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 Straight Talk Live (The Evolution Of America’s Democracy)

This is a historical event taking place in our history today, which only occurs every four years. We are amid changing of the guards in this realm of we can life. We are moving to a new millennium upon the Democratic government which shall be inaugurated 01/20/21.
The mental whips and bondage chains of methodical racism within our own country will be slowly rescinded. However, there is still work do be done to bridge the disparity that has partitioned this country for four years.
As my grann would say Jesus did not get crucified for his spiritual belief he got crucified because he angered men of power.
We have endured the demoralizing and socially stigmatism of the Republican administration. Carnage ruled our streets from police brutality, chastisement of a prominent sport figure who uplifted his voices in solidarity for hope and change and was unapologetically blackballed for kneeling in respect to bring about better changes for racial profiling among the African American man.  
Black Lives Matter indoctrinated their philosophy, and a vocal movement to get laws passed in Congress and America stepping back to assess the means of looking to incorporate more minorities in its thriving economy.  
I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.
Colin Kaepernick

Tent cities for Illegal Immigrants were erected, and the laws where intensified for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to deport at any given notice. We have survived judiciary nominations, political scandalous among Congress of the United States, and a sitting president who incited racial disparity as he slowly dividend his constituents to uphold the laws of degrees. Bigotry, hate, and cruelty ruled its ugly head.
People were not judged by the character of their nature, but by the color of their skin. We had to bow as great people of melanin hues to the falsehood of bigoted lies, distrust, shackled, in addition, authoritarian figures called on us out of sheer ignorance, judging where we stood, without the sheets concealing their deep-rooted hate, or the absence of the rope dangling in their hand to embellish our necks.  

This unfurling continued no matter where we stood, where we roamed in our daily journey, to where we sat to rest our intellects. Minorities were held captive, our civil rights violated giving us no reparation to roam in a country my ancestors build on the backs of free labor in diverse conditions.  
When the mind assumes what it cannot articulate, it only makes a superior fool out of character, meaning, do not judge the book by its cover, without reading the content within the pages.  
Thomas Jefferson once said, all men are created equal, yet he owned many slaves, meaning just because the African American man's hands are free to reach out does not mean they are not still tied around his back, his mind is imprisoned to think, his mouth is immobile ask. As he stand in God's image, only to accept meager handouts that may sustain his presence yet, not fruitful in gains to promote his existence.  
This is my first Straight Talk Live Segment for the year 2021.
There have been so many occurrences in 2020 which has somehow escalated its worth as crossed over into the new year of 2021.  
We are presently dealing with a manmade created virus strain, a pandemic of magnitude proportions and an eagerness or denial to swallow its poison pill for instant salvation.  
A wonder vaccine that has not been approved or licensed, by the FDA, yet approved for emergency usage, please be advised I am speaking in regard to the Moderna Vaccine, approved for my place of employment, I have no data on the Pfizer vaccine other the comparison for it is handling, how many does it can contain and its proper storage regarding temperature.
There are theories and there are blind truths, one mush research. As the Director of Nursing for a Jewish based Senior Citizen Assistance and Rehabilitation Living Facility. And a Front Line work the first phrase of being vaccinated. I’m impartial to say, various nurses have major concerns in regard to a vaccine so readily available which has numerous side effect that the public has yet to grasp.  
Please do not allow my admission regarding the Covid-19 vaccine to deter anyone from succumbing to Covid19 or raise your eyes in suspicion.  
This is from my personal occurrence with regulating my staff of physicians, RNs, LPNs and CNAs last week to get their vaccine and since we are in the second phase of seventy years or older. My staff nurses are giving our residences their vaccine.
I have reservations and there are many concerns on my behalf about the Modena vaccine and how it was a adopted to come to be, I prefer to keep them private for now that will be another Straight Talk Live Segment.  
In that particular segment, I will roll out the plan for the Covid-19 and the vaccine, is it theory when you read it you will have to be your own judge.
Congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as your administration takes public office.  
And That’s Straight Talk Live For You
You may find my mind dwelling in the Heaven, my heart, in God’s hand, my body on the altar of truth, and my soul waiting to be rebirthed.
Say safe American, we are at Dawn’s Early Light
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag.

Pauline Hanson
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