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Image for the poem incensed by supposed taboos ~ 'Cunt' isn't your mother's curse word anymore...

incensed by supposed taboos ~ 'Cunt' isn't your mother's curse word anymore...

You Cunt!
the supposed
worst curse word
that can be spat
with perfect venom
the ultimate in anger slander
(if you're American)
at almost all women
all people, really
it's, instant
face turned red,
"green means Go"
"run motherfucker, RUN."
It's the be all end all.
The cherry
on top of a sundae
pist off rage
I enjoy and embrace
it's impactful engage
I claim it as my own
I claim it as
"My very own Cunt"
ya dirty fuckers...
It's true
I can almost hear you
feeling that quiet
uncomfortable stirring
a sort of shock
in erotic confirming
You bunch of cunts!!
It's just a word
albeit the best one,
(outside of motherfucker)
but still,
Only. A. Word.
I know,
I do..
That there's power
in all words
but its the
power we give them
that makes them
so very powerful
that's why a reclaiming
to where there's
no fucking shaming
making it my own,
anew, in it's reshaping
realigns the meaning
I have a much higher ire
where my deep well
of anger resides
in a mixed complexity
with lack of inequity
racial, sexual, financial
what happened to
what's fair for you is fair for me?
then there's the real life implications
of women that are paid lower pay
for the exact same job a man portrays
or a deflated defeat
of a really, I mean really subpar lay
(silly cunt, to put up with that)
how 'bout the fact that there's
flat Earther's in existence?
The earth is NOT fucking flat
those motherfuckers
are just dumb cunts
(see what I did there?)
with stupidity in blind persistence
yet even THAT pales in comparison
to where my deepest anger starts
with an aging cunt's harassment
getting older isn't for pussies
to be saddled with a hormonal rage?
Is taking common sense,
unmitigated desire
and logical reasoning
smashing them to bits
all while battling
in a blood soaked UFC steel octagon
having periods
when you least expect them
The Shining vs Lawrence of Arabia
along with hot flashes
that leave you breathless
My cunt behaving
ridiculously scandalous
never-ending emotional randomness
sleeplessness that invades
crying in a moment of nonsensical malaise
all while living within a pandemic haze
the stereotypical irony
isn't lost on me
my worst lifetime behavior
is induced in a solo quarantined environment
peri-menopausal humor survivement
"sorry my hormones make me psychotic"

She's a hysterical cunt, this one is....

Written by Bluevelvete
Author's Note
inspired by the angry women comp, thanks for the piss n' vinegar impetus!... 🙇‍♀️🙏🌺
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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