Love letter to my church

From this pit of frustration    
I cry out  
Will no one join me? †  
Does nobody see what I see? †  
Such a sweet loving family †  
†of navel-gazing sinner/saints †  
† imploding into †  
†† comfortable † †
†† †apathy. †  
† †
The King has left this building. †  
He's out hob-nobbing † †
with the desperate -- †  
†those who are so empty †  
††of answers and self †  
†† that they actually have room to receive love. †  
No, not that saccharine-starry love †  
†that promises deliverance from this life †  
††to a seat in some † †
†† boring paradisal throne room, †  
but a love that really functions †  
†in the here and now: †  
replacing rejection with embrace, †  
judgement with compassion; †  
confident and humble enough †  
to need no trademark. †  
The kind of love that fully appraises †  
†our darkest depths †  
††and still finds us †  
†† worthy. †  
† †
Instead I see us clinging to ghosts, †  
afraid of going off-brand; †  
When it comes to real change †  
or skin in the game, †  
Or grace that goes by another name †  
We falter, thinking † †
†maybe this gritty love isn't quite †  
††all it's cracked up to be †  
†† and our simple comfort is †  
good enough. †  
† †
Well, I'm hungry to chase the deep love,
To go where it leads -- †  
Even through dark and pain and sacrifice, †  
where it blooms brightest. †  
But dear family, †  
†I shed these tears because †  
††I want you to come along †  
†† without having to be dragged, †  
But I can't sell this vision †  
And I'm not sure I can carry you. †  
Written by brokentitanium (k.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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