Walking Kamikazes

Walking kamikazes
Violent Zombies
Ticking time bombs with over exerted consciousness  
Underrepresented in the grand scheme
Some people get frustrated and take their personal pain out on others or themselves
Lock their feelings away
Then display the ďBrave face,Ē as itís called.
Our biological Battery life drains with each waking moment, but when the charge is focused within, what is the ratio between positive and negative?
I wanna address my folks for a second, cause Black people really donít mess with mental health at all.
We have an ingrained construct, that tells us to protect loved ones without getting involved
They end up doing harm again  
Someone elseís silent distress lingers to fester
For either control or satisfaction
In domestic abuse, substance, sexual, or self-mutilation    
Why is there strength in keeping silent?
Thereís bravery in remaining quiet and when you stand for something people act like youíre wrong.  
Toxic energy.
Expectations were never patient for some
Iím tired of walking into cemeteries. It's taking its toll on me.  
For real, cause it be people my own age.  
Not even from natural causes
The flaws in our systems are clear
For those who give a damn to see it
What I havenít figured out yet is why the dialogue hasnít started
I know I wonít solve everything but Iím hurt  
I canít explain how much sadness Iíve had to grapple with and Iím not the only one
Iím not saying anything new, I just canít predict where Iíll be in the future so Iíll spell it out now
Make the conversation about mental health a thing
We are what is keeping each other alive and balanced, the scales of wisdom are so finicky like the wind, so dammit, love one another or at least implore each other to see the humanity in your sisters and brothers.
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
Author's Note
A message about mental health for the Black community
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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