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Who really knows what happens when your world, comes crashing down all around you mentally and emotionally even physically and spiritually. Robbing you of your  own sanity replacing it with insanity. Who really knows what becomes of the deepness, within our spiritual soul, as we transcend into a society of humanity slowly becoming the walking dead. That some see nothing more and nothing less but false hopes and disloyalty, while others be cashing that all mighty dollar bill yet it is only printed paper printed by the government to feed you mere bread crumbs. Who really knows what the hurt and pain, feels like to experience in the real truth of being rejected and feeling not, worthy of being love unconditionally in honesty and truth and trust. As you were an child left abandoned to fend for themselves, as you try to survive the hard cold streets of what now as become your prison living that street life. Who really knows what happens to you when your alone within the depth of the darkness, as your silent tears falls from the depth and deepness of your eyes. Within the night when your alone feeling abandoned, and alone and afraid even of your own shadow that shines against the wall. For do then feel your pain as well as your hurt, that just continues to eat you deep inside of your heart and soul. Who really knows what becomes of the deepness, within the equation of the heart after it's been broken beyond repair. As it transcends even deeper into the pure essence of darkness. That slowly became your existence where you, have and feel your most comfortable in your own safe zone. Even though sometimes the things we want the most
 sometimes, are out of our reach for its true what they say sometimes. The heart wants what it wants at any price to pay, but sometimes, that could be our most biggest mistake to make in life. For it doesn't really mean that we are not prepared for the journey and travel and walk, it's just means that there is no real intentions of communication and commitment and consistency. For our greatest down fall is not paying attention to the vibes nor the signs nor our own gut inner feelings. For something's aren't meant to be apart of our lives basically, we need that real connection of the heart and soul and mind, as one woman and one man. As that is where the true connectivity lays upon layers of tormented, memories of false impressions along with false  promises, hiding behind a mask as an disguise followed by the silent nightmare dreams. That can not build a strong foundation as one woman and one man and one man and one woman. For it is definitely true indeed that if the relationship, between two people doesn't have that connectivity the love that was suppose to be real won't grow as an ROSE. Instead the rose slowly fades away and dies, as it's color turns from red to a deep dark red, almost looking like a deep purple looking like old dried up blood. As it slowly becomes disengage in the ability to grow and have life, as it is merely meant to grow as a precious gift a beautiful precious ROSE.  
Written by Stoney223
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