We all bleed the same

Another day arrrives whether I wish to get up and sieze it or not.  
Like a poor man franticly searching for loose change I'm desperate to find all the strength that I've got.  
Sharp pain stabs my heart as if my memories are made of knives,  
A screaming buzzing rings in my head as it were filled with bee hives.  
Trapped in a daze unsure whether this is reality,  
or im stuck deep inside reverie.  
Amidst it all down below the devil lurks in a firey pit of dispair.  
I feel a raging fire take over me as if I too were there.  
I feel eyes on me as if he is watching me crumble as I edure the pain.  
I don't understand why he has such an intrest in me as my soul is shattered so what could he possibly gain.  
He enjoys the visual of my crucifixion.  
As the torture begins to breaks my skin I hear him laughing as every tear fell.  
I'm tasting the blood of darkness in my own mental hell.  
Diggin my nails into his skin in an attempt to break free from his grasps.  
I discovered a vital truth he wanted to remain hidden even the devil wears a mask.  
I tilt my head back with laughter as I watched the blood trickle from his wound.  
I knew then that he infact bleeds too.  
The man from my insomnias nightmares,  
Carries his own personal depsairs.  
Everyday he hears the shackles of misery call his name,    
beyond the fire into death's infinity for the worlds darkness...  
He is to blame.
Written by TrueLover (Meganne)
Published | Edited 10th Feb 2021
Author's Note
Another fantastic poem with an incredible poet. Adagio
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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