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My Sweet Valentine (Part I of Part V)

Two Months Later

Darla rested the towel on the table. She stood back and looked at her creativity.

She looked around her son’s nursery. She felt over her stomach. “I will be very happy when I can see my feet again and see you of course.”

Her telephone rang.

She walked out the nursery and entered her bedroom. She walked over to the nightstand and reached down for the telephone receiver. She lifted it and placed it up to her ear.


“Good morning mommy-to-be.”

“Oh, you have jokes.”

“How is the relocation process thus far?”

“I missed my Lab; however, I have a trusted assistance. Oh, I’m big as a house, I cannot stop eating hotdogs in the middle of the night, and my emotions are in a fizzle.”

“Sounds like someone is pregnant.”

“You are on a roll ma’am.”

Trina laughed.

“Are you going to be all right to give a lecture at California University in three days?”

“If not, I’m sure my Publicist will be the first to know.”

“Your hotel reservations have been made.”

“You are so good at your job.”

“Please remember that during Christmas.”

“All right, no more Fruit Cake for you.”

Both women laughed.

“I will check in on you later on.”

“Tell hubby I said hello.”

“He is excited for you to have asked him and me to be Godparents.”

“I would not dream of asking anyone else.”

“Thanks, I’ll call you later on.”

“All right.”

“Oh shit, I almost forgot.”

“What is it?”

Trina took a deep breath.

“My Slay’s Publicist called me yesterday soliciting information about your whereabouts.”

“And why am I just now hearing this.”

“Because I wanted to get all the pleasantries out the way.”

“What did you tell him?”

“Like you advised me to tell anyone who asks, we are no longer on speaking terms.”

“And did he buy it.”

“I suppose so.”

Trina’s phone clicked.

“Hang on, my other line is clicking.”


Trina clicked on her other line.

“This is Trina, how can I help you.”

“Yes, Trina this is Travis Slay, we met months ago.”

“Travis Slay,” Trina repeated under her breath. Dammit Darla, you just had to get me caught up in your personal affairs. “Yes Mr. Slay, how are you?”

“Let’s cut through the chase. Where is Darla?”

“I have not heard from her...”

“Trina, with all due respect. I understand the code of silence, but my Publicist, have tried to contact her. Now, I will redress the question. “Where is Darla?”


“Dammit, where is Darla!”

“She lives in the Hamptons. I mean New Mexico.”

The telephone went silent in her ear.

“Oh shit, what have I done?” She cleared her throat and clicked on the other end.

“I’m sorry, that was business.”

“That’s no problem.”

“Darla...aah, I have never lied to you, and I value our friendship, which I hope you do as well.”

“Trina, what is it?”

Trina closed her eyes, and then reopened them.

“That was Travis on the other line. He somehow got my cell phone, well, he starts to interrogate me and...and”

“You told him where I reside.”

“Darla, I’m sorry, the man even had thee audacity to raise his voice at me.”

“That sounds like Travis.”

“I think it is so romantic.”

“Trina, I can’t see him. I do not have the heart to listen to him blaming me for intentionally getting pregnant.”

“Darla, the man was there too. He and you both knew the risks involved without any protection.”

“That may sound good to you and me, but you know how men think.”

“Any good man will be thrilled to learn he is becoming a father.”

“Any man but Travis.”

“Do you want to stay with me?”

“No, I might as well face the piper sometime.”

“That’s the spirit. Can I ask you something?”


“Is the baby you’re carrying really Travis’ child.”


“Then good luck, that man is a loaded cannon.”

“Don’t I know that? I will call you at the end of the week.”

“All right and take care of my Godson.”

“I will.”

Both women hung up their end of the telephone.

Three days later

Travis sat in his study.

Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Bertha walked in carrying a tray of oysters. She placed them on a table across from Travis’ desk.

“I have never known you to take a fancy to oysters.”

“Lately, I have craved them.”

“Would you like something else sir?”

“No, that would be all.”

Bertha turned and headed for the door. She walked out and pulled the door close.

Travis stood, and hurried around this desk. He quickly consumed the oysters. He pushed the empty tray of shells aside. He needed to see Darla. He was in love with her, so what Zia, hurt him in the past. Darla is nothing like her he thought. He walked over to his desk and took a seat. He reached over for a felt tip pen.

Bertha knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Bertha opened the door and peeped her head around the post.

“Mr. Slay, you have a guest.”

Travis placed his pen aside and stood.

“You may send him or her in.”

“Yes sir.”

Bertha ducked out the study.

Peter walked into Travis’ office. Bertha pulled the door close.

“Peter, what brings you to my residence, please have a seat.”

Peter took a seat across from Travis’ desk.

“I was wondering have you spoken to Darla.”

Travis sat down.


“I don’t know, you two were the ones loving it up, and taking Tinsel Town by storm.”

“The phrase is, was, and the answer to your question, no, we have not spoken.”

Peter rubbed his chin.

“When you see her, tell her I am still interested in her for a possible screen test.”

“I will do that.”

Travis and Peter stood.

“Good seeing you again Travis.”

Peter extended his hand. Travis shook it.

“Was your movie opening in China a huge success?”



Peter turned and walked to the door. He opened it and walked out.

Bertha peeped her head inside.

“Mr. Slay, dinner will be served momentarily, and I purchased you more broccoli and cheese, a rack of lamb is in the oven, and oh, a head of cabbage is on the stove.”

“I have acquired the taste for the unusual. You may want to keep these little odd cravings between you and me.”

“Yes sir. England is preparing the car for your trip tomorrow morning. And your reservations have been made.”

“Thank you.”

Bertha walked to the door

“Wow, I have never been to the Hamptons.”

“I will send you for your birthday.”

Bertha was surprised he heard her.

“Thank you Mr. Slay.”

“You’re welcome

Bertha pulled the door close.

University of Southern California

“Are you sure you are going to be all right.”

Darla rubbed over her protruding rounded stomach.


“You are due any minute.”

“No, I have three days to go.”

“If you feel any discomfort, let me know, and I will stop the lecture.”

“I’m fine, now quit worrying.”

“Do you have your lecture notes?”


“Good, I will introduce you, and then the world is your oyster.”

“I’m ready when you are.”

Trina walked out onto the stage. Darla nervously waited. Little did Trina know she has been feeling pressure in her lower abdomen area since she wobbled out of her hotel suite? She did not want to alarm Trina. She realized how much planning went into getting her here.

Darla walked over to the podium and adjusted the microphone.

“Thank you all for coming here today to hear my lecture on the erosion of the environment...Aah.” Darla grabbed her lower stomach.

Trina was gearing to walk on stage.

Darla flagged her back.

“I apologize; it must have been something I ate.”

Everyone seated laughed.

“Please hold all questions until after my Power Point presentation. Following, I will be signing my latest novel in the reception area.” A pain gripped her lower abdomen. Fluid gushed from her vaginal orifice. “I apologize to all; however, my water just broke.” She grabbed her pelvis. “Aah...”

Trina ran onto the stage.

“I apologize for Dr. Cabaña’s untimely labor contractions.”

“Oh Trina.”

The seated population stood and began snapping his or her camera.

“Breathe, like we practiced in birthing classes.”

“This shit hurt.”

“Someone please call the ambulance,” Trina hollered to the people running over to investigate.

Everyone behind the curtains scrambled. Several people took out their cell phone.

The press went into a state of frenzy snapping pictures.

“I...Trina, I have to sit down.”

“Okay. Hold on my hand.”

“Aah.” Darla squeezed Trina’s hand until her knuckles turned white. “This pain is no joke.”

“Just relax and breathe.”

“Dr. Cabaña, the ambulance is on the way.”

“Thank...” She started swallow breathing. “Thank you.” Another contraction squeezed her pelvis.

“Trina, I can’t do this.”


Someone pounded on the door to Travis’ study.

“Mr. Slay, Mr. Slay come now, you are needed out here.”

Travis placed his ink pen down on the desk, stood, and rushed around his desk. He ran to the door and opened it.

“What is it Bertha.”


“Take a deep breath, and slow down.”

Bertha took a deep breath.

“Mr. Slay, Dr. Cabaña, is on the news.”


“In the kitchen, she is on television.”

Travis ran out his study and ran into the kitchen.

England was watching Entertainment TV.

Travis lifted the remote control and increased the volume.

“We are at University of Southern California, and it is just reported, the renowned and Epidemiologist and Biochemist, Dr. Cabaña, has just gone into labor.”


“I guess that now explains your strange cravings Mr. Slay.” Bertha clapped her hands. “You are about to become a father.

“Oh Travis….you have…oh baby…. you have to take it out, I could get pregnant.”

“England, bring around the car, now dammit!”

“Yes sir.”

Travis scurried out the kitchen. He was going to be a father, wait, what if the baby is her fiancé. “I could get pregnant.” Travis ran into his study. He almost tripped on the rug, running around his desk. He lifted his telephone receiver, placed it up to his ear, and dialed Trina’s cell phone.

Labor and Delivery

Trina heard her cell phone vibrating. She lifted it from off the table, flipped it open, and placed it up to her ear.

“This is Tr...”

“Trina, how is Darla?”

“She’s in labor Mr. Slay.”

“What hospital is she in?”

“I know you mean well, but I do not know if she wants you here.”

“I would hold you personally responsible, if I do not see my child born.”

“Darla told you.”

“She did not have too; now which hospital is the mother of my child giving birth in.”

“Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.”

“Thank you.”


Travis hung up the telephone. He smiled to himself. He was about to become a father.

Bertha poked her head in his study.

“Mr. Slay, your car is ready.”

“Thank you, Bertha.”

“And congratulations sir.”

“Thank you.”

Bertha turned and walked away.

Travis grabbed his suit jacket from off the back of the chair, and his cell phone from off the desk. He ran to the door.

Labor and Delivery

Trina fed Darla ice chips.

“How are you holding up mommy?”

“I’m determined to have this child naturally.”

“Darla, here comes another contraction.”

“Thank you for remind....aah shit.”

Darla grabbed onto Trina’s hand and squeezed it as a strong contraction racked her body.

“Breathe, that’s right breathe slowly.”

The door opened.

Travis rushed in Darla’s hospital room.

“What... What are you...Oh someone make this pain stop.” Darla squeezed Trina’s hand

Travis rushed to Darla’s side.

“You can take a break.”

“Thank goodness.”

Darla released Trina’s hand. Trina flexed her hand.

“Travis what are you doing here....oh no, make this pain go away.”

“Here you are Romeo.”

Trina handed Travis the cup of ice chips.

“I will be down in the cafeteria.”

“No don’t leave me.”

“I will be right back.”


“Just breathe.”

Trina walked out Darla’s hospital room.

“Trav...I’m sorry; I did not mean to get...Travis it hurt so bad.”

Travis placed the cup on the table and took off his suit jacket. He threw it on the nearby couch.

“Baby, hold my hand, we are going to get through this.”

“Tell your son that.”

“We’re having a boy.”

“Ye...yes, we are, and this little rascal is your seed. I told you to take it out...oh Travis.” Darla started to shallow breathe. “Travis it comes.”

Travis grabbed onto Darla’s hand and softly squeezed it in return. “That’s right breathe baby.”

The contraction gradually subsided.

“My mouth is dry.”

“Here you are.”

Travis reached over and scooped some ice chips from out the cup. He placed them in Darla’s mouth, leaned down, and kissed her on the lips.

“Hello beautiful, I have missed you so much.”

“Hello Mr. handsome Director

Darla started to shallow breathe.

She looked over at the monitor.

The door opened.

The doctor and nurse walked in.

“How are you doing Dr. Cabaña?”


She squeezed Travis’ hand.

Travis stood back and watched the doctor check her. He looked down at the woman who he accidentally fell in love with.

“It looks like you’re about ready to have a baby.” The doctor pivoted his head to look at Travis. “Is this the father?”


“Are you ready Mr...?”

“Mr. Travis Slay.”

“Thee Movie Director?”


“I loved the movie Pillow Talk.”

“Thank you.”

“Doctor...oh hurry up, this baby cannot wait, I…I need to push.”

The nurse lifted Darla’s legs, and placed them in the stirrups.

The other nurse prepared a sterile filed tray and uncovered it.

“When a contraction presents, I need for you to push.”


Travis held onto Darla’s hand and squeezed it.

“I love you Darla.”

“Oh comes a contraction.”

“I need for you to push.”

“Ok...Okay doctor.”

Darla repeatedly pushed during each contraction.

Travis held onto her hand through the painful endurance.

“Okay, one more long push.”

“I can’t it hurt.”

“Baby, you can do this.”

“ hurt.”

“I know baby, one more push, and this will all be over.”

“Dr. Cabaña, when I say push, I need you to push this baby into the world, all right.”


The doctor looked at the monitor.

“Are you ready? Here comes another contraction?”

Darla held onto Travis’ hand and squeezed it.

“All right young lady, push.”

Darla pushed. Her son slid out the cocoon of his mother’s womb. She heard the first cry of her son. She smiled and laid her head back against the pillow.

The nurse handed Travis the pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord, which he proudly did.

The doctor handed the baby to the nurse, who aspirated the baby’s mouth. She wrapped the baby in a blanket and placed the baby on Darla’s stomach.

Travis looked down.

“Hey little guy.”

“You are so handsome like your father.” Darla kissed her son’s forehead. “Wow, look at his head-full of hair.”

Travis leaned over and gave Darla a kiss.

“I will give credit to his grandfather for that. Thank you.”

“Are you happy Mr. Director?”


“I’m sorry.”

“No need to be. Here, let me see the creation of my seed.”

Travis lifted the infant from off Darla’s stomach and walked away to the far corner of the birthing suite.

“Hey little man, we have lots of things to do, see.” Travis kissed his son’s forehead. “You look like a Harvard scholar.” He looked back over at Darla. “Son, I suppose, I have to make an honest woman out of your mother after all,” he whispered.

Four months later

“It’s your turn to feed your son.”

“Oh, it’s my son, when you want to sleep and our son when he’s behaving.”

Darla smiled, and pulled the covers up.

“I guess it’s my turn.”

“Oh baby, I just pumped him a bottle of milk, it’s in the nursery.”

Travis pulled the covers back and sat up. He rose from the bed and walked out the bedroom. He entered his son’s nursery. He walked over to the crib, lifted his son, and walked across the room. He sat down in a rocking chair.

“I guess you could not sleep as well little man.”

Travis lifted the bottle from off the nearby table, uncapped it, and stuck the bottle inside his son’s mouth.

Darla stood in arch of the doorway.

“You are getting big dude. I see you are going to take after your old man; having a pocketful of money and wooing the beautiful ladies.”

Darla cleared her throat.

“Are you corrupting our son all ready?”

“Only telling him like it is.”

Darla walked into the room. Travis looked up.

The see-through lace nightgown she had on displayed her ample bosom.

“You still look sexy Dr. Cabaña.”

She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

“Control yourself Don Juan.”

Both laughed.

“Are you all packed?”

“Yes. Is the nursery ready at your home?”

“According to Bertha, yes. Are you going to miss your home?”

“Yes, oh don’t forget, my parents are flying in tomorrow.”

“Just in time to introduce our son to society.”

“Travis...aah. I was thinking...”

“When a woman says that son, look out.”

“You and Junior have jokes in the Am.”

Travis winked at her.

“Travis is you sure you want to marry me.”

Travis looked up at her.

“I would not have placed that ring on your finger, if I wasn’t.”

“And this is not because...well because of Travis Jr.”

“You know you had to reel this brotha in some way.”

“Please tell me you do not believe that.”

“No, I do not. Lean down here woman.”

Darla leaned down and kissed Travis on his lips.

“Well, since you men are bonding. Mommy is going to catch up on her sleep.”

Darla walked out the nursery.

Travis continued to feed his son.


Vander could not concentrate. He was pissed since hearing the news of the arrival of Darla’s son, and then the layout in People’s magazine. What if it is his son?

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

Mrs. Levers opened the door and entered her son’s study.

“Dinner is ready.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Son, you cannot stay cooped up in here and sulk. The woman has a son and is engaged to a Hollywood Director.”

“Mother, what if the baby is my heir.”

“Pardon me.”

“Darla’s conception is the time frame, well when we… know.”

“And you are sure of this.”


“Then you must petition the court for a paternity test.”

Vander palmed his cheeks. To have Darla in his arms again and an heir to his fortune would be beneficial to his future.

“I really do not want to cause Darla any duress. I happen to care for her general welfare.”

“So, you would let another man claim my first grandson.”

Vander looked over at his mother.

“How would I go about this? I have not spoken to Darla in over a year.”

“Not to worry son. I will take care of everything.”

His mother walked out the study.

“God, I love you, if only you will have me.”

“Oh Vander I can’ I...”

“Shh, it’s okay. I will take tonight, and the memories of it.”

Vander slid open his desk drawer. He lifted the People Magazine and laid it on his desk. He looked at the cover.

“At home with Hollywood Director, Travis Slay, his leading lady, and his billion-dollar heir, Travis Slay Jr.” He looked down at Darla cradling her son, and Travis hugging them both. He opened the magazine and thumbed through the pages.

He looked over the spread and peered closer at her son.

“I’m sorry, Darla, but I feel in the pit of my stomach, your son is my child, and not the fuck next to you.” He slammed the magazine close.


“Hunter is you coming to bed.”

“In a minute.”

He lifted his glass of Whiskey and took a slow swig.

How dare that bitch have a baby, and then get engaged. The same child he and her supposed to have had he thought. Although, he had moved on, the concept still hurts. At least she dropped all charges against Marcia; still she should pay for toying with his emotions.

Hunter felt warm hands on his back.

“Are you going to be much longer?”

“I will be there in a minute.”

“Baby, you barely said two words to me over dinner, what’s wrong.”

The woman who I thought I was going to marry, got pregnant by someone else, and then engaged.

“Nothing, I’ve had a long one at the ranch.”

“I advised you to hire more men.”

“I said I’m tired, not without manpower,” he snapped.

“I will be in the bedroom.”

Hunter did not comment.

His telephone rang. He looked over at the clock; he strolled over to his desk, and snatched it up.


“Mr. Silini, I have the information you’ve requested.”

“Well let’s have it.”

“According to the date of delivery, you could not possibly be the father.”

Hunter palmed his chin.

“Was a birth certificate signed?”

“That is where I am confused. If this Mr. Slay is the biological father, I am confused as to why he is not listed on the birth certificate.”

“Then who name is on the birth certificate?”

“No father is listed.”

“So this man, Mr. Slay, may not be totally convinced he’s the father.”

“I think that may be the case.”

“You have done some great leg work. It’s about time I interrupt Dr. Cabaña’s little comfortable Hollywood lifestyle.”

“You have the ammunition.”

“Indeed, and I will use it.”

One Week Later

Darla turned around in all directions. She could not believe, only four months ago, she delivered an eight pound baby boy. She smoothed the gown against her flat abdomen.

Travis stood in the doorway watching.

“I am addicted to the results of that body you are viewing.”

“If we continue to make love without any protection, you and I are going to have baby number two on the way.”

“I am not mad in the least.”

Travis strolled into the bedroom.

“You look dashing as usual.”

Travis wrapped his arms around Darla’s waist from behind, and hugged her frame to his chest.

“How about I convince you how dashing I can be.”

Darla turned around in Travis’ arms. She linked her arms around his neck.

Travis dipped his face and kissed Darla’s lips. He kissed her on the side of her neck.

“You look beautiful, what a lucky man I am.”

Travis released the straps to Darla’s gown.

“You are begging for it I see.”

Travis leaned over and whispered, “No, more like feenin for it.

“Then let me help you.”

She untied the belt to his robe and departed it. She rubbed over his hirsute chest and leaned forward to kiss it.

Travis tilted Darla’s chin, and kissed her.

“Uum,” Darla moaned.

Travis pushed the gown to her hips. He swooped his head down and kissed a breast nipple. He smothered the other with his palm. He suckled the nipple into attention.

Darla’s legs became weak.

Travis lifted Darla and carried her over to the bed. He laid her on the silk sheet, and then removed his robe. She looked at his solid erection.

“Very eager I see, and straight to the point Mr. Director.”

Travis leaned over and gently pulled Darla’s gown from under her buttocks, and let it drop to the floor.

Travis squatted down on his knees. He palmed Darla’s buttocks, and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He opened her legs and fingered her pussy. He withdrew his finger and stuck it inside his mouth.

Travis leaned his head in and licked the opening to her pussy.

“Oh Tra...”

Travis palmed Darla’s buttocks, and poked his tongue deeper.

Darla gripped the bed covers.


Travis continued his assault inside her pussy with his tongue.

Darla squeezed her breasts.


Travis lifted himself. He leaned over the bed, and kissed Darla.

Darla greedily returned the kiss. She palmed his dick.

Travis’ body followed. He got on the bed and positioned his body over Darla.

“ need a condom.”

“You are my fiancée, and this is Travis’ pussy.” He stabbed the harden flesh inside the tunnel of her pussy. “Oh baby, your good pussy is so tight.” Travis laid on top of her.

Darla linked her arms around Travis’ neck.

Travis dug his dick farther.

“Oh Darla, I love you.”

Darla kissed Travis on his lips.

“I love you Travis,” Darla moaned, right before she climaxed.

Travis inched off and positioned himself on his palms. He thrust inside of her, causing the bedpost to rattle. “Oh...Darla.” He laid down on her and ejaculated.

“Oh yes, that dick feels good.”

“Sweet… shit, the pussy is still wet and tight.”

Travis inched back and kissed Darla on her nose. He quickly kissed her lips.

Darla stroked Travis’ cheek.

“Does any other woman know you can talk a woman out of a gown?”

“Hum, let’s see here.”

Travis stirred his manhood.

Darla squeezed her vaginal muscles.

“You keep doing that; I see a round two in the making.”

Darla laughed and squeezed her vaginal muscles again. She clamped it around his semi-flaccid erection.

Travis slowly kissed Darla on her lips. He nudged the side of her neck, and whispered in her ear, “You already reeled me in, now you’re trying to drag this brotha to the alter.”

Darla hugged Travis to her body.

“You know you want to marry me, probably more than I want to marry you.”

Travis nuzzled her nose.

“I won’t deny it. My life is content as we stand with you, and Travis Jr., and I would like to keep it that way.”

“As much as I would like to stay in bed with such a handsome Director, I need another bath, and then I need to check on Travis Jr.”

“I meant to ask you, how is the nanny working out?”

“I’m totally grateful for her assistance.”

Travis withdrew his manhood and slid off Darla onto his back.

Darla scooted sideways and propped her head on Travis’ chest.

“Are you ready for this gathering later on?”

“Yes, my parents will arrive sometime this evening. And I expect you to be extra nice.”

“Are you implying I’m not?”


Travis hugged Darla.

“I will be on my best behavior.”

Travis yawned, followed by Darla.

“Hey, watch that, you know those are contagious.”

Travis looked over at the grandfather clock in the corner. “We do have time for a quick nap.”

“How about Travis Jr?”

“That is why we have a nanny.”

“You are a wise man.”

Darla snuggled closer to Travis.

In an instant, both fell asleep.


Mrs. Levers knocked on the door to Vander’s study.

“Come in.”

She opened the door and entered his study.

“What can I do for your mother?”

“I wanted to let you know, a Mr. Travis Slay, will be served a summons to appear in court, for a paternity test of a Travis Slay Jr.”

“She gave that fu... she gave my child’s this man’s last name.”

“Son, do not jump to any conclusions about whose son this really is, until you’ve read the results.”

“Mother, that child is mine.”

“Wow, I’ve heard of men denying the paternity, but never fighting to establish the biological rights.”

“Who else will the trust fund I set up for my first born go too?”

“Well, whichever way this verdict goes. I am here for you.”

“Thank you, mother, and you strongly believe I am doing the right thing.”

“I would not have petitioned Judge Fray, to ordain that summons.”

Vander smiled to himself.

“I will be out for the remainder of the evening.”

“Is there a gentleman involved?”

Mrs. Levers smiled.

She walked out of her son’s study.

Beverly Hills, California

Junior Garden Suite

Hunter paced his hotel suite. The idea of confronting Darla seemed revengeful in the beginning. He was more peeved, because he was still in love her, and he wanted her back, but her child compromised everything.

“Yes, this little unplanned meeting is to tell her she cannot walk over people’s emotions.”

Hunter walked into the bathroom, to get ready for the gathering. The Private Investigator was clever enough to have gotten his name on the A-list of guests gathering at the man who she left him for.


“Darling my grandson is a very handsome man.” Mrs. Cabaña looked down at her grandson, she nudged his cheek with the side of her face.

Darla looked across the room at Travis conversing with her father. She instantly blushed. God, she felt like a schoolgirl, with a crush on the most popular boy in school.

Travis looked up from talking to her father and winked at Darla.

“Darla Cabaña, I am speaking to you.”

“I’m sorry mother.”

“I said the Christening ceremony was beautiful.”

“Yes, it was. I cannot believe Trina cried, once the minister bestowed the title on her, as Godmother.”

“Yes, it was an emotional moment.” Trina said from behind.

Both women turned toward her.

“Good evening Dr. Cabaña."

“Hello Trina.”

“Now let me hold this handsome little man, my Godson.”

Dr. Cabaña transferred Travis Jr. to Trina’s arms.

“I will be right back, his Godfather told me to come over here and steal him away.”

Trina strolled away.

“Mother, was the rebuilding of the school in Africa a success.”

“Yes and thank you for donating the proceeds of your books to furnish the library.”

“You’re welcome mother. I hope father is not over there giving his future son-in-law, the talk.”

“Well of course he is.”

Both women laughed.

“How is motherhood?"

“Mother, look at the bags under my eyes.”

Her mother looked at her daughter and laughed.

“You sound like me when I was asked that question by your grandmother.”

“Speaking of. She is expecting a visit sometime next month to see her first great-grandchild."

“Yes, she has already ranted her disapproval to Travis, for not allowing his son and me to travel to see her.”

“That sounds like my mother.”

Both women laughed.

“Dear, are you happy with this man?” Mrs. Cabaña looked around. “This lifestyle does tend to spoil the weak.”

“Mother, I am a scientist, I have myself, and yes I am very happy with Travis.”

“Take your mother’s advice and find your own ground, that is, until a wedding ring is on that left hand.”

“Mother, we’re engaged, isn’t that enough?”

“For now.”

Darla looked across the congested foyer. Her eyes darted to the butler assisting the female guests out of their coverings.

“My goodness, guests are still streaming in droves."

“And I am totally against my grandson changing hands with society, which is built upon germs.”

Darla looked at her mother.

“I am aware of that mother.”


Trina returned with Travis Jr.

Travis Jr. began crying.

“Well, I see motherhood duties beckon me. I will take that little fellow.”

“Auntie Trina, will look in on you later.”

Trina kissed her Godson on the cheek and handed him to Darla.

“Mother, I will be in the nursery nursing this little man."

“Okay, I will be up in a minute.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Darla strolled over to the elevator and pushed the elevator up button.

Trina and Mrs. Cabaña walked over to the buffet table.

 Hunter took a swig of his drink. He watched Darla stroll to an elevator. Watching her in her mother role, tugged at his heartstrings. That baby in her arms were supposed to be his and hers. Hunter looked over at Travis. The man who was responsible for hindering his future.

He placed his glass down on the tray the hired help was circulating and lifted another glass of champagne. He looked over at the elevator, his feet somehow propelled him. He looked at the keypad and remembered Darla’s finger movements to accesses the private elevator.

Hunter looked around, and then down at the keypad. He pushed in the security code. The elevator doors opened. He stepped on. The doors closed.

“I assume you are full little man.” Darla hugged her son to her chest. She released the latch of his mouth off her breast nipple and positioned him on her upper chest. She looked around his spacious nursery while burping him.

“Dr. Cabaña, I can take the baby, when you’re done.”

“All right. I am just waiting for him to…”

Travis Jr. burped on queue.

“Well, I guess that settles it.” She held him in her arms and kissed his cheek. “Mother and father will be up later on to play with you.”

The nanny smiled. She leaned down and relieved the baby from out Darla’s arms.

Darla stood and repositioned the straps to her gown; “I will be in my bedroom changing.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The nanny walked out the nursery

Darla turned off the night light and walked out the nursery. She entered the adjoined master bedroom suite. She unstrapped her Stilettos sandals, and quickly undressed. She laid her clothing over a settee and walked into the bathroom.

Hunter ducked his head inside the nursery, he did not see anyone. He entered and closed the door. He heard water running in the adjoined bedroom.

Hunter looked around the expansive room, and the expensiveness of the décor. “Had she had my son; he would know what real work is.” He moved toward the door and entered Travis and Darla’s bedroom. He lifted a thong from off the settee and sniffed it. He rubbed it under his nostrils and placed them in the pocket of his tuxedo pants pocket.

Darla turned off the shower knob and slid the glass enclosure back. She walked out the shower and slid the door close. She walked over to the heated towel bar and lifted a towel; she wrapped it around her body and exited the bathroom.

Hunter turned around. Darla looked up. She released the towel.

“Hunter, what...what the hell are you doing here, and in my bedroom?” She pulled the top sheet from off the bed and shielded herself.

Hunter crossed the bedroom in a hurry. Darla stepped back.

“Well, isn’t this shit a surprise. To the woman who broke my heart, I say you landed quite nice on your feet.” Hunter looked around. “Having a rich dude knocking you up, the same bastard, who could not even place his name on the birth certificate as being the father?”

“That is a lie. I witnessed Travis sign my son’s birth certificate.”

“Are you sure about that.”

“Why...yes.” She has not seen her son’s birth certificate since Travis signed it and locked it away in his safe.

“Hunter, if Travis finds you up here, he will kill the both of us.”

“Maybe you, not me.”

Darla crossed her arms over her chest.

“How did you get up here?”

“I used the elevator.”

“Hunter what do you want.”

“Never ask what you can’t deliver.”

“I am an engaged woman.”

“Hum, are you sure this child is this man’s child.”

“Yes...yes I am.”

Hunter pulled Darla into his arms, and thoroughly kissed her lips.

“No Hunter.”

His lips roamed over her face, her neck. He cupped her derrière and intensified the kiss.

The sheet dropped to the carpet.

Darla’s arms slowly encircled Hunter’s neck. She mashed her breasts against his tuxedo jacket.

“I’m a fool for being here, but baby I’ve missed you. This supposed to have been us.”

Darla kissed Hunter on his lips and stepped back.

“Hunter, I am happy, please respect that.”

“Darla, this lifestyle is not you; you looked like a rose growing among a garden full of thorns.”

“And I suppose your garden is paradise. With the family you have, I am completely content where I am.”

Hunter stroked Darla’s check. “But are you happy.”


“Then I have nothing else to say or add.”

The elevator doors slid open.

Hunter and Darla rotated their head in the direction.

Travis stepped off. He looked from Hunter to Darla, and then back at Darla.

“Darla what the fuck is this shit!”

Travis stormed across the bedroom with both fists drawn.

“Travis wait, this.... this is not what it looks like.”

The warning was too late. Travis punched Hunter in his mouth. Hunter regained his balance, and punched Travis in his jaw.

Each man fists did the bidding.

“Please stop, you both will kill each other.”

Travis slammed Hunter on the floor and began stumping him.

“You bastard come to my home and fuck my woman.”

“Travis please.”

Travis pushed Darla away from him.

Darla looked at the door. The nanny stood with her son in her arms horrified.

“Please go and get some help, hurry.”

The nanny ran to the elevator and jammed down on the elevator button.

Hunter and Travis staggered to their feet.

“You...take this whore, and...and that bastard son of hers and get out of my fucking home!”

Hunter wiped the blood away from his lips.

“What do you mean, bastard, that boy is your son.”

Travis lifted the letter up from off the floor and slammed it into Darla’s hands.

“Not according to this shit, not get the fuck out of my home, now, you whore!”

Hunter stepped forward. Travis stepped back.

Darla looked down at the letter and silently read it.

“This can’t be happening.”

“Well, dammit it is. You just couldn’t wait until my back was turned to invite this punk-ass white boy into my home, and into our bed.”

“Travis, I swear I didn’t invite him here, and nothing happened between us.”

“You stand there naked, and... and you expect me to believe you. Fuck you and him. Now get the fuck out of my home, before the cops is called on this steroid bastard.”

The elevator doors open. Darla quickly lifted the sheet and shielded herself.

Her mother and father ran off.

“What the hell is going on here!”

“You can ask this who...your daughter that.”

Travis walked to the elevator and pushed the down button. He looked over at Darla.

She loved him so much.

The elevator doors opened.

Travis stepped on. Darla turned her attention back to Hunter.

“How could you ruin my life Hunter?”

Darla dropped the letter and ran into the bathroom. She slammed the door close.

Hunter bent over and reached for the letter. He read it and looked at the bathroom door. He took a step forward.

“I think you have caused enough discord young man, please leave.”

Hunter looked at Dr. and Mrs. Cabaña.

“Yes ma’am.”

He placed the letter on the dresser, turned, and walked to the elevator.

Mrs. Cabaña walked to the bathroom door and knocked on it.

“Darla, is you, all right?”

“Yes mother, I just need to be alone, can you bring me Travis Jr. please.” Darla sniffled back her tears.

“Yes, but I need for you to open the door first.”

“Mother please, I just want to be left alone. I will be down after I’ve packed my clothes, okay.”

“All right dear. We will take Travis Jr. back to the hotel with us.”

“O...” Darla wiped her face with the back of her hand. “Okay.”

“And you sure you’re all right.”

“Yes ma’am. Mother, could you tell the guests I am so sorry.”

Mrs. Cabana looked at her husband.

“Sweetheart, the guests were asked to leave after the nanny informed Bertha what was taking place up here.”

She knew Travis would never forgive her for making him look like a fool in front of his peers.

More tears ran down her cheeks.

“I will get Travis Jr.’s belongings.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Darla, I demand you open this door.”

“Not now father, please. I will be down momentarily, just let me compose myself.”

“Did that bastard place his hands on you?”

“No sir.”

“Your mother and I will be downstairs.”

“Yes sir.”

Dr. Cabaña looked at the bathroom door. He turned around and lifted the letter from off the dresser. He read it. He looked over at the door. Just when his daughter was starting to act responsible for her own actions, then this shit he thought.

He placed the letter down on the dresser and walked into his grandson’s nursery.


Travis lifted his glass of Gin and took a swig. He slammed the glass back down on the bar-top. “Just who the fuck does she think she is.”

“Excuse me sir,” the bartender interrupted.

“Nothing man.”

“Ye...yes, we are, and this little rascal is your seed. I told you to take it out...oh Travis.”

“Fucking lair,” Travis mumbled under his breath. He slicked his hand back through his hair. He lifted his wallet from out his back pants pocket and opened it. He lifted the family photograph of Darla, Travis, and him. He loved her and his son.


He placed the photograph back inside and closed his wallet; he slipped it back inside his back pants pocket. Maybe he should be tested just to laugh in her face when the test comes back negative. The thought hurt him; he wanted her, and his son.

Travis lifted his glass and took another gulp of his Gin. He repositioned it on the bar-top surface and stood. He dug inside his pocket and took out a ten dollar bill; he laid it near his glass, and exited the bar.


Darla laid the engagement ring in the safe and the letter she left for Travis. She rummaged through it and pulled out Travis’ birth certificate. “I be damn, he never sighed it.” She rummaged farther and pulled out another piece of paper. She placed the documents side-by-side and studied both.

The second unofficial document was signed, but the official one was not. “He never believed Travis Jr. was his in the beginning.”

Darla placed the documents back inside and closed the safe. She walked into the adjoined nursery, and over to her son’s crib. She lifted the teddy bear and squeezed it. “I am so sorry Travis Jr.” She knew her son’s father was Travis. She hated Hunter and Vander for invading her life, especially when she was heading in the right direction. She placed the teddy bear back into the crib and turned around. She walked to the fireplace mantel board and peered at the photos of Travis holding their son.

Tears rolled down her face.

Darla returned to the bedroom. She gathered her suitcase from off the bed and walked to the elevator. She pushed the down button. She looked around the bedroom, a place she has enjoyed for the past two months. Does this setback in her life, constitutes her son as being a bastard, and her as being a bad parent who does not know who her child’s father is?

“I am so sure my son is Travis’ child,” she whispered to herself.

The elevator doors slid open. She stepped on and turned around. Darla pressed the down button.

The elevator doors closed.

Travis laid his head back against his headrest. He was slightly drunk and hurt. What are the odds his son could not be his? Maybe he should take the fucking test he thought. “For what and be disappointed in the media.” He reached over and grabbed his cell phone from off the passenger seat. He lifted it and flipped it open.


Bertha heard the telephone ringing in Travis’ study. She placed the dishtowel down on the counter-top and walked out the kitchen. She hastily made her way into his study. She hurried around the desk and snatched the receiver up. She placed it up to her ear.


“Bertha, have the houseguests vacated my premises.”


He felt sick to his stomach.

“Darla did not take anything that was not hers, did she?”

“Mr. Slay, with all due respect, you are talking about the mother of your son.”

“As of today, I am not beholden to Dr. Cabaña, or her son.”

She knew he could be cold-hearted, but this is ridiculous.

“Are you there Bertha?”

“Yes, and Dr. Cabaña, only left with her suitcase and the clothes on her back.”

“Wait, alone, how about my son? I mean her son.”

“Your son left with Dr. Cabaña’s parents.”

“Good, then I would be home momentarily.”

“Yes sir.”

Bertha hung up the telephone.

Travis flipped his cell phone down. He slicked his hand back through his hair.

Damn, just this morning he was a father, and now, single, and heirless again. “Fucking whore,” he hissed through his teeth. He placed his cell phone inside the pocket of his tuxedo jacket.


“Darling, are you sure, you want to travel this time of night.”

“Mother, I have already made the flight reservations. I am going to Florida tonight. I need to set this right.”

“I love you, but I would not ask you this.”

“Yes, mother and father, I am positive Travis Jr.’s father is Travis Sr., and when I do set this right, I will make absolutely certain he is not granted custody of his son. The nerve of his arrogance, in placing me in a situation such as this, just who does he think he is.”

“A man with money and apparently no morals.”

Darla kissed her son on his cheek.

“We are going to be fine mother.”

“At least if you wait until tomorrow, we can all leave out together.”

“Mother, you and father have a beautiful suite, with a Jacuzzi and a fireplace, use it. I’m sure father would like the alone time, before, babysitting duties comes knocking at the door.”

Her mother looked over at her spouse.

“She does have a point.”

“Have you made reservations at a hotel in Florida?”

“No, I am going directly to the person’s home who is responsible for this.”

“Please tell me not the man, who this Hunter guy advised us who kidnapped you.”

“Yes, and that information was false.”

Her father slicked his hand back through his hair.

“Darla, are you sure about this? And going all the way to Florida to confront this man. I have to think about the welfare of my grandson.”

“Father, Travis Jr. and I will be fine.” Darla looked down at her Cartier watch. “I have to go.” Darla walked up to her mother and kissed her on the cheek, she then kissed her father on his cheek.

“Okay you two, give your grandson a kiss.”

Darla’s mother lifted Travis Jr. from Darla’s arms, and held him. “You take care of your mother for me.” She nudged his cheek, and then kissed him on the forehead.

“Come here little fellow.”

Her father took him from out his wife’s arms.

“My you are going to be a true doctor.”

“Or a Director.”

“One could only hope.”

Dr. Cabaña hugged his grandson to his cheek.

“You two get back here safe.”

“Yes sir.”

Dr. Cabaña handed Travis Jr. back to Darla.

“Here, I would help you downstairs with the baby and your luggage.”

“Thank you, father.”

Dr. Cabaña lifted the two luggage and walked to the door. Darla followed.

“I love you darling and be careful out there.”

“We will, and I will call you once my plane land.”

“You make sure that’s a top priority.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Darla’s mother opened the door. Darla walked out the hotel suite, followed by her father.

Darla’s mother closed the door.

“God, please help those two, and watch over them.”


Travis tossed and turned. He blindly reached out to the empty space. He turned on his back and stared at the ceiling.

“Oh Travis…. you have…oh baby…. you have to take it out, I could get pregnant.”

Travis threw the covers back and sat up. He got out the bed walked into the adjoined nursery. He walked over to the rocking chair.

The sight of Darla breastfeeding their son flashed across his eyes. He walked over to the changing table and lifted a blanket, he smelled it.

The scent of baby lotion, and baby powder invaded his nostrils. He hugged the blanket to his chest. He missed his son and the mother something terribly.

He placed the blanket back down on the changing table. Travis looked around; he slicked his hand back through his hair.

“Dammit, she still has my engagement ring.”

Travis rushed back into his bedroom. He walked over the dresser. He looked around in case she may have left it behind.

“I be damn if I allow her to wear a twelve-caret ring on her finger, and she’s not my fiancée.”

Travis walked over to the bed, sat on it, and lifted the telephone receiver. He placed it up to his ear and dialed out.

Bertha heard her phone ringing. She looked over at the clock. She angrily reached for the receiver and placed it up to her ear.

“Bertha, this is Mr. Slay, I would like to know if Darla left the engagement ring behind.”

“Mr. Slay, do you know what time it is.”

“That is not the answer I am looking for.”

“Sir, she did not mention an engagement ring to me.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought.”

Travis slammed the telephone down in Bertha’s ear.

“Thank you too sir.”

Bertha hung up the telephone and turned back over.

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