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The Proposal

She came to still chained to the plumbing pipes
Again her eyes had to adjust to the darkness, squinting with no light
She had lost track of time in the darkness, her days merged with her nights
The only thing that felt real was that she felt like she had been in a fight
Without touching she knew that there were welts all along the back of her thighs
Her ass cheeks and anus both burned with a fire and now she remembered why
She shook her head clearing it, remembering why her clit and nipples felt raw
Mental images flooding back of the savagery, of why her ovaries felt sore
She could hear movement upstairs as the beast went about his day
She had labeled him "The Beast" because of his fierceness with nothing to say
The heavy breathing intermixed with the growls, the king awoken and on the prowl
There were no boundaries, the Serengeti was considered infield, there was no fouls
Nipple clamps removed, mmmm the way that he suckled and licked
Teeth applying just enough pressure as his tongue slithered and flicked
Here in the darkness all alone she could feel herself heating up again
With moisture flowing down her thigh, she patiently waited on the pain
Right on cue she heard the door knob turn, and light outlined his shape
With each descending step that he took, her heart would stop and then race
As he approached her, she could smell the spiciness of his cologne
As he gently removed her wrist from the cuffs, he allowed her mind to roam
He stepped behind her and with kisses to her wrist, he licked and kissed her neck
He slid a hand under her arm and a breast, while biting into her shoulder no with respect  
She was led by the hand farther into the darkness and to an awaiting bed
He went over to a sink and returned with a basin of water and not a word was said
Slowly and with patients she was washed from head to feet
Kisses followed the bath as she was guided down on the cool and clean sheets
He released himself right there, right there, mere inches in front of her face
She wanted to reach out so bad, so freaking bad and just take a taste
But "The Beast" cupped her face, opening her mouth, and slid himself in
With snorts and grunts, he growled as he forced himself in
She was tearing up and gagging as he choked her with two hands, while driving in deeper
She found that her resistance to "The Beast"was now getting weaker and weaker
He guided her over onto her stomach, while tying her wrist between the bed rails
With her ass fixed in the air, he magically appeared with a riding crop and set sail
Skill was used between the stroking and the skilled whacks
Most blows were to the ass cheeks and thighs, but her pussy took a few whacks
She had never felt like this, her mind was mush, her body all excited
She looked over at him and through blurry eyes saw "The Beast" all excited
As he climbed onto the bed and deliberately began forcing himself in
With steady pounding and whacks across the ass and back, she came again and again
As "The Beast" lowered into a push up position, he continued to whack her with his dick
Feeling of being trapped with unadulterated freedom made her pussy love sick
She could feel the sun going down over the Serengeti as "The Beast" let out a mighty roar
Her mind was scrambling, she wondered before his proposal, what else did he have in store
Written by I_IS_ME
Author's Note
We would like to thank AverageJoe69 for putting that avatar up, it inspired this piece.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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