Solving the Monty Hall puzzler (Pt. 1)

The Monty Hall puzzle, was a
big matter of discussion,
way back in the 1970's,
even PjDs in mathematics made staunch,
but incorrect solutions about it.

The problem was finally proved by
programming a computer
(thank heavens for computers)
to simulate the game.
Finally the community at large
decided that the
Monty Hall puzzler
had been solved.

On Monty Hall's game show,
there are three doors.
Behind two doors are goats,
which nobody in the world could love.
(except a few animal lovers, but thats another story, in a universe far away)
Behind the third door is a brand new car.

It was a car from the 1970's.
what with it being the 2020's,
I might have to concede, maybe very few people today
would put up with a car from the 1970's... hey, Lets change the Monty Hall puzzler a little bit,
 for perspective. Imagine:

Sara, has picked three of her past lovers
One that is clueless how to satisfy,
One that always goes dutch,
and then that one who lasts for hours
and is all set to go again at 4pm tomorrow.

Sara calls up Annie, an old friend,
who is currently between guys,
to come over to
play a matchmaking game.

Sara takes out an old deck of cards.
Sara picks her best lover,
writes his name with a marker,
on the hidden side of a playing card. †
Sara puts a thumbs up next to his name.

Then †Sara †writes †the names †of her two worst lovers,
on †the underside of two other cards.
Then she says "Nah, lets make that one good lover hidden in with
nine bad ones"

So she takes seven more cards, and writes
seven more dating duds names under the cards.

Sara's friend Annie rings the doorbell,
 Sara welcomes Annie into her kitchen, where
Ten playing cards are laid out on the table,
Sara explains that
On the hidden side of each card is †a guy's name along with
a thumbs up, or a thumbs down. †
Sara explains †only one guy †out of the ten cards,
gets her †thumbs up.
The other nine, well...

"Go ahead and pick a card, Annie"
 Sara knows which card is the winner. †
Annie makes her pick, †reaches for her card,
but Sara stops Annie from turning the card over.

"now I am going to pick a card, Annie".
Sara slides Annie's pick forward,
then slides her own pick forward.

"Annie, one of these cards is the good lover"
Now we have two cards.

Would you like, to keep your pick,
or †switch to the other card?

Annie says,"hmm...

thanks for reading.
Before I continue,
What might be your intuition,
on what is the best pick,
on this modified puzzler?

Go Head, in the comments, please let me know!
(before I publish part two, which will explain everything)
Written by clewluss (SMOOKY)
Author's Note
What do you think?

Or does it matter one way or the other?
What are your intuitions?
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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