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Once upon a brisk winter night
He watched from the darkness
As Snow danced with the wind
Underneath the bright street lights

So tired of all this hiding
The things he holds so dear
The one single wooden match
That kept his fire igniting

In his head he started to wonder
If I just step into the light
And start to walk amongst them
They would surely understand ... right?

And in that moment, on that cold brisk night
You could have heard a pin drop
When he mustered up enough courage
And gracefully stepped into the light

Standing tall for the public to see
With a smile on his face
He slowly removed the mask
And what was revealed was me

It did not take long
To realize this would not go well
when there smiles turned to scowls
I never felt so wrong

I tried to explain
What they did not understand
And showed them I had nothing but love
As I opened my hands

But to no avail
They did not want to hear
It was not their way
And the insults started to hail


An icicle tear fell from my eye
I knew I made a mistake
They will never understand
I frowned, as I sighed

I tried one more time
But words fell on deaf ears
As I attempted to explain
But my fears reappeared

As the crowd grew restless
I put my mask back over my face
Insults cutting at his soul
Anxiety leaving him breathless

Backwards he stepped slowly
Away from the light, back to the darkness
Watching them return to their normal
Realizing he was meant to be lonely

It is a shame it has to be this way
But this way it will always be
Either think and act like the mob
Or be lonely for all eternity

The lesson I have learned
To always wear this mask
When i walk amongst them
To avoid getting burned

I will always choose lonely
If lonely lets me be me
At least while being lonely
My spirit and heart are free

So until i forget and try once again
I will stand here tall in the darkness
Like a sturdy piece of wood
With all the others that are like me
The grossly misunderstood
Written by Wh1skeySwagger (Swagger)
Author's Note
Its funny how even though through out times many narratives, rights, and wrongs have evolved. But one thing that never changes is that if you are not part of the current narrative you better get the fuck out of the way or be trampled by the mob.

I live my life a certain way that many perceive as different or taboo, and the few times in life that I slipped out from the disguise, one thing held true every time, it was not pretty. You find yourself starting over remaking this character that people are not afraid of.

The moral is Always be the best you that you can be, just be careful who share the real you with, and understand that even though EVERYBODY thinks they are understanding, the reality is very few people are.

This may sound bleak and ho hum, but it is my reality
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