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Stolen Moments In Time (Ending 2 of 6)

Yonkers, New York  

Giordano’s Residence
“What do you have here, nothing? I paid you half the fee, and all you bring me is more photographs.”  
Mrs. Giordano lifted one of the photographs.  
“Photographs of my son and that floozy. By the end of this week I want that woman, out of my son’s life, or, you will pay the price, for failing me.”  
“Are you threatening me?”  
“We Giordano’s do not make threats, we deliver promises.”  
“Your future daughter-in-law has been stuck to your son’s hip throughout this investigation, other than in the courtroom, I have nothing.”  
“Then try harder damn you.”  
“I will have something for you, even if I have to kidnap her.”  
“Now you are thinking.”  
Barolos looked at Mrs. Giordano. He had to admit, the woman was very calculating.  
“I may be able to assist you. Come tomorrow my stubborn son will be out your way. Please sit down, I have a plan.”  
Barolos took a seat across from Mrs. Giordano.  
Manhattan, New York
Preston smelled the lingering aroma of Artesia’s perfume under his nostrils. He finished completing the application process.  
“References hum.”  
Preston listed his college professors, his Law Clinic professor, his internship place of employment, and Artesia.  
His cell phone rang.  
Preston flipped his cell phone up, and placed it up to his ear.  
“Preston here.”  
“Yes, this is Mrs. Wynn, I received your message.”  
“Yes, I’m interested in buying the property in the Tribeca area.”  
“I have a three o’clock showing within that area, could we meet there… say around, four.”  
“That time is sufficient.”  
“I will see you at the time Mr.…..”  
“Please call me Preston.”  
“I will see you then.”  
Both hung up the telephone.  
Financial Distract  
Manhattan, New York
Tristano slammed the telephone receiver down on the cradle.  
Artesia and he have dinner reservations to celebrate her win on another high-power case. He felt blessed watching the news reporters briefly interviewing her outside the courtroom about her easy verdict.  
Mr. Giordano entered Tristano’s office.  
“Son, you wanted to see me.”  
“Yes. Mother has asked me to go and assist with the Spielberg’s audit, is there any type of way you can handle this one, I promised Artesia a night out.”  
“Sorry son, I’m up to my neck in interviews for a new auditor, and a president, from there, nothing but scheduled meetings.”  
Tristano sighed.  
“Son, you will marry and see this woman for the rest of your life, four days away from each other will not hurt you.”  
“I guess you’re right.”  
“Oh, your mother has you seated on the company’s jet, and ready to fly out at four o’clock.”  
That means he will not get to see Artesia, before he leaves.  
“Make sure you stop in my office before you head out.”  
“You got it.”  
Mr. Giordano walked out of Tristano’s office.  
Tristano lifted the telephone receiver, placed it up to his ear, and dialed out.  
Artesia’s cell phone rang. She placed the transcription of a deposition she was reading down on the desk, and lifted her cell phone. She flipped it open, looked down at her screen, and smiled; she placed it up to her ear.  
“Hello handsome.”  
“Hello beautiful attorney.”  
“It’s so good to hear your voice.”  
“I’m calling to tell you, I won’t be home this evening.”  
“I have to go out of town.”  
“I can get off early and meet you at home.”  
“My mother has already confirmed my traveling itinerary. I’m on the company’s private jet at four o’clock sharp.”  
“How long will you be away?”  
“I have to audit, so I’ll say about four days.”  
“I wish I could go with you, but I have a backlog of cases that will keep me busy. By the way, where is out of town?”  
“Boston. Baby why so far? I really need you closer.”  
“Say that again.”  
“You need me closer.”  
“Yes, I do. I had plans for us to celebrate. Pauline, Jen, and Danica were joining us.”  
“Baby, I’m sorry. Can I make it up to you once I return?”  
Artesia sighed. She really needed to see him tonight.  
Could the urgency be, because Preston has reappeared in her life?  
“Promise me you will be a good girl until I return, and remember the weapon is under the mattress.”  
“I will be good and you also.”  
“Baby, I have to go.”  
“Wait, tell me you love me.”  
“You know you are the spare air I breathe, I love you baby.”  
“I love you too.”  
“I’ll call you once I get to my hotel room.”  
“Okay, love you, and have a safe trip.”  
“Thank you, and enjoy your evening with the girls.”  
Tristano and Artesia disconnected the call.  
Her telephone rang.  
She lifted the receiver and placed it up to her ear.  
“Hello, this is….”  
“A woman who has her foot on my heart.”  
Artesia sat back in her chair.  
“What can I do for you Preston?”  
“Do you want the clean version, or my version?”  
Artesia smiled.  
“The clean version.”  
“I’m at your mercy. I have a house to look at, and I am not quite familiar with the city of New York. This city goes by numbers, nothing like London.”  
“What time is your house showing?”  
“Four o’clock.”  
It’s strange that Tristano leaves out at four o’clock.  
“I will drive you, but first, assure me you will keep your hands to yourself.”  
“You got it.”  
“Where are you staying?”  
“At the Baccarat Hotel and Residences. I’m staying in a two bedroom suite.”  
“Very classy.”  
“No, I have to say the woman on the other end of the telephone is.”  
“Flattery is not going to cut it Preston, I am an engaged woman, and I plan to be once my fiancé returns from out of town this weekend.”  
Shit, big mouth.  
Preston cleared his throat.  
“One could only dream.”  
“I’ll be there around three o’clock.”  
“Don’t let me regret my decision.”  
“You won’t.”  
Artesia hung up the telephone. Preston hung up the telephone.  
740 Park Avenue  
Manhattan, New York  
Tristano’s Penthouse  
Artesia opened the door to Tristano’s penthouse. She entered his residence and closed the door. She strolled into the living-room, and placed her briefcase, purse, and the key-card down on the couch. She looked down at her watch.  
Artesia rushed into the bedroom.  She lifted the note Tristano left behind on the dresser.  
“Make sure you behave yourself.”  
Artesia smiled at the letter and placed it back down on the dresser. She walked over to the walk-in-closet and opened the door.  
Since she will going out with the girls tonight, she might as well dress now. Hopefully, Preston keeps his word.  
“If you keep running from me, you know I will always chase after you.”  
Artesia laid her outfit down on the bed and walked into the bathroom.  
Manhattan, New York  
Two Bedroom Suite
Artesia knocked on the door to Preston’s hotel suite.  
Preston straightened his tie and walked to the door. He slicked his hand back through his hair, and then opened the door.  
Preston whistled under his breath.  
“You look mouthwatering this evening.”  
“And you look handsome this evening just to be going to look at a house.”  
“I have to impress the realtor.”  
“Just make sure you keep your clothes on.”  
Both laughed.  
“Are you ready?”  
Preston pulled the door close to his suite.  
Barolos waited in the hotel bar and lounge. He looked over at the elevator doors. He watched his assignment step off the elevator with a man.  
“Who the fuck is that!” Barolos uttered under his breath in surprise.  
“Baby, let me stop at the front desk to check my messages.”  
“Okay, I will have the valet bring around my vehicle. You can meet me outside.”  
“All right.”  
Preston leaned over and kissed Artesia on her lips.  
“Preston you promised.”  
“Baby, you look too damn good in that dress not to be touched.”  
“I’ll let that pass.”  
Barolos walked outside. He turned around, and took out his cell phone. He opened it and held it up to the sky. He took one step backwards, and continued to back up.  
Barolos bumped into Artesia’s chest. He turned around.  
“Well, isn’t this a surprise.”  
“For some strange reason, you always seem to be in my direct path.”  
“I’m sorry.”  
“I’m not. Hi, my name is Barolos.”  
“Hi, my name is Lay’Luna.”  
“That’s a very nice name.”  
“Thank you.”  
“I do not mean to sound too forward, but are you staying here?”  
“Who wants to know,” Preston said from behind.  
Artesia and Barolos pivoted.  
“Preston, this is Barolos. He knows how to recreate a designer gown with the color red.”  
She winked at him.  
Barolos smiled.  
Preston looked at the two.  
“Are you ready?”  
“Lay’Luna, the next time we bump into each other, dinner follows.”  
Manhattan was a huge metropolitan city, what are the odds of seeing him again.  
“I will be generous and even pay the tip.”  
“All right beautiful.”  
Barolos’ eyes traveled over Artesia’s curvaceous figure, long legs, and high-setting firm breasts.  
He could not wait until he chances another encounter with her.  
Preston grabbed Artesia’s hand, and walked over to her BMW.  
Both walked around the vehicle to the driver side.  
Preston opened the door. Artesia lifted her dress, and got inside her vehicle.  
Preston pushed the door close and walked around to the passenger seat; he got inside and pulled the door close.  
Barolos looked on. He waited until Artesia’s vehicle was down the street. He walked over to the valet.  
“Could you bring me the Porsche?”  
“Certainly sir.”  
“Preston this is a very huge house for only one person.”  
“I always wanted a large family.”  
“Could you afford this?”  
“I would not be here if I couldn’t.”  
Artesia glanced around the four bedroom ranch style home.  
“I really do like the in-ground pool.”  
“How long have you two been married?”  
“Seven months, isn’t that so sweetheart.”  
Preston leaned his face downward and slowly kissed Artesia on her lips. Her lips needed no excuse in responding.  
“Still newlyweds, how thrilling.”  
Preston inched back and looked down into Artesia’s eyes.  
Unexplained emotions mirrored in both of their eyes.  
“Ah, can we see the rest of the house.”  
“Yes ma’am.”  
Preston grabbed a hold of Artesia’s hand.  
The realtor explored every room with them.  
Artesia asked the realtor pertinent questions concerning the home in general; she somehow got her to knock off seven thousand dollars from the asking price.  
“Mr. and Mrs. Childress, I will expect you both in my office tomorrow morning to sign all the necessary paper work.”  
“I may have to come alone, my wife is an attorney, and she has…”  
“I understand.”    
The realtor turned to Preston.  
“Then I will see you tomorrow morning Mr. Childress, and you both have made a wise investment.”  
The realtor shook Artesia’s hand, and then Preston’s hand.  
All three walked to the door.  
Artesia and Preston walked over to her vehicle.  
“Congratulations on your new home.”  
“Could I buy you a drink?”  
Artesia looked down at her watch.  
“I’m meeting a couple of friends later on.”  
“Come on Artesia, we just purchased a home.”  
“No, you bought a home with my assistance.”  
“Could I buy my wife a drink?”  
“One drink.”  
“I know this nice little place.”  
“I’ll drive.”  
Artesia handed Preston her car keys.  
He opened the door for her.  
Artesia got inside her vehicle. Preston closed the door. He walked around the vehicle and opened the door; he got inside, and pulled the door close.  
Preston leaned over, clasped Artesia’s chin, and rotated it. He tenderly kissed her lips.  
Artesia inched closer and strengthened the kiss.  
Preston inched back and dragged the back of his palm down her cheek.  
“Thanks for everything.”  
“You’re welcome.”  
Preston inserted the key inside the ignition and started the vehicle. He wrapped the vehicle around the circular driveway.  
“Where the fuck is this guy going.”  
He has been trailing the two for over two hours.  
“Baby, this drink better be worth it.”  
“Patience baby, if the drink isn’t worth it, in between your thighs will be.”  
“No apologies will be issued after that statement.”  
Artesia relaxed in her seat. She looked at Preston’s side profile.  
His dark-brown eyes always held an enigma to them. His toffee-skin tone complexion enhanced a pencil-thin goatee, which wrapped around a pair of sinful lips, weakening her resistance every time they encountered her lips.  
She looked down at his strong hands gripping the steering wheel. She looked up.  
“You got a haircut?”  
“Yeah, you like it?”  
“It looks very nice.”  
“Preston, how did you know I was residing in New York?”  
“If your boyfriend would not have blocked me from speaking to you at graduation, I would have told you, my father’s business partner spoke to someone in the justice department about a job.”  
“Then why would you want to work where I’m employed?”  
“You know that oldie song… ‘The closer I get to you’  
“That was a nice song back then.”  
“It applies to you sweetheart, and the job was offered to me, however, I declined it. Nothing too easy is worth having.”  
Preston pulled the vehicle off the highway exit.  
“Washington D.C.”  
“Yes, this restaurant serves the best seafood.”  
“Which happen to be a favorite of mine?”  
Barolos pulled out the gas station. A train blockade delayed his advancement.  
The train blockade rose.  
Barolos looked around. He looked up and down the street.  
Dammit, he lost them.  
Washington, D.C
Artesia looked out the window as Preston parked the vehicle.  
The parking-lot was crammed to capacity.  
“I’ve heard about this restaurant, and the spectacular view of the Potomac River.”  
“Only the best for my lady.”  
“Are you cheating on her?”  
“You’re good.”  
Preston leaned over and kissed Artesia on her lips.  
“Please tell me you are not going to sneak those in all night.”  
“Yes and a couple of other things.”  
Artesia smiled.  
It was nothing wrong with having dinner with an old acquaintance she thought.  
Preston opened the door, got out, and pushed it close. He walked around to the passenger side.  
Two handsome men, this could get complicated if she encourages this she thought.  
Preston opened the door for Artesia. He held his hand down to her. Artesia clasped Preston’s hand and stepped out the vehicle.  
Preston pushed the door close.  
“I know that’s not Preston Childress, and in Washington D.C.”  
Preston grabbed Artesia’s hand, and moved her to the opposite side of him.  
Both turned around.  
“I thought that was you.”  
Preston dropped Artesia’s hand.  
“It’s been a long time man.”  
Both men did a fist-to-fist dab, and then hugged each other, with a pat to the back.  
“Artesia, I would like you to meet my Uncle Maxwell.”  
Artesia extended her hand.  
“Nice to meet you.”  
“Man, they sure don’t make them like this anymore.”  
Maxwell looked Artesia’s frame up and down. He grabbed a hold of her hand and twirled her around; he looked down at her derrière.  
“Sweet-n-low, um hum.”  
“Easy man.”  
“Miss. Lovely, you sure you’re with the right man.”  
Maxwell held onto Artesia’s hand, and walked to the entrance of the restaurant.  
Artesia looked back at Preston. Preston shook his head and laughed.  
Barolos rode his vehicle up and down various streets. He saw no sign of a BMW.  
He came upon a stop sign, and looked around.  
He banged his hand down on the steering wheel.  
‘I want you to continue to follow Miss. Wockivoi, one thing I do know, a whore never sleeps alone.’  
The next time he would not fail.  
Boston, Massachusetts
Tristano opened the door to his hotel room. He missed Artesia already. He shut the door, threw the key-card on the desk, and walked over to his bed. He placed his luggage on the bed and sat down. He reached over for the telephone receiver, placed it up to his ear, and dialed Artesia’s cell phone.  
Washington, D.C
Preston and Maxwell looked down at Artesia’s purse.  
“Excuse me.”  
Artesia slid her purse to her, opened it, and took out her cell phone. She flipped it open and looked down at the unknown telephone number on the screen  
“Could you gentlemen excuse me? I have to take this call.”  
Preston and Maxwell stood.  
Artesia stood.  
“I will be right back.”  
“Would you like any dessert?”  
Artesia looked down at Preston’s groin.  
“Probably to go.”  
Preston leaned over and kissed Artesia on her lips.  
“It’s yours.”  
Artesia winked at Preston and walked away from the table.  
“Man, that woman is way out of your league.”  
“No man, that woman is just my speed.”  
“I guess you haven’t noticed the huge rock on her left hand, I tell you man, back the fuck up, before you get addicted and can’t pull out.”  
Preston lifted his glass and took a swig of his Cognac. He placed the glass back down.  
“Uncle Max, I’m already passed that.”  
“Word of advice from your uncle, watch it. Not saying I don’t blame you, the woman is…smoking hot, eye candy to lick, and stick.”  
Both men laughed.  
Boston, Massachusetts
“How was your jet traveling?”  
“Long. I hear music in the background. Where are you?”  
“At Fiola Mare Restaurant in Washington D.C.”  
“What the fuck!”  
Tristan closed his eyes, and then reopened them. He slicked his hand back through his hair.  
“Baby, what are you doing in Washington D.C., and at an expensive and intimate restaurant?”  
“Celebrating the guilty verdict of a high-priority case.”  
“Are you out with the girls?”  
“No. Everyone bailed out on me at the last minute since I couldn’t provide the male company. If you must know, I’m out with two male colleagues.”  
Tristano seethed his teeth together in anger.  
“I will call you within two hours.”  
“I think that will give me enough time to get home, and besides, the conversation is rather boring.”  
“I miss you.”  
“Apparently not, you have replaced my absence, not with one man, but two.”  
“Tristano, this night supposed to have been for us, and my friends.”  
“Well since neither showed up, I wonder how you conned two men to take you out; I do wonder what the rewards will be in the end.”  
“Tristano, I can’t make this relationship work by myself, you have to meet me half-way.”  
Tristano leveled the receiver to his chin. He took a deep breath and replaced the receiver back up to his ear.  
“Go home Artesia! Now dammit!”  
“Tristano, you are not speaking to a child. After I finish my meal, I’m out of here.”  
“Go home! Now damn you!”  
“Tristano, I can’t do this anymore.”  
“What the fuck do you mean, anymore?”  
“I can’t talk to you, you don’t listen, and you’re suspicious of my every move. I cannot marry a man under these depressive conditions. The marriage is off, your mother wanted me out of your life, well consider me gone.”  
Artesia flipped her cell phone down.  
It immediately rang.  
Artesia flipped it open, and placed it back up to her ear.  
“Have you forgotten I have the power to not only destroy you, but end your fucking legal career?”  
Artesia took a deep breath.  
“Do what you have too. Goodbye Tristano, I’ll leave your key-card at the security desk.”  
“Artesia, we will finish this fucking conversation now! Not to worry, your lovers can wait to fuck you!”  
When will he ever realize how much his words feel like hot coals being branded into her skin.  
“I’m done talking, I’m hanging up.”  
“Then tomorrow, you will suffer the consequences of your own fate!”  
Artesia flipped her cell phone close, and switched all calls to go to her voice-mail. She wiped the tears away with the back of her hand, and walked into the bathroom.  
Artesia returned to the table minutes later.  
Preston and Maxwell stood.  
“Man, I have to go; I have a woman waiting for me at my crib.”  
He turned to face Artesia.  
“It was nice sharing a meal with a very beautiful woman.”  
“Thank you, and it was nice meeting you Uncle Maxwell, take care of yourself, and if you ever need any legal advice, call me.”  
Maxwell leaned over and kissed Artesia on her lips.  
“Hey man.”  
“It’s all good, take care nephew.”  
“I will.”  
“Does my sister know you’re in town?”  
“I’ll probably swing by sometime tomorrow and surprise her.”  
“Yeah do that.”  
Maxwell patted Preston on his back, and walked away from the table.  
Both sat down.  
“You want to tell me what’s wrong.”  
“I rather not talk about it.”  
“Would you like to dance?”  
“Yes, I would like that.”  
Preston stood, and held out his hand to Artesia.  
Artesia placed her hand in Preston’s hand and stood.  
He escorted her to the dance floor. How fitting for the selection to be, ‘It’s Too Late To Apologize.’  
Preston pulled Artesia into his arms. His chest did not feel anything remotely like Tristano’s sturdy chest wall. His arms lacked the adoring familiarity of holding her.  
“Relax baby,” Preston whispered at her temple.  
Artesia leaned into Preston’s embrace.  
“It’s not the end of the world.”  
Artesia leaned back.  
“He’s not the man for you Artesia. You’re a passionate person, a person, who likes to smile, flirt, and once you find that special person, I’m sure you will give him your all.”  
“I’m glad you understand me.”  
“Can we go back to my place?”  
Artesia lifted her face.  
Preston slumped his face. He lightly kissed her.  
Artesia sighed under the influence of Preston’s lips.  
His lips were firm, yet soft.  
Preston danced his fingertips up and down Artesia’s back.  
“You know you are the spare air I breathe, I love you baby.”  
“Preston, I’m ready to go home. I have to be in court the first thing tomorrow morning.”  
“Are you all right Artesia?”  
“I thought that as much.”  
Preston hugged Artesia tighter.  
“Whatever it is, we’ll work through it together.”  
“I’m not sure if I want to any longer.”  
“When we’re making love, I will throw those same words back at you.”  
Preston hugged Artesia and walked back to the table.  
The waiter rolled a dessert tray to the table.  
Each one declined the mouthwatering sweet concoctions.  
Preston paid for the bill, grabbed a hold of Artesia’s hand, and walked out the restaurant.  
Boston, Massachusetts  
‘Do what you have too. Goodbye Tristano, I’ll leave your engagement ring and your key-card at the security desk’  
Tristano took a gulp of his Brandy and slammed the glass down on the bar.  
She’s probably letting some man climb between her thighs, throwing her pussy to the public he thought.  
“Fuck her.”  
Tristano toasted his glass to the air and quickly emptied the glass. He flagged over the bartender to refill his glass again.  
“Is anyone sitting here?”  
Tristano pivoted his head.  
“I guess you are now.”  
“Can you buy the lady a drink?”  
“Give the lady whatever she wants.”  
“It’s your wallet pal. What would you have?”  
“A white wine.”  
“Coming right up.”  
The bartender walked away.  
“Hey, I’ve seen your face on the news, you know, the man with the high-class call girl.”  
A woman at the end of the bar slid off her bar-stool, and walked over to where Tristano and the woman sat.  
“Is someone sitting here?”  
“No,” the woman answered.  
The woman sat on the opposite side of Tristano.  
“What would the lady like?”  
“You, but for now, I’ll settle for a Rum and Coke on the rocks.”  
Tristano raised his hand for the bartender.  
The bartender placed the woman’s glass of white wine in front of her.  
“Can you get me a Rum and Coke on the rocks please?”  
“Yes ma’am.”  
The woman placed her hand on Tristano’s thigh.  
“What’s your name?”  
“Tristano, I say we finish this party in your hotel room.”  
“I’m content, and I have a business meeting in the morning.”  
“Well, I guess the party will be here then.”  
“I suppose so.”  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 30th Jan 2021
Author's Note
I will be bringing to you the last six remaining chapters of this novel and the epilogue

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