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Jonny Gigolo

Star-date 1984
Midnight out on the dance floor
A flash from my past

I could see her over there looking apprehensive
Like she wasn’t interested in squeezing my ass

But holus-bolus she was pump’n her brakes
While her foot rested heavily on the gas

Just waiting for the race to begin
The very moment I dropped my pants

But I wasted no time with the proverbial
“Hello beautiful, my name is Jonny”

My sword just inching its way out of its sheath
With lustful eyes for her autonomy

But we only exchanged numbers within a Hallmark of words
“why don’t you call me”

And like John Gotti pleading the 5th
I made my way down the hall to room #223

“Knock knock knock”
“Hello, Jonny, it’s me and my friend Dolly”
“Not tonight girls, I’m sorry”

I hadn’t slept in like 48 hours
Day and night, and all the hours in between
Body after body

But it was only twenty five cents a ring
From the front desk hotel lobby

And I was young and crazy back then
Built like a steel belted knobby

So I called one day
“Hey beautiful, how you doing
“I’m close by, out here in Raleigh”

“Would you like to meet up for a cup of coffee”
“Or can I come pick you up promptly”

Only the second time we had ever met
And soon she became my new favorite hobby

I thought it’s was cute the way she was always licking her lips
Like a little girl with a lolly

And she was a sweet sexy little thing
A hottie with a drop dead gorgeous body

And she loved that feeling of real Italian leather
Just resting inside her Maserati

She wasn’t shy
And I was even more daring
Going full throttle, my Harley versus her Bugatti

But before I got it out of second gear
She was already screaming, oh my god Jonny

So playing up to her overly emotional spirits
Only took a simple melancholy

But I never knew love could feel so right
And yet still be so damn naughty

I mean I was right down on this girl
Just flogging away at her molly

I guzzled her down like an alcoholic
With an Edelbrock 10-50 Holly

I’d kiss her cute little kitten for hours on end
While she played with my doggie

I’d suckle her fruits and give her the salami
Butter her muffin
While she laid back so calmly

Many buxom beauties came knocking at my door
And in and out they came like a tsunami

But for an institution I can’t disparage
Like marriage
My hands never felt so palmy

But every moonlit night out on our terrace
We’d always act like sex crazed zombies

Three four times a day wasn’t an anomaly
Maybe sexually aggressive
But never physically brawny

But after many years of looking at the same old decor
It seems like she never even saw me

I wasn’t her boy-toy anymore
Her sugar daddy, or a pocket book, yes!
A fool oddly

But to this very day my past has never once come back to haunt me

And I don’t actually regret what I’ve done
I am who I am
And today I’m more godly

“This story is based upon actual true events, all characters are non fictional, but some names have been changed to protect their innocence, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental, nobody in this story, and no outfit or corporation, thank God, is based upon an actual person or outfit in the real world, but I can tell you this, as my personal journey through the pleasure jungle, by comparison my story is as tame as a holiday postcard.
No dogs were harmed during this stories production, a cat might have thrown up once or twice, somebody may have cooked a goose, or baked a cake in a microwave oven, but someone definitely started a fire and someone was incarcerated for public intoxication and nudity, but I swear, thats all.
Written by Jonnybravo
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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