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Stolen Moments In Time (Ending 1 of 6)


Bridgehampton, New York
Artesia unlocked the door to her parent’s summer cottage. She placed her pile of clothes on the couch.  
“Who’s down there?”  
“It’s me father.”  
Mr. Wockivoi placed his pistol inside his side pocket. He tied the robe belt tighter and descended the stairs.  
“Well isn’t this a surp….”  
Artesia ran into her father’s arms.  
Mr. Wockivoi hugged his daughter tightly to him. Artesia sniffled in her father’s robe.  
“There …there now, whatever it is, it can’t be all that bad.”  
Mr. Wockivoi hugged Artesia and walked her over to the couch.  
Both sat.  
Mr. Wockivoi placed his arm around Artesia’s shoulders. “Tell your father what ails you.”  
“I’m just glad to see you. I have been so busy; I haven’t been out with my friends. Father, I want my old life back.”  
“Baby, you are getting married in one month. Now if you are having second thoughts, then now would be the time to speak up.”  
“I’m not having second thoughts.”    
However, the man I’m marrying can be a brute at times.  
“Do you love Tristano?”  
“Why does everyone have to ask that?”  
“I’m not everyone I’m your father. Now do you love Tristano?”  
“Father, I really do, but his temper.”  
“Is that bastard hitting on my daughter! After I gave him my blessings for your hand in marriage!”  
“Calm down father. Tristano is not hitting on me, it’s…it’s his jealousy.”  
“The Wockivoi’s female beauty curse.”  
“Baby, I know you may think your father is perfect, but…”  
“Yes dear, when we were engaged, your dear father was very insecure.”  
“Hi, mother, I did not mean to wake you up.”  
Her mother leaned down and kissed her daughter on the forehead; she took a seat next to her.  
“I had to hear who I have been sleeping with, all the way up to the night before our wedding. I think it’s the beauty on the outside.”  
“And on the inside,” Mr. Wockivoi let slip out.  
Artesia watched her parents make eyes at each other.  
“Ugg you two. So, does it get better?”  
“Yes. One thing I’ve learned is, if the man you love will go through great lengths to marry you, despite his own pitfalls, he is a man worth hanging on too. I am sure Tristano is blinded by beauty, have faith in him. Does he love you?”  
“I can faithfully say, yes.”  
“Then give him time to trust you.”  
“Yes sir.”  
“I’m sure things will work out in the end for you two, now your future mother-in-law, good luck on that issue.”  
“You took the words right out of my mouth mother.”  
“Since you are home. I will have the servant prepare breakfast. Oh, Tristano did call to make sure you reached here safe and sound.”  
All three rose and walked into the kitchen.  
740 Park Avenue  
Manhattan, New York
Tristano’s Penthouse  
Artesia opened the door and entered Tristano’s residence.  
She closed the door back and placed her purse and key-card on the table; she entered the living room.  
Tristano walked out the study.  
Artesia turned around.  
Their eyes met.  
“I’m glad you made it back safe.” He crossed the living room, and pulled her into his arms. “I read the note you left, baby, I thought I lost you for good.”  
Artesia pushed Tristano’s chest back.  
“Wait, there are going to be some changes around here.”  
“Anything you want, other than tearing up the pre-nup.”  
“For starters, if our marriage is going to work, you have to learn to trust me, second, no more anal sex, not unless I initiate it, and third... you will replace my gown you ruined, are we in agreement Tristano Giordano the III.”  
“Baby, just to have you back in my arms, yes.”  
He kissed her lips.  
“I’m sorry; I never meant to hurt you, to have you flee this residence in the middle of the night.”  
“I needed time to clear my head.”  
“Come here.”  
Tristano grabbed Artesia’s hand and walked her into the bedroom.  
She glanced around the bedroom.  
Red rose petals lined the silk bed sheets.  
She looked over at the nightstand. A silver bowl of dark grapes, a bottle of champagne, and two champagne flute glasses waited.  
Artesia turned around.  
“Were you expecting someone?”  
“Yes, this sexy, gorgeous, and beautiful woman. Since she didn’t show up, then you will have to do, and besides, you look just like her.”  
Tristano hugged Artesia from behind.  
“Baby, I’m truly sorry, I will never let my doubts, or my jealousy rule my emotions. I love you so much.”  
Artesia turned around in Tristano’s arms. She lifted his chin.  
“I’ll believe you just this once, nevertheless, if your anger controls your feelings again; I’m out of here, bogus failing grades or not, are we clear?”  
“Yes ma’am.”  
“Now make love to me, and beg me to forgive you.”  
Tristano lifted Artesia and carried her over to the bed; he gently laid her on it. He took off her sandals, followed by her Capri, and then her thong. He leaned his head down and kissed her flat abdomen. He sat her up, and lifted her Princeton fleece over her head. He threw it on the bed.  
Tristano took off his robe.  
Artesia laid back on the bed. Tristano looked down.  
“My God, you…sweet…sweet woman.”  
Tristano turned Artesia on her stomach. He leaned over and lifted an ice cube from out a champagne glass. He got on his knees and spread her legs. He moved her mane aside and rubbed the ice-cube over her neck, and slowly down her back. He leaned downward and kissed her buttocks, his tongue caught the droplets sliding down her skin.  
Tristano bent Artesia’s leg and kissed over the sole of her foot. He rolled the piece of ice between the spaces of her toes.  
Artesia closed her eyes to the sensitive feeling.  
Tristano replaced her leg, and then bent her other leg. He kissed the tip of each toe. He repositioned her leg against the mattress. He rubbed the melting ice-cube between the crevice of her buttocks. He placed the piece of ice in his mouth, and divided her buttocks. He placed the tip of the ice-cube near her anus and wiped it up and down the opening.  
Tristano pulled Artesia’s hips back. She landed on her knees. He suckled her clitoris in his mouth.  
“Oh... Tristano.”  
Tristano inserted the melting piece of ice cube inside Artesia’s pussy; her wet vaginal walls engulfed it. He stuck his tongue inside her pussy. He reached forward and fondled her breasts from the sides. He pulled her buttocks up into his face. His tongue escalated in giving.  
Artesia softy banged her hips backwards.  
Tristano’s tongue moved and grooved with the rhythm of her pussy reversing into his face.  
“Tristano... I can…”  
Tristano squeezed Artesia’s hips, and curved his tongue, he corked the tip deeper.  
Her vaginal walls soared.  
Tristano’s tongue did not conclude. He suckled her clitoris, and licked the lining from the opening to her pussy back to the opening of her anus. He palmed his dick, and yanked it. His hand soothed his erection, while he licked her pussy.  
Tristano inched back and stood.  
Artesia turned over and sat up. She took possession of his rigid dick. She moved her hair aside and opened her mouth. She took the width within, and smothered the length.  
Tristano held the back of Artesia’s head.  
He palmed a fistful of her hair, and hammered her face against his groin.  
“Oh Artesia…I do love you, baby I love you so much.”  
He palmed his stomach with one hand and rapidly rubbed it up and down.  
Artesia circled her hand around the width and pumped the length. She kissed the tip; her tongue showered the taut tower. Her lips encountered a colony of groin hairs. She withdrew her mouth; her tongue vacuumed the sheen covering the hairs; she then suctioned his testicles inside her mouth.  
Artesia gently teased the saggy bags of skin inside her mouth; she inched the testicles out her mouth, wet the tip of his dick with her spit, and downed the length again.  
Tristano rubbed over his stomach. He palmed the back of Artesia’s head, held onto his manhood, and thrust it into her mouth.  
“Here it.... oh shit, here it comes...shit...”  
He leaned his head back.  
“Oh Artesia baby.”  
He withdrew his manhood, and smeared his ejaculation over her lips.  
Artesia opened her mouth. She licked away the slimy whitish current dribbling down his fingers.  
Tristano’s body shivered.  
“Oh…yes…yes...and you ask me why I’m so fucking jealous of another man discovering the physical high you always give me between your thighs, and the weakening pleasure of my dick ramming into that wonderful mouth of yours.”  
Artesia licked over Tristano’s fingers. Tristano looked down.  
“You are a very dirty woman.”  
Artesia looked up and smiled at Tristano. She licked over his scrotum sac; she kissed his thigh and inched her face back.  
Tristano climbed on the bed.    
Artesia scooted back; her head rested against the pillow.    
Tristano opened Artesia’s legs, palmed his manhood, and entered her. His semi-flaccid manhood slowly arose to the occasion.  
Artesia wrapped her arms around Tristano’s back.  
The two made slow passionate love.  
Artesia contacted her office, and had her cases postponed.  
Tristano called in, and advised his father he will work from home.  
The two made love all day long. Parting only to eat the grapes, and take sips of champagne.  
Both broke apart.  
“Woman, you are…a handful.”  
“You once told me, you wanted to make love all day long, and rest in bed. Come here tiger.”  
“Baby, let me catch my breath. Making love from sunrise to sunset can cause a man to tire.”  
“Tire, you, never. Since we have eaten all the grapes, and drank all the champagne. How about I go and cook us something to eat.”  
“I think that’s an excellent idea.”  
“In other words, it’s an excuse to get me out this bed so Mr. Giordano the III, can catch his breath.”  
“Just so you know, when I’m swollen with child, do not take advantage of all of this.”  
Tristano rubbed the back of his hand over Artesia’s breast. He leaned down and kissed her stomach.  
“I will be gentle.”  
“I’m an attorney, should I get that in writing.”  
“Yes, but I can’t write with my dick.”  
Both laughed.  
“I’ll be right back.”  
Artesia leaned over and kissed Tristano on the mouth. She got out the bed and walked out the bedroom.  
“Now, comes the time to see if you totally trust me.”  
Artesia walked over to the bed. She sat the silver serving tray on the bed near Tristano’s thigh. She reached over and palmed his wrist. She made sure the furry handcuffs was properly affixed to the wrought-iron bed pole of the King size canopy bed; she walked around to the other side, and retested the other handcuff.  
“Are you sure you want to play truth or dare with me handsome.”  
“I’m game beautiful woman.”  
The black blindfold, masked his vision. She thought he looked so handsome. His olive-skin-toned physique laying naked in wait, turned her on.  
Artesia got on the bed and straddled Tristano’s lap. She lifted a small whip flogger, placed her hand through the wrist strap, and ran the soft-coarse black tails down Tristano’s chest wall.  
“You have an angry passion inside of you; hopefully, you could appreciate the assertive side of my nature.”  
“I would appreciate any side of your aggressive nature.”  
Artesia leaned forward and kissed Tristano on his lips.  
She placed the whip down on the bed, and lifted a lemon slice; she held it backwards between her teeth.  
Artesia pulled Tristano’s face forward, and kissed him.  
Tristano inched his face back.  
“Not good.”  
Artesia removed the slice of lemon from out her mouth, and placed it back down on the serving tray.  
“In life, you must take the bitter with the sweet.”  
She scooped a finger of honey out a crystal bowl and outlined Tristano’s lips with it.  
Tristano licked his lips.  
“Much better.”  
Artesia held a sliced piece of red jalapeño pepper over Tristano’s mouth.  
“Bend your head back, and I need you to open your mouth.”  
Tristano open his mouth and leaned his head back.  
Artesia dropped the piece of Jalapeño pepper inside Tristano’s mouth.  
The hot seeds excreted from the pod.  
Artesia leaned forward, and kissed Tristano’s lips. She inched back.  
“Various things in life are hot, and some things, are.”  
She lifted a spoon of frozen, strawberry Italian water-ice and fed it to him.  
Tristano instantly swished the slushy sweeten ice inside his mouth; his taste buds overruled the aftertaste of the jalapeño pepper.  
Artesia placed the spoon back inside the crystal bowl, and then lifted another spoon from out another crystal bowl; she slowly tilted it over.  
A stream of golden honey sluggishly dripped onto Tristano’s chest wall.  
Artesia replaced the spoon inside the bowl, and then lifted off Tristano. She licked up the river of golden sweetness.  
“O...oh baby.”  
Her tongue lapped over every inch of his hirsute chest wall. Her tongue rode up his neck, onto his chin. She kissed his lips, and then licked around his mouth.  
Tristano’s arms came forward, until he remembered, they were detained against the wrought-iron bed poles.  
Artesia looked over at the door and flagged a former co-worker over. She placed her finger up to her lips.  
Her former co-worker joined her at the side of the bed.  
“Then in life handsome, there are times, with trusting your animalistic instincts; knowing who you really want, who you need, not just the convenience of a woman’s available soft flesh.”  
Artesia lifted a ball gag, and positioned it over Tristano’s mouth; she secured it behind his head.  
Her former co-worker got on top of the bed. She ran her palms over Tristano’s chest wall.  
Artesia palmed Tristano’s semi-flaccid manhood, leaned her head down, and kissed over the tip.  
Her former co-worker licked over one of Tristano’s nipples.  
Artesia inched off the bed, and sat down on the settee.  
Her former co-worker licked up and down Tristano’s stomach. She massaged his chest hairs. She suckled on one of his nipples.  
Tristano arched his upper body at the intimate contact.  
Artesia rose and got on her knees. She licked over Tristano’s toes, as her former co-worker licked over his stomach, being very careful to avoid his family jewels.  
Tristano realized two people were in attendance.  
Her former co-worker kissed over Tristano’s upper thighs. She kissed down Tristano’s legs. Her tongue met Artesia’s tongue.  
Both shared a tongue twisting moment.  
Her former co-worker inched back, and then off the bed. She leaned over and caressed Artesia’s cheek.  
Artesia mouthed the words, thank you, to her former co-worker; she waved her former co-worker goodbye.  
Her former co-worker lifted the hundred dollar bill from off the bottom of the bed, and walked out the bedroom.  
Artesia heard the front door softly close.  
She got on top of Tristano’s lap. She lifted his manhood, and brought her pussy down on his dick.  
“Oh your dick is always so ready.”  
She stopped levitating her womanhood. She unbuckled his ball gag from behind and placed it near his thigh.  
“And then there is a bond no one can break, no one else could enter, but you and me handsome.”  
Artesia leaned forward and kissed Tristano gently on his lips. She lifted his blindfold.  
Tristano inched his head back. He looked around his bedroom.  
“Is something wrong?”  
“Dammit, who was in my…home?”  
“I thought you said you trust me handsome.”  
“One thing I can differentiate is my fiancée’s, gentle touches, her good pussy, or her soft tongue roaming over my skin.”  
I guess he just passed her, knowing who you really want test she thought.  
Tristano’s eyes never left his bedroom door.  
Artesia leaned her face downward and whispered in Tristano’s ear, “Make love to me, and make me climax, over and over again.”  
Artesia rocked her pelvis on Tristano’s groin; she squeezed her breasts, and rode his manhood.  
Tristano humped his shaft up inside of her.  
Artesia lifted her womanhood off Tristano’s manhood, turned around, and straddled his groin region backwards. She grabbed his dick, and held it straight up; she sheltered the length of his manhood, and pounded her womanhood up and down. She reached behind herself, palmed his thighs, and steadied the alternating ascending and descending movements of her pussy gloving his dick.  
Tristano flung his arms forward; the locking mechanism of one handcuff broke off. He held onto one of Artesia’s hips, and lifted her body up and down. He flung the other arm forward, the handcuff lagged, and then snapped from the bed pole.  
Tristano palmed Artesia’s other hip. He lifted both hips up and down on his manhood, flogging her buttocks against his groin, draining the honeyed juices of her vaginal walls.  
Tristano threw his head back.  
“Oh...Artesia…I love you….shit...shit.”  
Artesia’s toes dented the mattress, while uplifting and sinking her pussy down. She leaned her body against his chest and pivoted her face.  
Tristano kissed the side of Artesia’s lips, banging his manhood farther inside of her. He reached his hand forward and fumbled to insert a finger inside of her.  
Artesia linked her arms around Tristano’s neck and dropped her womanhood down faster.  
Artesia held her pussy down.  
Tristano removed his finger and rotated Artesia’s hips.  
Both reached an orgasm together.  
Tristano kissed Artesia’s lips in the process of his ejaculation traveling inside of her. He gently rocked her womanhood side-to-side.  
Tristano kissed Artesia on the side of her cheek.  
Artesia felt Tristano’s sperm, pouring out of her pussy.  
“You are a phenomenal woman.”  
“Phenomenal woman, that’s me.”  
“Okay, now who else was in our bed?”  
“See. You could never be inhibited with a man; they always become voraciousness in thinking of other ways to invite another woman into their bed.”  
Artesia pivoted and kissed Tristano on the cheek.  
He palmed her breast, and kissed her neck from behind.  
“And no other woman was in this bed with us.”  
“I once told you, I do not share my man’s dick.”  
She crossed her fingers in front of her.  
“Let’s go and take a shower handsome, then you could find other ways to make up with me.”  
Artesia leaned forward and palmed the mattress. She lifted her buttocks from off Tristano’s groin.  
“You have one perfect ass.”  
“You ought to know.”  
“And make sure I am the only one.”  
“Could we talk about it over a glass of wine in the Jacuzzi?”  
“Yes, I always wanted to see how long I could hold my breath under water.”  
“Simply Nasty.”  
Tristano winked at her.  
Both rose from the bed.  
Civic Center District of  Manhattan, New York  
One Week Later
“Mr. Rapt, are you aware, we have a sworn testimony from a creditable witness that can place you at the scene of the crime.”  
“I don’t care what you have. I did not murder Mr. Lippy.”  
Artesia walked back over to the desk. She lifted a plastic bag and turned to face the Judge.  
“Your Honor I would like to enter this evidence as exhibit 22.”  
The judge nodded her head.  
Artesia placed the evidence bag back on the desk and opened it. She looped her pencil behind the trigger of a thirty-two caliber handgun and pulled it from out the bag. She lifted it and walked back over to the defendant.  
“Mr. Rapt, do you recognize this handgun?”  
“I find that difficult to believe. Ballistic has confirmed there are two sets of fingerprints on this weapon, yours, and the deceased.”  
Mr. Rapt looked over at the jury.  
“Mr. Rapt, isn’t it a well-known fact, days before the murder, you were overheard saying, ‘I would take matters into my own hands for Mr. Lippy calling the cops on me, and my posse’ for illegal drug sales in front of his convenient store’ unquote.”  
“Mr. Rapt, is this the weapon you had in your possession the night you murdered Mr. Lippy.”  
“I never killed Mr. Libby.”  
“Is this your weapon Mr. Rapt? Yes or no.”  
“I’ve never seen that weapon before.”  
“Mr. Rapt, isn’t it a fact that you waited for Mr. Lippy in the alleyway, and attempted to rob him, and somehow a struggled ensured, whereas, Mr. Lippy was shot to death.”  
“Mr. Rapt, there is strong evidence, which shows your DNA was found on Mr. Lippy’s person.”  
“I didn’t kill anybody.”  
“Mr. Rapt is it safe to say, you killed Mr. Lippy in retaliation for a robbery gone bad.”  
Artesia walked back to her desk. She slid the weapon back inside the evidence bag, and placed her pencil on her legal pad. She opened another plastic evidence bag and removed a shirt.  
“Your Honor, I would like to approach the bench.”  
The judge nodded her head.  
She approached the bench.  
“Your Honor, I would like to enter this evidence as exhibit 23.”  
The judge nodded her head.  
Artesia approached the defendant.  
“Mr. Rapt, is this the shirt you were wearing the night of Mr. Libby’s murder?”  
She pivoted and held the bloody shirt up for the jury to see.  
Gasps of shock prevailed. Several female jurors held their hand over their mouth.  
“Once again I ask you. Mr. Rapt, is this the shirt you were wearing the night of Mr. Libby’s murder?”  
Mr. Rapt hesitated.  
“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.”  
“Yes, but that’s not my blood.”  
“I certainly agree Mr. Rapt; no this is not your blood, its Mr. Libby’s blood.”  
“That’s not what I meant; this bitch is putting words in my mouth.”  
“Youngman, you will respect this courtroom.”  
“Mr. Rapt, this is Mr. Lippy’s bloodstains on this shirt. Would you like to see the DNA report to confirm it?”  
“Sustain. The jury will strike that. Keep this clean Attorney Wockivoi.”  
“Yes your Honor.”    
Artesia returned to her desk, placed the shirt back into the evidence bag, and sealed it. She turned and walked back over to the witness stand; she planted her presence in front of the defendant.  
“Mr. Rapt, with the mounting evidence against you. Did you kill Mr. Lippy?”  
“I didn’t kill anyone.”  
“Your fingerprints are found on the gun, several witnesses could place you at the scene of the crime. A motion to seek revenge on Mr. Lippy was overheard by several witnesses, and now you are telling the court, you did not murder Mr. Lippy?”  
“Badgering the witness.”  
Mr. Rapt placed his face in the palms of his hands.  
“I didn’t mean to kill Mr. Libby.”  
He lifted his head.  
“I swear it was an accident.”  
The suspect’s attorney slammed his pencil down on his legal pad.  
“Mr. Rapt, if what you say is true. Did you set out to murder Mr. Lippy?”  
“No, I only wanted to scare him. He thought I was going to rob him, so he tried to take the gun away from me, we wrestled with it, and the gun accidentally went off.”  
“If it was an accident. Was the police called? Did you try to administer first aid? No, you fled the scene and hid out.”  
“Ma’am I was scared. I swear I never meant for Mr. Libby to take a bullet.”  
“Enough questions for this witness, the state rest, Your Honor.”  
Artesia returned to her seat. She liked being on the prosecuting side.  
“We will reconvene in an hour to hear closing remarks.”  
Preston left the courtroom before Artesia noticed him.  
Damn, she was quite good at her job he thought. He looked back at the courtroom. It should have been her and he comparing legal talk after sex. Not that bastard who stole her from him. He pressed the pedestrian button and waited to walk across the street.  
“Not bad Attorney Wockivoi, there may be a place in the DA office for you after this trial, give me a call.”  
“Let’s hold off on the celebration until the verdict comes in.”  
The jurors took their places in the jury box.  
The judge banged her gavel.  
The loud voices in the courtroom came to a non-audible pause.  
The bailiff walked to the bench and handed the judge a piece of paper. The judge unfolded it and silently read it. She nodded her head; she handed the piece of paper back to the bailiff. The bailiff walked over to the Foreman and handed him the piece of paper.  
“Will the accused stand?”  
Mr. Rapt and his attorney stood.  
“Mr. Rapt would you like to address the court before a sentence is passed?”  
Mr. Rapt turned to face the jury. “I’m sorry; I did not mean to murder anyone.” He turned to face the judge. “Your Honor, it was an accident.”  
Mr. Rapt’s attorney patted him on the back.  
“Has the jury reached a verdict.”  
The Foreman stood.    
“We the jury have Your Honor.” He unfolded a piece of paper and looked down. “We the jury, find Mr. Yenisei Rapt, guilty of second degree murder.”  
There were loud claps and jeering throughout the courtroom.  
The judge banged her gavel.  
“There will be order in this courtroom.”  
The courtroom became quiet.  
“Sentence will be passed in one week. Jurors thank you for your service, you may all be excused.”  
Artesia was embraced by several of her peers. Plenty of people patted her on the back.  
She thought Mr. Rapt was sure to be found innocent, in regards to the jury deliberating for over two hours.  
A win is a win she thought.  
Artesia looked around the empty courtroom and smiled. She walked out the courtroom into a net of several reporters.  
Artesia opened the door to her office and entered.  
“Miss. Wockivoi, you have a visitor in your office.”  
“Is he a very handsome gentleman?”  
“Please hold all my calls for an hour.”  
Just in time for a celebration quickie.  
Artesia walked to her office door, opened it, and stepped inside her office. She closed the door and locked it.  
“We do have time for a quickie Mr. Giordano.”  
Artesia unbuttoned her suit jacket and took it off. She let it fall; she immediately unclasped her bra and took it off.  
“Quickies were never a benefit to me, or for us.”  
Preston swiveled the chair around.  
Artesia shielded her breasts with her palms.  
Preston stood and walked over to where Artesia stood.  
“Your flesh is nothing I haven’t tasted before.”  
“Preston…what, what are you doing here in New York.”  
“Taking in the sights.”  
Preston caressed Artesia’s cheek.  
“You’re ever bit as beautiful from the first time I ever saw you. Are you happy?”  
“Yes, I’m happy. Could you turn around while I get dressed please?”  
“You’re kidding, right.”  
“I’m not laughing, now turn around.”  
Preston turned around.  
Artesia bent over and lifted her bra from off the carpet, she put it on, and clasped it; she bent over to retrieve her suit jacket. She slid back into it and buttoned the two buttons.  
“You can turn around.”  
Preston turned around.  
“Have dinner with me tonight.”  
“I can’t, my fiancé and I will be celebrating.”  
Preston placed both hands in his front pants pockets.  
“I was not asking.”  
“We have a few things to discuss concerning that bastard you left me for.”  
“Preston, our relationship is in the past.”  
Preston pulled Artesia to his chest. He nudged her lips.  
“Is it.”  
Preston kissed the side of her neck.  
He lightly kissed her earlobe.  
Please not her earlobe she thought.  
Preston kissed Artesia’s lips lightly at first, and then christened them with a hunger.  
He unbuttoned her suit jacket and allowed it to fall to the carpet. He kissed her shoulder blade.  
Artesia wanted to stop. If so, why didn’t she protest when he unclasped her bra and allowed it to fall to the carpet?  
Preston leaned down and licked over a perky nipple. He grouped Artesia’s breasts together, licked one, and massaged the other. He backed her up against the door and quickly unzipped her skirt from behind.  
Artesia’s skirt rode down her legs.  
Preston dropped to his knees. He placed his hands on the back of Artesia’s upper thighs and pulled her pelvis into his face. He kissed over her thong before slowly pulling them down her legs.  
Artesia stepped out of it.    
Preston kissed the face of Artesia’s pelvis and sniffed the essence of her womanhood. He relentlessly licked his tongue through her downy hairs and up and down her stomach; he inserted a finger inside of pussy and jiggled it around. He withdrew it, parted her legs, and dipped his head. He carouseled his tongue around the entrance of her pussy.  
Preston grabbed Artesia by her buttocks. He thrashed his tongue inside of her.  
Artesia’s legs buckled.  
Preston stood up.  
“I’ve missed you Artesia, I think about you constantly.”  
Preston kissed her lips. He lifted her, and lowered her to the carpet.  
Preston got on his knees. His tongue roved over Artesia’s lower abdomen. He held onto a breast, and dropped his tongue inside her navel.  
I’m so sorry Tristano.  
Preston stood, and took off his clothes in a hurry. He got back on the floor, and kissed Artesia’s nipples.  
“I’ve missed this pussy.”  
Artesia palmed Preston’s manhood, and rubbed it up and down her womanhood. She placed it near the opening.  
Preston balanced his weight on his palms, and pushed his dick inside of Artesia’s pussy  
“I’m here baby.”  
Preston withdrew his dick and shoved it back inside of her.  
Artesia wrapped her legs around Preston’s back. She pulled his face down and kissed him.  
Preston pierced his manhood inside her womanhood at a firing pace.  
“I…I you.”  
Artesia opened her eyes. She pushed Preston’s chest backwards. His slopping landing was unexpected.  
“I can’t…I’m promised to another.”    
She saw the anger in his eyes.  
Artesia stood and lifted her clothing from off the carpet. She spaced her presence, and began to dress.  
Preston sat on the floor, with his knees drawn up.  
“I want lose you again.”  
Artesia clasped her bra.  
“I’m happily in love with my fiancé, and I apologize for leading you on, please forgive me.”  
Preston stood, and quickly dressed.  
“That’s bullshit, you were about to let me make love to you. Maybe your fiancé should know what he’s getting into.”  
“Are you threatening me?”  
“No, I’m stating a fact.”  
Preston zipped his pants and buttoned his shirt; he slid back into his suit jacket. He walked over to where Artesia stood. He lifted her chin.  
“I am not leaving New York without you. You will belong to me, one way or another.”  
“Preston, you can’t love someone, if they do not return the sentiment.”  
“Oh, you do love me, I feel it in your touch, and I see it in your eyes.”  
“You are…oooooh.”  
“I see there’s an opening in your department for a criminal attorney. I just might take it. It will be like old times.”  
“Are you insane, and besides, you can’t practice in the state of New York.”  
“Do you think I made this journey, without being prepared? I guess I’ll see you soon. Then we will see how your love and devotion holds out for that bastard. You may want to take into consideration Attorney Wockivoi, I’m coming for you and unlike your courtroom presentation, I won’t be the one losing ground.”  
Preston quickly kissed Artesia on her lips and walked to the door. He opened it and walked out her office.  
Artesia walked to the door and closed it. She walked around her desk and took a seat. Just minutes ago, she felt charged about her win, now, she felt flat, defeated.  
“Dammit, why now?”  
Author's Note
I will be bringing to you the last six remaining chapters of this novel and the epilogue

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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