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Oh, Atlantis, Broken Heart

In these times of New Age Golden
where so many teachings thrive
I know a young heart sought in
the deepest of the Self new life.

I know that Petur Dunov,
Toth of Pre-Atlantis time,
also known as Beinsa Duno
among White Brotherhood that shines,

is the one who taught in Egypt
and his legacy was brought Eastwards,
in this Earth of hidden crypts,
the Children of the Unity were Stars.

Did you know the story of Atlantis?
Innovative, my, so experimentative,
now their offsprings sing hosannas,
but they disobeyed a Law imperative,

they played with women aggression
and corrupted Knowledge Wise
ill-device, in itself, meant as a procession
of Inverted Merkaba,...Demise.

I have dreamt my tears ~ as of today,
I felt the Titans rising in activating force
of protection, but the Ocean did sway
and brought upon a Deluge, oh Source!

Can you imagine how it feels
when you fail at protecting the dearest
endangering the mechanism's wheels
as to remove a numeral - Thou, fearest.

Thou, fearest, the Wrath of God
that shall always crash upon you
as salvating forces they were thought
but did Elohims in incarnation ever have a clue...?

Some smart sapients evaded the danger,
moved away to spread their wings,
true bravery of heartbroken rangers,
but today my Heart ...sings!

IT sings, because in Tibet
in a hidden oasis of colours,
secluded, they the new met,
the Children of Atlantis' sole heirs.

Also, Petar Dunov's Brotherhood of Light,
and the Bogomil sacred chanting echoes,
united their chours creating a Sight
for it shall be Forth, the Necrum -

Aren't you shocked! As it appeared
right in front of their sacred gate,
and it seemed at first so weird
but they didn't really have to wait...

Lucifer appeared there.
The corrupted prideful prince.
And the Enoch Keys Infernal air
uttered Holy Ghost melodic hymns.

And an Anti-Christic energy
something never before felt,
waved itself in complete synergy
with God's plan, for it's.... the Well.

"I'M Sorry, Father!" Lucifer Cried.
"I LOVE YOU and I Shall Serve."
And this is not truly a Lie
Because it Holily as Tears Curved...............

"My Father, My Blasphemy"
but it is hurled out in the World
the New Energy of Alchemy
The Luciferian Meets God's Word.

And up there, in the starry sky that swirls,
where the hopes of the newly deadborn can be seen
The Vesak intention does now twirl
and emanate the good will with hymns...

You did not die in vain, Beloveds.
You are on a mission for the One.
The purest of us always covet
for the Aumic Inner Life that's Eternally On!
Written by AaronBraveHeart (Boyana Popova)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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