Guess I Was Wrong

Guess I was wrong to assume you were the one for me when you sold me on a fairy tale instead of a reality,
I guess I was wrong to believe we were meant to be when I should of known you were too good to be true,
I guess I should have known better than to love someone who wouldn't really love me back,
Guess I was wrong to have love you when you didn't love me at all.
All I wanted was you to love me, but you didn't love me at all did you?
All I wanted was to love you and you to love me, but tell me were you ever for real? I guess not then huh?
You promised me the world I fell for it;
I was yours and you adored it sadly there was no stopping it,
You had me wrapped around your finger and you owned my heart then you chewed it up then you spit it out.
Tell me did you enjoy the taste of my pain?
Guess I was wrong to have felt safe with you when I really wasnít,
I guess I was wrong to have look to you as the one I could run to when I am lost,
I guess I was naive for trusting you when you didnít trust me.
Everything I felt was taken for granted, but itís nothing new so Iíll take it as a lesson and promise myself to never ever slip up again for as long as I live.
Guess I was wrong to have let you in when as soon as you did you shut me out,
Guess I was wrong to think you were going to stay when really no one does so as I wave you out the door I try to wipe my tears away while at the same time thanking you for all that youíve done for me.
I wanted to make you stay, but I could never force you to
I wanted to be with you, but I canít make you love me,
Especially since you fell out of love with me and I could see it in your eyes and I could hear it in your voice you werenít really in love with me anymore you just stuck around Ďcause you didnít want to feel lonely anymore.
I should of known I was so dumb and blind but in the end I guess you can blame it on love itself hell blame it on my own stupidity Ďcause in
the end you didnít really love me you just
used me to get over your last love who wasnít shit compared to me who by the way cheated on you with your own blood.
Meanwhile I never once betrayed nor did I ever do you wrong but I guess I could never compete with someone who was half of me and yes I said half of me Ďcause she ainít got a fucking thing on me.
Guess I was wrong to put you up on top as my highest priority when I wasnít yours,
Guess I was wrong to love you so much Iíd be willing to die for you when you probably wouldnít even take a bullet for me.
And I guess I was wrong to assume you were the one for me when every time I mentioned the future youíd get cold feet on me.
So goodbye and thank you for the pain, the wasted fantasies of being together forever, and most of all thank you for fooling me into believing you actually cared.
Written by MsRockyJackson
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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