The Four Year Shitshow and The Great Toilet Paper Shortage: A Review *WARNING*

(An Editorial Commentary with Walter’s Alter Ego…

…Wally, sit your brown ass down and let me address this now
Dear reader, this is an EXTREME CONTENT WARNING and it’s a bit comic
So if you have a sensitive stomach or a vivid imagination
The sick shit I’m about to spit, it might just make you vomit

Got Damn that presidency was a complete and total clusterfuck
That administration was a revolving door for a four-year full on orgy
A bunch in that political party got rawdogged and cummed on
Those motherfuckers were so nasty, it even disgusted Stormy

Nobody cleaned up after eachother, I guess they liked the stickiness
All the while they said “We like him because he tells it like it is”
No dick, the prick was a slick salesman and he sold you an elixir
But the orange-aid you and your friends willfully drank was just piss

And some of these dummies kissed his ass like it was gold
Lips were so far up the sphincter they chewed on his excrement
“This tastes good Mr. President” they said with brown smiles
Then without a frown swallowed it and added: “Hmm, excellent”

Then there were those who were the worst, violent and unversed
So crude, obscene and crazy they believed all of his clowning
And the foul faithful fanatic fiends worshipped him like a king
Willing to catch his shit with their mouths as he was crowning

When the pandemic hit everything went into even deeper shit
The cocksucker lied and tried to hide it by saying it was a hoax
Now thousands of people have died because of this clumsy idiot
While he went golfing on the weekends working on his strokes

But it didn’t stop there, many assholes didn’t seem to care
They looked the other way allowing him to commit crimes
And then they had the audacity to claim he was sent by God
The fuck? Eating all the crap must’ve made lose their minds

And then the douchebag had the nerve to pose with a bible
I bet my third left nut that son of a bitch doesn’t read scripture
What in the actual ass of Charlie Foxtrot was he thinking?
“Tear gas the protestors so I can go out and take a picture”

He must have been the stupidest motherfucker ever alive
Thinking he could run a country and putting it all at stake
And no one from his party had the balls to stand up to him
W doesn’t seem as bad now that this imbicile takes the cake

His fan base are like wild nuts trying to prove their (basket) case
They still think that voting for a T.V. personality is a good idea
Well unless they’re into messy scat play like this fool gave away
Some of them are regretting the shower and sour flavor of diarrhea

And what the fuck was up with all that toilet paper mass hysteria?
With all the dung being flung around was it to clean up the mess?
Did the notion of a dirty shitty anus add to the weird insaneness?
But I guess none of this shit made sense and just made more stress

So that bad awful taste so many may still have in their mouths
That’s the poo-poo and the doo-doo from the voodoo spell
Turds might still be stuck in their teeth, between or underneath
And if it doesn’t stink, it’s ‘cuz the rona took their sense of smell

Wally, back to you


Written by wallyroo92
Author's Note
I may need to seek professional help.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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