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Image for the poem Chapter 5 part 1  A Submissive Female of New York City

Chapter 5 part 1  A Submissive Female of New York City

Chapter 5 part 1
 A Submissive Female of New York City

Sue wouldn't let him take a bag. He carried the magazines openly on the street, his other hand in hers. She led him over to the river, down some stairs, and into a tunnel.

"What is this place?"

"Druggies come here at night," she said matter-of-factly. "People tend to avoid it during the day, but the sea air gets rid of the smells." She led him to a bench and scrubbed it clean with her ever-present baby wipes.

"Sit down." She sat beside him, took off her jacket, and draped it over his crotch.

"I think you have some reading material," she said playfully.

They had traded porn links online, of course, but Phil had never contemplated something like this. He kept looking back at her as he started to leaf through it.

"Not like that. I want you to read it the way you would jerking off at home."

Phil tried to, but couldn't.

"What's bothering you?" she asked.

"Why are we doing this?" he asked in return.

"I like humiliation, remember? And I know those girls are younger and hotter than I am."

"No, they're not—"

"Don't try to be nice. I know what I looked like when I was twenty. I want you to stare at these girls. Talk to yourself about them.
Just don't touch yourself. Let me take care of that."

Phil turned back to the girls. At first, he muttered banalities. She's so cute. She has such a sweet smile. But it did not take long for his feelings to grow as hard as his cock. I wish she could suck my dick. I'd like to put my cock in her cunt.

There is a magic in porn, a magic in realizing that the model knows. In posing nude, she is giving tacit permission for men to lust after her, a validation of their hunger. Sue's presence made it all the hotter, a living endorsement of his vulgarity.

She slid her hand under the jacket and unzipped him.
"What are you doing?"

"Relax, he's under the jacket," she said breezily. Phil wasn't wearing the briefs with the convenient front entry, though. "Oh, screw it. Pull your pants down."


"Part way down your thighs will do. Don't worry, this bench is clean, and no one can see you."

Phil wasn't sure about that, but it was too exciting to refuse. His stomach was filled with butterflies, his heart was thumping. Sue drew her finger lightly along his cock, pausing sometimes to taste the precum.

Soon he was calling the girls whores, sluts, cunts. He wanted to fuck them, he wanted them to suck his cock, lick his asshole.

"You can do better than that, master," Sue reminded him as he finished the magazine. She got up and knelt in front of him, putting her head under the jacket in quick motion.

"What are you—"

"I've wanted to do this for years," she said. "Read the hardcore. Tell me what you're reading and how you feel."

She knew his limits by now, and she kissed and licked his cock lightly rather than sucking it. Phil read, looking at pictures of spread-eagled girls, girls sucking cock, girls taking it up their cunts, up their asses. He read the captions calling girls whores and sluts. But his eyes were glazing over. You can't really think of a picture when the real thing is right under you, blowing you openly, shamelessly, in a New York bench in full public view.

" whore. You're the filthiest, nastiest woman I've ever known," was all he could say.

"Thank you, master. I need something now. Can you turn to your favorite picture in the book?"

He selected a brunette, who claimed to be nineteen, posing provocatively with captions bragging about her sultaness.

"Suck my cock, you dumb bitch."



"Lean forward."

He did so, so that his cock pointed forward. He felt something round and hard rub on his cock. What was she—

And the shocked realization of what she was doing led his cock to explode. "Oh!" he called out, no longer caring who heard or saw. "Oh! OHHHH!"

He flopped back on the bench and hurriedly did up his pants. Sue threw off the jacket. The cum had landed on her forehead and dripped down her face. Sue wiped it away from her eyes, but otherwise just let it flow.

"Oh my god. You look so beautiful. So beautiful."

"Thank you, master."

He waited for her to pull out her wipes again, but she didn't.

"Are you...are you going to walk around in public like that?" asked Phil in a shocked voice.

"Damn straight," said Sue. "Like I said, I've wanted to do this for years."

The cum ran down her face, down her neck, leaving spots on her blouse collar. The two of them made quite a pair heading back into the city, she proud and haughty, he nervous and fearful. But he had to confess that it was an incredibly lovely and touching sight. He felt so proud of her, proud even to know her.

1994 it was. Summer.

Sue was back from the video store, practically bursting with excitement.

"Keith, you've got to watch this tape."

"What is it?" Keith asked.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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