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Layin' across the bed, I was so hot my cheeks were red in the house at 2am when suddenly my phone rang
My homegirl Trey called me and said: "Yo, I'm outside pacing, palms sweaty my heart is racing, damn nerves won't quit shakin' I can't go in the house this late for my momma's sake
I just blew an 8 ball at a party out in the Shaffer's
I tell her look fam be patient
Then I get interrupted by Tay-Tay
Waiting in the doorway butt-naked, switchin' and swayin' her Malaysian bundles
I say: Baby listen, I gotta hit these streets, my people's may need me to get to the ER
And with that I left
I mean I rushed quickly, promising to be back in a jiffy but she was heated, I mean real peeved that evening she said to me:
I am very disappointed in you. You could've had some pussy
We hollered back & forth to Trey's momma's house
Now, my friend Tee, she loved to scheme
Believe me, she had whatever you needed
Speed, weed, lean, ex, crack, smack, blow, you name it!
And we'd be out all night till 4am
But her fiance called me daily asking questions about what's been up lately, I mean the agony of her inquiry but the ecstasy in her tone
Damn the bro code, had me walking across town in my zone to show her who daddy is

The other night, I called the party line to find a midnight vibe although it was $2.99 a minute, I'm just listening to different profiles of various women throughout the vicinity until my roommate Al creeps in
He is proudly in transition
That night we got to reminiscing back when he used to mess w this chicken who stole his prosthetic dick and let it stick across damn near his whole windshield
No lie, the one with the suction grip
Bring back radical queer feminism
That random unabashed lesbianism
Any mention of this brings tension but why not rile the fragile man child back into their laws and religion. Listen
Nazi's and Klansman canvass the streets
Call themselves patriots, politicians and police while forming policies without white sheets to extort you and me over a dollar
Implore sympathy and support at their little schmuckity-fuck fundraisers and rallies like: "What the hell is skid row, negro? Is that like a euphemism for the ghetto? No, I've never been"
I am losing my sistah and why so much negative attention just to sit back and systematically dismiss her existence?
It's sickening just to sit there and listen, you ain't nothing and ya babies ain't gon be shit
And then we go crazy
Pop pills and shoot up even, instilled with a deep but silent wisdom
Born from rage and rhythm
Screaming FREEDOM till we're purple and blue
Speak w authority if you've really got nothing to lose cause this world is filled with mad illusion. Mad illusion.
And what is true is that we are what's keeping each other alive but when we decide to die, did we only love simply to lose
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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