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eye can't brEAThe...

eye can't brEAThe...


eYE See you're oveR eAGEr;
BUTT eye can't breathe sir either
Yes my shadow sad glow black; butt leave it to beaver...
Grieving seeing track of tears... Sense readin' slave soul slain plan Cain and Abel pain kkklan fable end Eden we've been beaten for four hundred years
or your son said cheers
We're "Most www.ant.ed" this is for MorE hunted peers
Check this; you too reckless to keep me in check bitch!..
You put your knee in neck press like a necklace
Are you reading Miranda rights or a death-wish
Dirty cops won't stop til they had "Soul Food" for breakfast
am eye saying' FuCK The Police!?!
Yas!.. BitCh!..
now start six feet street chasin'
Heart skip beat racin' part street tastin'
Hiding behind your shield trying to build that case then
Black face penned; buried in the concrete
Your lyin' legal gang on a hero thang;
Fly in to compete
Guy in blue true conceit drew con neat to complete your paperwork
Eye sense hate
My lights out on license plate
That's how a Hater work
Let me pay my fine don't spray my kind before we pay ur clerk sew we can see you later jerk
Eye bet you view me ass a threat;
butt don't let the black face fool you just let the fact race threw you in this rat race you true RACIST width two faces; butt when the shit hits the fan you faceless...

eye can't brEAThe!..

Eye hide pride while you tried Disrespect
Got my wrist tied while you risk Lee neck
Will these be my last four steps before eye gasp for breaths..?
Be D.O.A. and see no way before the task force left...
Then watch the chief of police who refuse to weep give a news brief...
Then maybe call me crazy; he sleeps like a baby while my fam lose sleep...
Eye can't breathe and still can't believe that width the cellphones in the background;
The yell; moans crushing my frail bones aint no act now this ill cop still won't stop!..

eye can't brEAThe!..

I wish the boys in blue would walk out blind
Instead black men dead then they
Talk out mind
Whose fault?
Doubt mine!..
Lead writes
Sing the Blues; Whites and Red lights
During big fight pig🐖 might
Read rights width dead sights head white Chalk outlines
Maybe a black cop will spot plot sew eye can walk out fine?.?
That's not; they stalk out kind and racial profile too
Wreck clog vision;
Facial know child knew
If eye can't leave please let me breathe
Facial show smile too until eye'm blue in the face!..
Tour wrote "His Story" showed eye rowed over on your boat;
Eye gues(t)s eye'm knew in the place..?
Hung ourselves in our cells; eye guess he shoe in the lace
"Opportunity" for copper unity eye jest; they threw in the "Space"
Stand down;
Because man brown
Heavy is the head that wears the "tan crown"
The plan now is make the precinct a
"Klan Town"

eye can't brEAThe!..

It's a "Black" not a blessed thing every since they ex'ed "X" and offed King
Those dogs are rabid;
It's become habit to be rabbit season on our offspring...
Then NFL sin as well widthout blacks they'd be thin ass hell
Masters got mad at Kaepernick
Taunted haunted flaunted then wanted to snap sir neck...
What if he had "White Privilege" instead of bright nigga lips could he kneel to the flag
and would he still grew the bag 💰 or did the miner 49'er blew the bag because he had high hopes my folks he loves would threw the gag
Order or supporter
BUTT nigh! nope!
They choose the flag!..
While Betsy Ross lets Lee's loss be her gain...
Minus the white; sign is red and blue be her stain...
Eye'm a tax paying citizen; they breaking backs of blacks; gettin' hit again!..
We in this shit again!..
They lust us butt bust us no justice
Police brutality and casual casualty is our reality;
Show just us...
No noose; butt knees and cuffs the new leash
Sew Fuck the police!.. Capeesh!?!
eye can't brEAThe!..

No *stars* and //stripes\\
just scars and fights
Will eye have the writes to remain quiet..?
Will eye cry yet while they riot and eye bet loot; while eye get the boot and they throw me for loops or hoops on trees like "strange fruit
Mayor called in the troops;
"Don't shoot!..
Trade me because eye don't fit...
Lady 🗽 Liberty aint never did shit for me except hid shit and spit sit this the land of the free...
Kneel down; fist up and see the hand of a "G"
Maybe lately they'll have black ladies in the street and black babies in the street
If you were color blind; discover a brother mind we could uncover the beef...
You want us to brown nose on blue asses like you massa's while news plasters our hues faster on the front page
Width gasped breath we don't want death nor want cage... You taunt rage getting smart then letting dark skin be the reason you yell freeze son then release your dark twin...
Bite our ass then
Hogs turn to dogs
We kneel fore what we believe in;
butt you still feel it's treason;
While whites live width out a care
My thoughts are everywhere
Now my lifeline hurts;
Right mind perched wear used to be heir
butt tight bind searched wear there be air

eye can't brEAThe!..

Fire starters hire martyrs while Yall scowl
Width out warning; single file storming our White House
Wearing foul smile; waving REaD flags want us to throw in the towel; know nine won won two dial;
While beating
Treating brown skin vile
Walk a mile end our shoes stepping threw bowel;
Checking boys in blues clues
kNOW buying vowels
Who's dying now while we howl how we chattered;
"Black lives mattered!.."
Plastered on tee shirts or billboard
The more we yell;
Keep real score, they kill more
POW!!! See Brains battered;
Now sea Stains splattered
Now see black lives shattered
Wow see white cops width black lies scattered behind yellow tape
Butt we find purpose by design because hell know fate...
Leethal say people equal butt eye don't match ya face
Black the race sew eye guess eye catch a case...
Yal mad because we kneel to yal flag
butt too bad
Eye might add why you sad? Yal should be too glad yal got two flag
No pillow cases; show real hoe faces;
Cops cop new bag
Show grief; know justice; know peace
Sew far eye survived the police
That's a big fete now and days
Win beating down what's brown is now damn craze
Yal above the law?
Ya love bruh; naw
The glove the flaw;
Judge the awe
The brother saw; does it fit..?
If the dove the jaw does it sit; does it spit or does it shit on itself???

Orange aint the new black it's an old president
REaD elephant in November will men remember a new member hold residence???
Then my kin can say hi then to Biden
You dont like what my oen write???
Bye then!..
Cry when; eye hold my breath while God chose my steps... Bod rose eye suppose; butt will eye avoid my death;
Eye can grieve; butt eye can't breathe!.. While my seeds are endangered species; human race; human waste or blue man feces??? Peace sees the truth
Can you hear hour pleas and pleads of;
"Please!.. eye can't brEAThe!..
kNOw just US; no peace
Slow justice; show piece
Bang! Bang!
Hang! Hang!
No noose you use;
Butt the same thang...
Eye wish we could trade places two see who God made racist and your bod laid traces of evidence wear my knee and your plea shared the same residence;
Butt it became evident you was resisting arrest
Now we same; wow he slain
See he missing a neck...
Silly thugs using their billy clubs like we got V.I.P.
Dead target our "REaD" carpet treatment;
Butt see eye see

Eye'm not choppin' bout the "Cream of the crop" just those negro beating cops!.. Before another brother drops this shit got to ST✋P!!!

R.I.P. George Floyd

"We shall overcome over dumb some day or take over gun and overrun sum say..."

Leethal 6.1.2020

Edward Lee Melvin Jr:

Nick dropped the Cannon then eye ran in
Every black man width a plan should stand in

We aint overcome since Birmingham and you wonder why our cities hence burning; damn!..
Geez Louise eye can't breathe!.. Watch me choke off the smoke; while you get high ass the sky from the words eye just wrote

Until eye die write or wrong or they jack pen
eye will stand strong all day long for black men in black skin

Did you see that!?! If you be black you get the kneecap

That's why we see Kap "Just due it" fore we black

In the midst of this fuckin calamity please excuse the profanity
Butt the definition of insanity is sin, kkklan;
Know man git me
I write "White Privilege" means the
Snowman shit free

They don't give a fuck about american flags
When con letter get passed they pledge confederate flags

Officer friendly how come when we pulled over
You ask; "Do you feel lucky!?!" like a 4 leaf 🍀 clover
Well punk; do you!?!
Jail crunk; screw you!..
When you get to 🔥 hell 🔥tell the monk;
And you too FOX NEWS who block clues
Win you spot blues box dudes
CNN pretend they see men sin;
Butt will they free men? When?
Width white knee on neck we barely see men chin

It's subliminal; they treat us all like criminals
We shall overcome butt only in the hymnals
Black folks always getting hassled
They say we free butt our minds are in shackles
Trump's rump the commander and chief of these Jackals
Assholes causing grief to black souls
School of hard knocks wear my tassels???

Everyday we see a new casualty from sum police brutality
When in reality actually it's becoming commonplace; view gradually

Boys in blue you don't have a yeoman's clue
When in Rome due ass the Romans due
Rome is burning; stone missed turning
Grown pissed learning to fight back
The chapter after we light that; how bout a light SMACK!!! This will be your dear john letter; write back...

Dirty badges pissed cops; they say we savages
Then they slay and display who the savage is
Pic cropped
Dick Cop gonna quick chop or guy wanna punch
Wants to "Serve and protect" me sum Guyana Punch.
Anotha brotha gets jumped! Before your brown bag lunch.. Motha fucka what you want!!!
Why is chocolate always the flava of the month???
Chocolate fudge can't get no love;
End this case
You got know taste sew eye pen this chase
Eye'm in the human race; butt cannot cross the finish line
Butt his menace mind can't diminish mine

eye can't brEAThe like eye'm off life support
Negro beating cops beating my black ass like Nikes a sport
eye can't even write the court because they are in this together sew whoever treasure the blackman
Will sum won tell the cops two stop the jack man before the black man attack klan

"By any means" seems to be necessary
Is Amerikkka in a mess???
Yes; YES VERY!..
Wassup courts; are blacks on life support; barely...
REaD; white and blue thugs doing drive bys on my guys while eye cry
Everytime eye see a new video eye die
Who's gonna police yo police when there's no justice; just us or no peace for yo peeps when a bro breathes his last breath and takes his last sleep
Takes his last steps after you say freeze then freeze your knees on his neck
Shit hits the streets now it's a fire on deck
Cellphones recapture hell prone shown on tv sets
Eye regret to let you know no more forgives or forgets after the shows over hoping we won't remember when you dismember this member and it blows over
Po-Po gets the wet vest and the cold shoulder

eye can't brEAThe!..

Yal giving me goosebumps
Make 🇺🇸 Amerikkka hate again when yal symbolic kNEW noose Trump's

There are no more cheeks to turn!.. Throw smoke bombs then due U-Turns and watch you 🔥 🔥BuRN🔥🔥
Until you learn
Me and my three seeds can't breathe when blue knees is the knew 🌳 trees

You can't believe eye can't breathe like there's no oxygen
You can't comprehend or pretend because you're not Lee skin

Amerikkka under siege;
Butt eye can't breathe
You want me to go back to Africa butt eye can't leave

Is this before or after the chapter you broke/sold
You got me in a choke hold
Butt we both know

The boys in blue aint no friend to me they true enemy
Eye wish they'd serve and protect width that same energy!..

Eye'm too righteous to riot butt eye got one question; "Why us???"
If you did not want [US] hear why buy [U.S.]

We come from Queen's and Kings; butt here eye'm a blue man thing treated less than a human being
Few man seeing
Eye cant breathe and it's not because of some mask
It's because of this dumb ass width his knees on my neck
Getting trounced then bounced while he yells freeze on my check

Eye cant breathe; butt eye guess oxygen not for free
They have air over there
Butt it's just not for me?.!

Knees the knew disease
Add to amerikkkas atrocities
Diband this land of the free because it is hypocrisies

Amerikkkas racist faces have been diagnosed
M L King had a dream butt why bad joke

Is it sew hard to believe eye can't breath..?
Eye sew numb from this ‘ish that eye can't grieve

eYE LLove every other hue
Butt struck write on brother cue
What luck; butt fuck the color blue

Why can't you "Serve & Protect" properly
Because obviously you knot what a real copper be

The foul mad while we sad you use black necks like knee pads

All we see is ME in MEdia
You put the wicked in Wikkkipedia

They ACT like the black man savage
Butt threw read fears we shed tears;
We average

We hear rants and chants; "Negro go back to Africa"
Butt we were your invited guest sew we laugh at ya

Eye can't brEAThe and that's me showing transparency
In sum cases you aint racist butt apparently your parents be
Sew eye promise you get it honest inherently
Eye turn blue in the face when blue in the place then you stare at me
Racist faces faceless width traces of crooked trials and crooked smiles like braces
Incognegro we find be blind behind white sheets we find price deep heads beat to the white meat
Yal gonna need a water hose to douse this hotter prose win there's fire in night streets
Sense prod;
Stench odd
Sew eye
Pinch God to protect me from the
Lynch mob
Before they tie Lee limbs to tree limbs
Then Limp bod

eye can't brEAThe!..

If you remain silent when they can't restrain violence then try this; keep quiet when we burn, loot and riot and your flag turns REaD; blew and violet
Eyelet pleas
White sheets turn two white knees
At your command temporarily or permanently eye might "freeZZZe"

Eye can't breathe and won't nobody help me!!!
Officer this aint a gun eye'm trying to take a selfie
Trying to capture the moment; you bad for my health; see

Listen, is it your damn mission or "the man's" vision to make me extinct or in prison

Why must we be Tuskegee Airmen
If your flag is meant for me, why we aint fair then???

eye heard back in the days Abe freed the slaves
Butt ass of yesterday we don't feel free these days

We have heard it four centuries;
We shall overcome eventually
Physically; negro spiritually and mentally

Eye scribble writes of civil rights ass they shrivel rights
Fake Trumps take chunks from well done steak rumps; big ole bites

Eye been said width my pen lead kkkops are a bunch of skinhead
If I wasn't raised right or got tazed; fight; I woulda been dead
Eye guess if black cops opt to pop-pop-pop on white men it would be alright then
Won day the majority will be the minority(all white skin)
No guise #45 sides width the bad guys
Seeing the orange defending the blue gives me sad eyes
Ass you choke kin it goes unspoken; butt Amerikkka even width my nose open hopin' eye can't breathe!..

Eye'm more scared of this scene than Covid19
Every time they show vid eye scream
eye ScEnE more violence in a lifetime that could take up nine lifelines
This place is racist;
Aint another races face like mine's

eye don't condone butt eye'm prone to promote violence
Eye might try this riot; no more silence
Eye sense the time for this rhyme is optimal
Watch the po-po get smoked like Optimos
Talk is cheap; walk this creep to an early grave
Next time you get girly babe; me and Leethal watch black people get surly; brave...

WE CAN brEAThe!!!

R.I.P. George Floyd

Edward Lee Melvin Jr.
& Leethal Collaboration 6.6.2020

✂~~~~~~Cutting Room Floor ✂~~~~~

Yal will never fully see Lee B.B.B. fact
That's Breathing Being Black
For white G's it's a breeze butt for me eye can't brEAThe!!!
bLEEd stains or detained either weigh eye can't LEavE

eYE'LL keep this little riddle light; when it comes to Civil Rights we get a nibble bite
Eye'm sew tired when eye spy your li(E)brary that lie every chapter eye capture

Spare me!..

GOoD golly miss molly I can't brEAThe sir
Is it because I don't look like Wally Cleaver or the Beaver?..
What a pity we burn🔥 your city like a fever
Choked up and choked out like a seizure
Hey this must be MMA
Tell Holmes he on cell phones when we film him play
Width our lives
Another brother dies
Like Gomer Pile says;
"Surprise Surprise!.."

Show bro nervous when the Po-Po serve us
Hater cops; hot cots and tater tots
Mine don't dine on swine; smell you later cops

eye can't brEAThe!..

Wassup guy eye can't lie
a colored brother short on air supply
Blue versus brown aint even a fair skin fight
a negro can't breathe not even at this Fahrenheit
The boys in blue are poison to my bloodline
They don't love kind or love mind
They say don't budge when they nudge then it's grudge time
Hoe sluts eat doughnuts win its grub time
Black groups need to wear space suits just incase they taste boots from these race troops
eye can't brEAThe!..

The fella got his patella on my neck sew eye holler
Like eye got ring around the collar
Check this;
At the risk of seeming EPiC
Or cross every "eye can't brEAThe" off my deathwish
It's either silence or violence is what eye'm left width

eye can't brEAThe and it's not cause of an asthma attack. It's my plasma is white butt the ass duh is black!..

Gaspin' while eye'M ASKin'
"Why me; eye free; why knee?!?" Try see me ass a human not a hue man like you man
You superior butt clearLee whore you fear me more???
Once a King now a "thing" sew maybe
Black Panther that answer to cure this jack cancer…

You too mean to tale me we helped a man breathe on the moon; but a black goon has not received any help breathing since landing on Amerikkka’s dune..?
Amerikkka you are a mess butt this is a test the problem KNEEds two be addressed
What's your narrative
Spare what live
Share what give

The unsocial sum loco local po po sew cold width no soul
Back in the days eye'm backin' the slaves from the cradle if eye'm able or eye'm back in the grave
I need an oxygen mask in a foxy thin glass to then break incase of emergencies emerge sense sees Lee purge pen seas two bLEEd life intwo these scribes till lives change
Eye can't brEAThe like eye'm choking from a gum drop or sum dumb cop width pop rocks in his shoes width a few lose screws
Gift nuthin' two lose

No vehicular butt peculiar they show see trick cue blur black menocide

eye can't brEAThe!..

From Black cower or black coward
To Black power or black powder;
You can't allways wear a bulletproof vest
Sew be careful wear your bullet shoot next
Or whose necks you step on before boys end blue get crept on
PigS IN Dayton makin' me hate bacon
eye could show blue thugs sum love
Butt eye hate fakin'
eye'm statin' eye don't like the Demo-rats or Repugnantcant's
The pigs can't help me and eye see public can't
Another cop saying; "Freeze!.."
Another cop laying knees
A brother stop saying; "Cheese" to a cellphone's what he needs???
Please!.. He can't brEAThe!!!
We bLEEding while Miranda Re-reading me rites eye can't read
She leaving 4 inches and a mule that eye can't see;d;

eye can't brEAThe!..

It's knot because of this stratosphere
Distraught because of this cat is here
That stale smell aint jail that hell is fear
"White Privilege" aint what eYE LLive width;
OnLee jealous here
All my black fellas "hear" is;

"eye can't brEAThe"

butt it aint nothin kkknew
His kkknee married to my neckkk
like somethin' blue
Yes eye'm depressed and oppressed and like white chalk got my neck compressed on this sidewalk
Hold back the tears of plus 400 years;
butt that's my pride fault
eye would claim we overcame;
butt that's "jive talk"
Now because eye got a black/brown neck eye'm weighting on my background check for this "38"
It appears Amerikkka skeered to they'll miss "Pearly Gates" and get scent straight to Hell???

They must kNOW Lee fate too well...

While they must prey; Just pray!..
This stray dismay may sound crazy butt maybe if eye get "Trump in 2020" on my bumpa' sticker yal won't stump a nigger
Naw bump that wigger eYE'LL just pump the trigger!..
The newspaper read and "boys in blue" hater said; "See corpse!.."
Don't lie; why the guy use deadly force???
He had a black head of course!..
If the cop filthy found not guilty;
Fuck every court!!..
Amerikka's most wanted
Amerikkka's most haunted
Amerikkka's most taunted
Eye dare Bic bruh's; throw gauntlet
to who want it
eye witness me flaunt shit sly wit mess
it's a fact blacks trail kin to hell and back
They thinkkk ALL bLACKs cell/pen sellin' crack
tHEY can tale they smell pen? sMACkkk
on waXXX is jumping jaXXX
humping mix traXXXs wit less rabbit's feet
butt more turtle meat win the word  swirl heat make the bird curl feet like eagle claws
Leethal pause fore the cause width won moment of silence
now people paws war the clause list Sun flowww ScEnt LLove violence
dye yo fence if it's white picket sign
write vic wet line width REaD blood parted end REaD Sees
pLEasE eXXXcuse me wild my lead brEAThes
ass leethal's needle form inspected storm injected poison brew fore boys in blue win noise pen blew indigo sew even them Amigos PEN IS envy flow
width a tale spin behind a tail winD of a whale fin
win eyes met then pen eyelets eye wet blow wholes
have we over cum two eat "white only pie" yet
that's Mary Jane's cherry stains taste the same ass Mary J. Blige
fairy may oblige
eye promise man my promise land is of dream 40 acres and a mule
Bomb miXXX plan this:
Supreme Court; WWWe takers; kkklan the fuel
I can't stand the cruel
And if you are white and sight our plight butt will knot be a shining light two join the plight not only for our rights; butt two fight fore our life's you might ass well logically Spock not just drop jaws and watch end shock; butt join the cops and prop your knees on our necks aiight

In February pen lead too scary sense it's Black History Month
Is it that mystery black misery or blacks to be history what you want!?!

Your knees sees he's knot resisting arrest
From see two shining sees Statue of Liberties; she's listing the stress

Is it because of our pigmentation
Or did the pig meant station ass end precinct
Dig bent nation;
Yas pen; we think Black is still beautiful

Is yo police chief a nice dude or apart of the lynch mob like Ice Cube
Sum body pinch God like rice food
Sum cops might scoff because eye'm LONG winded or my dong splendid
Or maybe just pissed off because sum won strong penned it
Vagough lend me your ear sew eye can bend it

While eye scream eye dream of vaccines for black Kings; black Queens and black teens to protect us from whack feins

Ass fore now; hand the duel because "the Man" "a tool"

FOX News it knot news they just drop views from a disadvantage point of a cop shoes

Ass end "Monkey" wrench if the honkey flench...
Eye smell elephant and donkey stench ill they kill a nigga in Broad daylight
He can't brEAThe sew God; they might...

Will sum won pLEasE tale the fella the patella can be a Leethal weapon two when people step on yoU and that black bastard's neckkk
BuTT tHEy steel guise fail two(quill rise) fell two real lies monKEY end... The middle point blank tHiS period little WhitE ridDLe tHAt mASter'S NeckkkXXXt…
While you harm bruh eYE Pray next when you receive your paycheck; yes cums Karma...

Stay woke; Play woke or Stay joke

Now yoU can't breatHE!..

Leethal/Edward Lee Melvin Jr. 2.3.2021
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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