less than ten hours to return.”
“I placed it in your safe.”
Shit Travis thought.
“That was one of the first places I checked, and no ring inside.”
“Travis, I specifically placed your ring inside the safe. Does anyone else have the combination to the safe?”
“No, and your options are, you come up with a quarter of a million dollars in cash, or go to jail.”
“Please tell me you are kidding.”
“You know me better than that.”
“I do not have that kind of money.”
The telephone went silent.
“Then I guess I would have you arrested for grand theft.”
“Could you give me until next week?”
Darla bit down on her lip.
“I have a proposition.”
“What is your proposition?”
“I want full custody of Travis Jr.”
“You have until tomorrow to place that amount in my hand, go to jail, or you can surrender my son...surrender Travis Jr. to me.”
The telephone reception went silent in her ear.
Darla slammed her cell phone close.
“That man is...God give me the strength to get through this.” She bit down on her bottom lip and placed her cell phone back down on the nightstand. “Shit, I do not have a quarter of a million dollars in cash just lying around to give away.”  Darla took a deep breath and walked out the bedroom. She descended the steps.
Darla heard people talking in the kitchen. She stood by the door and listened.
“Vander, this little boy does look like you. I hope you can persuade Darla to give you full custody.”
“Mother, Darla would never agree to that.”
“I do not believe a tramp has rights, if so, I would petition the court to grant you full custody. The woman’s history is questionable.”
“Mother, Darla, is a great woman, and I’m sure a great mother, and who gives you the right to belittle the mother of my son, and the mother of your grandson.”
Darla covered her mouth. That bitch. She walked into the dining room.
“Good afternoon Mrs. Levers.”
Darla walked over to Mrs. Levers, and lifted her son out her arms.
“I see you’ve met Travis Jr.”
“Yes, my grandson is very handsome, and hopefully one day, would be a great judge.”
“Or, a great scientist, like his mother, or a heart surgeon like his grandparents.”
Mrs. Levers cleared her throat.
“Vander, can I speak to you in private.”
“I could take the baby.”
“Yes ma’am.”
Darla handed Travis Jr. back to Mrs. Levers.
Vander grabbed Darla’s hand and walked out the kitchen. “We can speak in the guesthouse.”
Travis reached for the ringing telephone. He placed the telephone receiver up to his ear.
“Mr. Slay, sorry it has taken so long to get back with you, however, I have pinpointed the whereabouts of Dr. Cabaña, and her son.”
“Well out with it.”
“She is staying at the Westin Hotel, and then one of my private investigators, followed her to a Mr. Vander Levers’ estates.”
“Who the fuck is that!”
“Sir, he is the same gentleman, who is trying to establish paternity as well.”
Travis slicked his hand back through his hair.
“Do not let either one of them out of your sight, and make sure the bodyguard, I specifically asked you to hire, guard over my son and my fiancée.”
“Yes, he has been following at a distance.”
“Good, now call me back once she returns to her hotel.”
His private investigator cleared his throat.
“What if she does not return?”
“She will.”
Travis slammed the telephone receiver down in his private investigator’s ear.
Vander opened the door to the guesthouse. He stood aside as Darla entered. He entered and closed the door.
Darla looked around.
“The last time I was here.”
Vander wrapped his arms around Darla’s waist, and pulled her into his embrace. “Yes, I remember.”
Darla turned around in Vander’s arms.
“Now that you got me alone, what is it you need to speak to me about?”
Vander kissed her on the lips.
“Would you like a drink?”
“Only if you can light a fire first.”
“I can do that.”
Vander disengaged his arms from around Darla’s waist and walked over to the fireplace.
Darla walked into kitchenette.
“Vander, what have you been doing since the last time we saw each other.”
“Working. Oh, my mother got elected as a judge.”
Darla assembled the cheese chucks, crackers, and lunch meat on a silver serving platter. She lifted it and walked over to where Vander tended to the growing ambers. She placed the serving tray on a glass octagon table.
She removed her sandals and then slid her white silk shorts down her legs; she stepped out of it and lifted the garment from off the carpet. She placed her shorts over the back of the chair; she lifted her silk white shirt over her head and laid it over the pair of shorts.
Vander replaced the fiberglass fireplace screen and turned around.
His eyes combed up long toned golden legs, up to her thighs, and her flat midriff. He stood and rooted his presence in front of her.
“You are truly a beautiful woman, and I am going to fight with all that I have to have you and my son in my life.”
“Vander, what if Travis Jr. is not your son, are you going to be okay with that decision, I do not want to see you get hurt.”
“The only one, who will be hurt, is that bastard who let you get away so easily.”
Vander fingered Darla’s black bra. He wrapped his arms around her lower back, and inched her closer to him
“God, you are sexy looking.”
He kissed the side of her face.
“Thank you.”
“Darla, I’ve missed you. There are so many times, I wanted to call you, just to hear your voice.”
Darla slightly moved her lips against his.
Vander lightly touched Darla’s lips with his. He kissed the side of the neck and pulled her closer to his body.
Darla pressed her lips into his.
Vander’s tongue escaped inside his mouth.
Vander lifted Darla in his arms and carried her back to the bed. He laid her on the silk bed covering. He removed his shoes, and then socks. He took off his pants, and shirt.
Darla’s eyes did not miss the moment.
“You already reeled me in, now you’re trying to drag this brotha to the alter.”
“You know you want to marry me, probably more than I want to marry you.”
“I won’t deny it. My life is content as we stand with you, and Travis Jr., and I would like to keep it that way.”
 “I can’t Vander.”
Vander rubbed his hand back through his hair.
“Are you in love with this bastard?”
Darla turned her face away. Vander leaned over and turned her face around. He held her eyes.
“This is the same man, who leaked to the press; about he may not be the father of your son.”
“Yes, I’m sorry.”
Vander traced over her lips.
“I love you Darla. You are too good of a woman to be dealing with an egotistical bastard.”
“I will figure it out. In the meantime, I have to go.”
Vander straightened his posture and stepped back.
Darla sat up and rose from the bed. She leaned on her tippy toes and kissed Vander on his lips.
“I will always have a special place in my heart for you. I am trying to play it safe, at least until my son’s paternity has been established.”
“If Travis Jr. is my son.”
“Then we will go from there.”
Darla looked down at Vander’s erect shaft.
“What a sad time for me to grow a conscious.”
“A very sad time.”
Vander lifted his pants and stepped into them.
“I think we need to get back before your mother think I abandoned my child. She really does not like me does she.”
“She knows there is one woman who has her son’s heart, and I think she’s surprised it’s not her.”
Both laughed.
Darla quickly dressed and put her sandals back on. Vander grabbed her and walked to the door. He opened it.
Darla exited the guesthouse followed by Vander.
Darla heard her son crying in the adjoined bedroom suite. She threw the covers back and got out the bed. “Ooh I miss the nanny.”
Darla grabbed her robe from off the bottom of the bed and put it on. She walked into the adjoined bedroom and walked over to the crib.
“You couldn’t sleep.”
Darla lifted her son and held him in her arms. She walked into the living room and walked over to the couch.
Darla lifted the remote control and turned on the television. She took out one sleeve and positioned her son in her arms. She moved his mouth to her nipple.
The Next Day

“Darla, I can go with you.”
“Vander, I know you mean well, but this is something I must deal with.”
“I could have someone to go to California and pick up your belongings. I do not want my son, nowhere near that fuck.”
If only he knew the real reason why she was returning.
“I will be back at the end of the week, and I need to convince Travis to submit to a paternity test.”
“I am willing to take one, and if the results are positive, then that would be the end of this shit.”
“All right, so when I return, you can submit to a paternity test.”
Vander palmed his cheeks.
“Can I trust you?”
“Yes, the relationship Travis and I had is over."
“And you do not want me to go along with you.”
Darla balanced her cell phone in one hand and threw several outfits in her luggage.
“I will be all right.”
“Did you want me to watch Travis Jr.?”
“I would have, if my parents did not ask first.”
“Darla don’t do this.”
“I’m sorry, do what?"
“Come back into my life, only to walk out again. I understand things are moving fast, but baby, I’m ready to settle down, and be a family man.”
“I think I just fell in love with you.”
“That gives me hope.”
“Could you hold on to that hope, until the end of the week?”
“Yes, I can.”
“I will see you soon."
“Have a safe flight baby, and kiss Travis Jr. for me.”
“I will.”
Vander and Darla discontinued the conversation.
 “Mr. Slay, would you like anything else, before, I go shopping?”
Travis continued reading the script in his hand.
Travis lifted his head.
“I will be back soon, and I will be utilizing England to transport me.”
“Yeah Yeah.”
Bertha grabbed her grocery list from off the cooking island and walked out the kitchen.
Slay placed the script down on the table and looked at the wall mounted clock. He looked at his cell phone; he wondered why Darla has not contacted him.
Bertha ran back into the kitchen.
“Mr. Slay, they’re here.”
Travis placed his script down on the table.
“Whose here?”
“Darla and the baby.”
Travis stood and rushed out the kitchen.
Bertha was on the back of his feet.
Travis rounded the corner. His entire house staff surrounded Darla and the baby.
Travis stood against the wall and watched.
Bertha rushed over to the baby.
“Let me see this young man.” Bertha took the baby out Darla’s arms. “My, my, he is getting so big.”
“Yes, and he has the appetite of two.”
Everyone laughed.
Travis cleared his throat.
Darla turned around. Travis and her eyes met.
“Okay, the show is over.”
“Bertha, could you get Miss. Dawson on the line.”
“Yes sir.”
Why would he call the nanny, she does not intend on staying.
Bertha walked out the grand hall. She was heard cooing to Travis Jr.
His two gardeners and his pool man walked out.
Travis walked over to Darla.
“How was your flight?”
“Tiring. Your son.... I’m sorry, Travis Jr. is already creating his own fan club.”
“I guess he had the flight attendants eating out the palm of his hand, like his old man.”
“Without mercy.”
Both laughed.
“Have you eaten?”
“Are you hungry, I can tell Bertha to cook you something?”
Darla leaned over. “I doubt that, I think she just kidnapped our son.”
Travis looked into Darla’s eyes.
“I think you are right.” He looked down at her breasts, and then up into her eyes. “You look nice.”
“Thank you.” Darla looked around. “It’s quiet around here.”
“Other than my son making a grand entrance. I have to agree.”
Both looked at each other. No one said a word.
“I’m sorry; I did not mean to take up your time. About your ring, can I look in the safe myself?”
“The ring is not there.”
“I know I put it in there.”
“Are you sure.”
“Yes, I am.”
Darla walked ahead of Travis. He looked down at the back of her legs. Her bare back appeared to be smooth.
Darla pushed the elevator up button. Travis stood behind her. It took him every ounce of will power not to reach out and caress her back.
The elevator doors slid open.
Darla, and then Travis stepped on. The doors closed. Travis pressed in the three initial buttons
“May I ask you something?”
“When have it ever stopped you.”
Travis smiled.
“Who was the person you visited in Florida, the man you took my son around.”
“As I recall, you do not have a son.”
The elevator doors slid open. Darla stepped off. Travis followed.
“What the fuck does that mean!”
Darla turned to face him. She crossed her arms over her chest.
“It means, the night you kicked me out of your home, embarrassed me in front of my parents and your guests, and you even had the gall to take this nonsense to the daily news. Therefore, you have no paternity rights to Travis Jr.”
“Bullshit, and if I have to sue you in a court of law, I will be granted custody.”
Darla took a deep breath. Travis took a deep breath.
“Travis, I did not come here to argue with you.”
“Yes, speaking of your appearance. Do you have my money in cash?”
“I have seven thousands of it, and it’s a check.”
“I require the amount I stated in my telephone conversation, or you go to jail.”
“You will get the mother of your son locked up.”
“As you stated, I have no paternity rights, so yes.”
Darla scampered over to the safe. She pulled the still life picture back and twisted the combination lock.
Travis walked up to her turned back and looked over her shoulder. He placed his palm on the base of her lower back and rubbed over her derrière. She pivoted her face.
“Could you give me some room please?”
“So you could steal my expensive cufflinks, no.”
“Ooh, you are so stubborn.”
Travis smiled. Darla pulled the safe open and looked inside. The engagement ring was not in there.
“Travis, I swear, I placed your engagement ring in here.”
“You probably gave it to that white mothafucka, who you let fuck you in my home.”
Darla turned to face him.
“I did no such thing. I told you that evening, I do not know how Hunter walked inside your home, and how could you even think, after what we shared, I would even want too.”
Travis looked at her.
“What we shared was two people fucking without a conscious.”
She smacked him.
“I’m out of here, sue me if you want.” Darla stepped around Travis and marched to the elevator. Travis caught up with her and pulled her arm back.
“What do you want Travis, you win, I’m a dime a dozen, a so-called whore in your book, but under no circumstances, will you get my son from me.” Darla pivoted to turn.
Travis pulled her back around and pulled her to his chest. He kissed her lips.
“Get...” Darla tried to push him back.
Travis held on tighter, he ran his lips over hers; he pulled her closer and danced his fingers up and down her back.
“No... Travis.”
Travis pinned her hands behind her back. He dipped his head and licked over a breast nipple.
“I said...”
He arrested her mouth, in a long searing kiss.
His masterful skill of subduing her will overcompensated the moment.
Darla’s lips slowly responded. Travis let her hands go.
Darla’s arms crawled around his neck. She inserted her tongue inside his mouth.
Travis hugged Darla tighter to him. He inched back and laid his forehead against hers. “I’m sorry, I did not mean to upset you,” he whispered. He kissed her forehead.
“I’m sorry, for this as well.”  
“We would get through this, all right.”
Darla kissed Travis on the lips.
“All right.”
“Could I get a hug, I’ve missed you.”
“I would love that Mr. Director.”
Travis hugged Darla to him. He quickly untied the spaghetti straps from around the back of her neck. Her dress flopped downward. Travis leaned his head in, and kissed a nipple. “I’ve missed you so much Darla.” He kissed under her neck, and then over her earlobe. He darted his tongue inside.
Her entire body shook.
Travis grouped Darla’s buttocks and pulled her to his chest, his tongue circled the blooming nipple.
Darla kissed the side of Travis’ face.
Travis pushed Darla’s dress down. The material dropped to her ankles.
Travis took off his sweatshirt. He pushed his sweatpants down his legs and stepped out of them.
Darla looked down. Oh yes, please tell her this is happening, she missed the way he played her body like a harp, tuning his fingers in all her right places.
Darla learned up on her toes, and kissed Travis’ lips.
Travis encircled her back and pulled her into his embrace. “Your skin is so warm.” He lifted Darla up and carried her over the bed. He laid her down on it and removed her shoes.
“What a magnificent looking man.”
Travis climbed over Darla. He leaned down and kissed her lips.
Darla opened her legs.
Travis fitted his body accordingly. He kissed her inflamed nipple. “I’ve missed making love to you.” His tongue skated down the length of her body. He kissed her downy hairs, and then kissed her inner thigh until her light skin turned a deep dark red.
Travis opened Darla’s legs wider. He licked up and down the canal of her pussy.
“Oh Travis.”
Darla arched her back; she ached all over for him to be inside of her.
Travis lifted his head. He inserted a finger inside of her.
“No one has been tampering with my pussy, have they?”
Travis wiggled his finger inside, and then stuck the tip of his tongue inside. The dual pleasure intensified her need to climax.
Darla squeezed a nipple.  
Travis removed his finger, gripped Darla’s buttocks, and vortex his tongue deeper inside of her.
Darla’s back persistently arched off the mattress. “Travis...oh baby, let me feel your dick inside of me.”
Travis leaned up. He crawled between her legs. He palmed his dick and slid the tip inside.
“Oh...yes...I love you.”
Travis surged his manhood forward.
“Oh Darla...shit.”
Darla linked her arms around his neck and shuffled her pussy up and down.
“Oh Travis, spank that pussy baby,” Darla moaned.
Travis not to be outdone thrust his dick inside her faster, and harder.
Travis worshiped her mouth with his.
Darla wrapped her legs around Travis’ back, Travis’ hands went under her buttocks. He squeezed them and dropped his dick deeper.
“Oh baby...Oh Travis...”
“I love you.” Darla’s climax flooded her vaginal canal.  
“Oh Da...Darla.” Travis lifted himself and braced his body on his palms. He jammed his dick even farther.  “Oh baby, I don’t want to cum.” Travis leaned down and captured her mouth.
Darla grabbed Travis’ around his back and rode his erection. “Oh Travis.” Darla clenched her vaginal muscles, relaxed them, and climaxed again.
“Oh, sweet Jesus.”
Travis’ ejaculation blended into hers. He thrust his dick. He leaned down and kissed her.
Darla palmed Travis’ face, and kissed him passionately. Her hands marveled over his sweaty back.
Travis kissed Darla’s nose, her eyes, her nuzzled the side of her neck. He inched his face back and looked down into her eyes.
“I want my family.”
“Does this mean you think Travis Jr. is your son?”
“I know Travis Jr. is my son.”
“Then why didn’t you sign the birth certificate.”
“In case some shit like this arise.”
“Travis, I love you, and I know who the father of my son is.”
“And it’s not this fuck in Florida, who is seeking paternity rights.”
Travis withdrew his dick and rolled over onto his back.
“I apologize for that night. I was happy thee entire evening, until finding that fuck in my bedroom, and then to top it off, receiving that letter, the events sent me into a fit of rage.”
“Travis, I need you to trust me, I want a normal life, you know, a husband, kids, and fidelity. I love you, and yes, I visited Vander in Florida, but I swear, we did not do anything. The only man I know, or I want to touch me, is you, but we have to work at this relationship.”
“I know baby, I hate to admit it, but I’m terrified.”
“Of what?”
“This paternity test.”
“Don’t be, and since you put me out there on front street, I expect you to fix this.”
Travis lifted her hand and kissed it.
“I will do this for you.”
Darla rolled over on her side. “Did you miss me?” She held her breath waiting for the answer.
“Actually...uum...that’s it...”
Darla lightly nudged his arm.
“Yes, and my son too.”
“You are starting to sound like a father Mr. Director.”
“Yes, I kind of like that, and yes, I know I referred to my son”
“A Bastard.”
“Yes, and I never felt like that. Baby, I have been on my own for some time now. This concept is anew to me.”
“We will work on this new beginning together.” She looked down at his groin. “I see you are in progress.”
Darla palmed Travis’ manhood. She leaned up and threw one of her legs over his stomach.
“Are you still trying to reel this brotha in with the pussy?”
“Uh huh.”
“More power to me then.”
Darla leaned down and kissed Travis on the lips. She rose, palmed Travis’ dick, and slid her pussy down on it. “Oh my, what a big dick you have there Mr. Director.”
“The bigger to please you woman.”
Travis palmed a breast and kissed over the nipple.
Darla reached out for the headboard and moved her hips forward and backwards.
“Oh Darla, what are you doing to this old man.”
Darla leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Reeling the brotha in.” She slapped her pussy up and down. “That...oh shit this dick feels good in them walls.”
Travis palmed the back of Darla’s head, and pulled her head down. He kissed her lips, and shifted his dick up into her.
Darla’s pussy moved out of control.
Travis’ hands massaged Darla’s bare back. He palmed her hips, lifted them, and slammed her womanhood down on his manhood.
Darla leaned downward and found Travis’ lips.
Both climaxed at the same time.
Travis kissed the mound of Darla’s breast. Darla lightly suckled Travis’ neck, and then kissed it.
Travis rubbed over her back and pressed down on it.
“Considered me got.”
Darla kissed over the reddish mark on the side of his neck.
“Yes, and half of Hollywood would know by that hickey on your neck.”
Travis kissed Darla on the lips.
“You are my little fetish.”
“Hum, I like that.” She looked at the bedside clock. “I have to go.”
“Go where.”
“I have to fly back to Florida to look for a place to stay. I cannot live out of a suitcase.”
“Did I miss something?”
Darla lifted off Travis and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Travis, I want what we have to be special, and I do not want to burden you, or throw my company on you.”
“Too late for that woman.”
Travis fingers spiraled up and down her back. Darla shivered.
Travis sat up.
“Baby, I want to go out for dinner later on, and then from there, dancing, and then come home, check in on my son, and then make love to my future wife, all night long.”
“Travis are you sure.”
“Must I show you again?”
“I would like that, but we have to check in on our son.”
“Later on, we will continue this.”
“A special invitation anyway to use it, oh yes we will.” Darla winked at him.
The Caboose Restaurant

“This Lobster is succulent, and if you are expecting sex this evening, you might get it.”
“I see the Lobster does works.”
“Yes, it does.”
The waiter approached their table.
“Mr. Slay would you or your beautiful companion like anything else.”
Travis looked across the table.
“I’m fine.”
“Would you like me to refill your glass ma’am?”
“I thought the man at the table is responsible for doing it.”
Everyone turned around.
Travis stood.
“Hello Travis.”
The woman leaned forward and kissed Travis on the lips.
Darla arched her eyebrows.
“Would you be joining this table?
“No, she would not.”
Zia looked down at the woman sharing Travis’ table.
“Hi, we have not been properly introduced.”
Darla looked up at Travis
“Apparently not.”
“My name is Zia.”
Darla stood.
“Nice to meet you.”
Each woman appraised the other.
Zia turned her attention back to Travis.
“I’ve read you are a father now, are you sure abou…”
“Yes, I have son.”
“I am in town for a role, and I popped into our favorite restaurant, and surprised to find you here.”
“They did always serve excellent food.”
“Is that all you can remember about this restaurant.”
“Excuse me, I do not mean to appear rude, Zia, however, my Lobster is getting cold.”
“I apologize. Travis, before I leave, I would like to sit down and talk about old times.”
“Yes, old times, that’s not worth mentioning or remembering.”
Zia turned toward Darla.
“Nice meeting you. Oh, please do not take this the wrong way Dr. Cabaña, but please refrain from hoarding on my glory.”
“Excuse me.”
“From what I’ve heard, you’re cashing in on my fame.”
“If that’s what you call it. Sweetheart, I’ve seen your movies, and if that was so, then I will definitely be broke. Now, as I politely ask you before, please leave.”
The waiter cleared his throat.
Zia arched her eyebrows, turned, and walked away from the table. She looked back at Travis. She took a seat across the restaurant.
Travis cranked his head to watch.
“I will be right back with the check sir.”
“Could you roll out the dessert cart please?”
Travis and Darla took a seat.
“So that’s the infamous Zia. Did you know she was back in town?”
Zia looked across the restaurant at Travis. God, she missed him. Her failed marriage was a direct result of that.
Zia lifted her purse and opened it. She dug inside and pulled out her cell phone. She flipped it open and pressed in a button.
Travis stole a look across the restaurant.
“Travis, I would understand if you want to catch up on old times with Zia.”
Travis looked across the table.
“I’m still perplexed on seeing her again; I wonder what brings her to California.”
“You heard her like me, a movie role.”
“This has escaped me.”
“You did not answer my question Mr. Director. I asked you, if you want to catch up on old times with Zia.”
“You are throwing me to the wolves already.”
“I need to know, if you will be the one to bite.”
Darla looked across the restaurant.
“I really hate to do this, but as far as dessert and dancing, I have to decline and get home. My breasts are full as ever.”
“I will signal for the check.”
Travis lifted his hand in the air.
Darla laid the magazine she was reading down on the bedside nightstand. She looked over at the clock. It was after midnight. “What a stupid idea to leave him in the company of a very beautiful woman.”
The elevator doors open.
Darla smiled to herself. Bertha stepped off the elevator. Darla’s smile faded.
“Dr. Cabaña, I wanted to make sure you did not need anything.”
“I’m fine Bertha.”
Bertha looked down.
“What is it Bertha?”
“Dr. Cabaña, Mr. Slay said he will not be home, and not to wait up for him, and he will see you tomorrow.”
“When did he call?”
“Just five minutes ago.”
Darla looked at the bedside telephone. She wondered why he did not call his bedroom phone.
“Thank you, Bertha.”
“Does Travis Jr. need anything before I retire to bed?”
“He’s sleeping, but thank you.”
“Goodnight Bertha.”
Bertha pushed the elevator down button.
The doors slid open. She stepped on. The elevator doors closed.
“No, his ass did not spend a night with that bitch, ooh, talk about giving him gray hairs.”
Darla reached over and turned off the lamp. She sunk under the covers.

Ambassador Suite

Travis laid on the couch. He tried to lift his head. The room was spinning, and he could not feel his hands or feet.
Zia changed into a camisole. She fluffed her curls and walked out the adjoined bedroom.
“Travis is you, all right?”
“Too much wine."
“I’ve just ordered room service. Oh, and I called your home to let someone know you will not be home.”
“You did what!” Travis swung his legs off the couch and attempted to sit up.
“I have to get back to Darla.”
"I’m sure she understands you’re too intoxicated to drive.”
“Then dammit, contact my driver.”
“Travis, you could stay here until tomorrow morning.”
Zia walked farther into the living room. She went to sit down next to Travis.
“After all these years, you look well.”
“Zia, call me a taxicab, I need to check on my son.”
“You will tomorrow morning.”
Zia scooted next to Travis on the couch. She reached down to his pants and stroked his dick.
Travis moved her hand back.
“That is not going down tonight.”
Zia stood. She pushed Travis back against the couch cushion. She got on her knees and positioned her presence between his legs.
“Do you really think I will give you away to that woman? I had you first. And now that bitch has your child.”
She popped the buttons from off his shirt. Zia kissed Travis’ stomach region. She ran her tongue up to chest.
“This is not right.”
Travis tried pushing Zia back, his muscles felt like jelly.
“What...what did you put in my fuck...fucking drink?”
“Something that would help you relax.”
Zia unzipped Travis’ pants. She fished inside his pants and took out his semi-flaccid dick.
“Very nice Travis, I have dreamed of us making love again.”
Zia opened her mouth and inched it down Travis’ dick.
His head hit the couch cushion.
“Do you remember when I used to do this?”
She wiggled her tongue over the opening.
“No, I can’t do this.” Travis pushed Zia away. Zia landed backwards on the floor.
Someone knocked on the door.
“Shit. Don’t you go anywhere; we are going to finish this.”
She stood and walked over to the door.
“Who is it?”
“Room service.”
Zia opened the door.
Travis opened the door wider.
“I need you to call me a taxicab.”
“Are you all right sir?”
“No, he is off his medication, I’m sorry about that.”
“ name is Travis Slay.”
“The movie Pillow Talk, that Mr. Slay.”
“Yes, now call me a taxicab, and now dammit!”
“Yes sir.”
The room service attendant turned and ran down the hall.
Travis walked out of Zia’s suite. He made his way down the hall. He opened an ice shoot, grabbed some ice chips, and rubbed them against his face.
“That bitch, and damn you Darla.”
Travis bent over and regurgitated on the red velvet carpet.
Zia ran down the hall.
“Travis is you okay.”
He held his arm out.
“Just stay the fuck away from me.”
Travis looked up the hallway.
The paparazzi ran down the hall.
Zia smiled to herself.
They begin to snap pictures.
“Mr. Slay are you and Dr. Cabaña, back together.”
“Is the baby yours?”
“Yes, this story was cooked up in regard to a jealous past lover.”
“Wait a minute, I am not Dr. Cabaña.”
“Dr. Cabaña...”
“Dammit, I am not Dr. Cabaña.”
Hotel security ran down the hallway.
“Please leave this hotel, or each one of you will be arrested.”
The paparazzi continued to snap pictures.
“And gentlemen, Dr. Cabaña and I will be announcing our nuptial.” Travis looked over at Zia. “Could one of you gentlemen call my fiancée to come and escort me hone.”
“Yes Mr. Slay. Do you need any medical aid?”
Travis looked at Zia.
“You could assist me in getting to the lobby.”
“Yes sir.”
The shrilling of the telephone penetrated Darla’s sleep. She rolled over and turned on the lamp.
Darla looked at the clock.
“Two o’clock, shit.”
She relieved the ringing telephone; she placed the receiver up to her ear.
“Yes, this is Mr. Lockhart. I am head of security, and I have been advised by a Mr. Travis Slay to have you come and pick him up.”
“I’m sorry, where are you calling from?”
“Pardon me; I am calling from the Hilton Hotel, on Rodeo Drive.”
“I will be there momentarily.”
She placed the telephone receiver back in the cradle.
Darla threw the covers back and reached for her robe. She hurried into Travis Jr.’s nursery and checked on him. She leaned down in his crib and kissed him on the forehead.
“Wait until I speak to your father, I just might have to cover your ears.”
Darla returned to the bedroom, and quickly dressed.
She pressed in the intercom
“Yes Dr. Cabaña.”
“Miss. Dawson, I apologize for the nature of this summons, however, I have a crisis on my hand, and I do not want to awaken Travis Jr.
“I will be up in three minutes.”
“Thank you, I will not have asked if I didn’t have too.”
“It’s no problem Dr. Cabaña.”
Darla released the intercom button. She grabbed her cell phone from off the nightstand and ran to the elevator.
Travis drank his fourth cup of coffee. He held his head. That bitch tried to poison me he thought.
“How are you feeling Mr. Slay?”
“Much better, thanks man."
“Do you want to press charges against Zia?”
“No, it’s forgotten.”
The door opened.
Darla rushed into the Security Room. Travis stood.
Both ran to each other and hugged.
Darla inched back. She looked down at his ripped shirt.
“Are you all right?”
“What happened?”
“We can discuss this at home, just get me out of here.”
Travis hugged Darla around her shoulders. She assisted him out the Security Room.
Travis and Darla made it to the lobby.
The elevator doors opened. Zia stepped off.
“England, can you assist Travis to the limousine.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Baby, where are you going?”
“I have to use the ladies’ room, you go on, I will be right out.”
Travis looked over Darla’s shoulder.
“Baby come on, that hell is not worth it.”
Travis grabbed a hold of Darla’s hand; both exited the hotel.
Zia looked at Travis’ turned back. She knows she will never find another man who loved her as much as he once did. She watched him get into the limousine, and his chauffeur close the door.
“What happened to you?”
“The woman, who you so carelessly threw me at tonight, drugged me, got me up in her hotel suite, and then tried to seduce me.”
“Come down woman, no other woman’s pussy has tasted this dick.”
Darla felt over his sweating skin.
“Baby, your skin is clammy.”
“Blame that on the date rape drug.”
“Travis, I’m sorry. This is all my fault, I only wanted to give you the time to tie up loose ends, had I known that bitch, would try to make a move on my fiancé, I would never have agreed to such a thing.”
“You are two-for-two woman.”
“You have never quite forgiven me for the Chili Dogs.”
Both laughed.
“Darla, when my head was spinning, the only thing I could think of was getting home to you, and Travis Jr. Baby, at that particular moment I realized, I love you.”
Travis leaned over and kissed Darla on her lips.
Darla dropped her hand down to his groin. She unzipped his pants.
“Here, let me see if that bitch did any damage to my family jewels.”
“Yes, I really think you need to inspect your investment.”
Darla took out Travis’ family jewels.
“Wow, you sure she didn’t slip any Viagra into your drink.”
“You tell me Dr. Cabaña.”
Darla lifted her dress and climbed on top of Travis. She palmed his dick and slid down on it.
Travis unbuttoned Darla’s blouse, he lifted her bra, and licked over her nipple. He kissed up her cleavage.
“Do you like being inside me Mr. Slay?”
“Oh yes, Dr. Cabaña. You know how to make this dick give up a nutt.”
“I like when you talk virile.”
Darla leaned her face down; she palmed his face and kissed over his lips.
“Uum, God, I love you.”
Darla slowly moved her hips in a circular motion.
Travis cupped Darla’s breasts, and swiped his tongue over each nipple.
Darla’s head bobbed backwards.
Travis palmed her back and feasted off her breast nipples.
Darla’s pussy pulsated out of control.
“Oh Travis...”
She placed her palms on his legs to manage her upward movements.
Travis laid back against the door taking Darla’s body with his. He sandwiched her buttocks and jammed his dick into her pussy.
“Oh baby, that dick is so hard in there, make love to me Travis.”
Travis gripped Darla’s lower back, sat up, and changed position; he laid her down on the seat and toppled her. Travis consistently darted his manhood in and out of her.
Darla opened her legs wider. She kissed Travis all over his neck and held him tighter. She was in love with this man. “Oh...Tra...”
Travis sealed his mouth on hers. He kissed her chin. “I love you Darla.”
He indented his head against hers and ejaculated. “Oh...yes...yes.”
Darla tilted her buttocks, and climaxed. “Oh Travis, keep moving that dick.”
Travis drilled his dick beyond redemption.
Darla moved her pussy walls against his dick.
The cadence of their movements slowed. The limousine ride cradled the unified crusade.
Travis leaned back. He captured her eyes. “Marry me.” He kissed the side of her neck and inched his dick out. He missiled it back inside her wet vessel; he held his groin against her pelvis.
“I don’t know, you can be a very hardedge man to get along with.”
She kissed over his goatee.
“I will be civil.”
“I hope your son does not take his arrogance from you.”
“He’s a Slay, he will.”
Darla laughed. She kissed his lips.
“You do not think England heard us, do you?”
“The interior of this limousine is soundproof.”
He kissed her lips again.
England pressed the intercom button.
“Sir, we will be arriving at our destination in less than five minutes.”
“We have to do this again, Dr. Cabaña.”
“Yes, we do, Mr. Slay.”
Travis withdrew his flaccid manhood. He inched backwards and zipped his pants. He erected his position on the seat.
Darla sat up, she pulled down her dress.
“I need a hot soak.”
“I’m game.”
“Travis, did you sleep with Zia tonight?”
“Did you want too?”
“I did not want to go with her in the first place, but my stubborn fiancée insisted that I do.”
“Okay, I will not be so inclined the next time.”
England pulled the limousine in front of Travis’ residence. He rested the engine. He unsnapped his seatbelt and opened the door. England closed the door, and walked around the limousine. He opened the back door. Travis stepped out. He held his hand out for Darla, who clasped his hand and followed.
England closed the back door.
“If I am needed sir, please do not hesitate to call. Goodnight Dr. Cabaña.”
“Goodnight England, and I apologize for awaking you at such a late hour.”
“It was no bother ma’am.”
England turned and walked to the carriage home.
“I’m beat.”
“I suppose your late night yearning is to blame. Are you sure you do not need a doctor?”
“Under the covers will do nicely.
“Baby, I’m serious, the drug you were given does have side effects.”
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