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Bled out.
Life left me, time to head for check out.
Canít shout.
Wife left me, no doubt she took the same route.
Nothing but strangers in this crowd...
Red pools reflecting clouds and planes.
Another bloody out-of-body experience.
Mudded by heavy rains.  
Speeding through these crowded lanes thus ending up with empty veins.
No eyes on the dash cause weíre all out of brains.
Wait, read that again for me.  
Yeah, out of brains most literally.
Help me after the fact. Help me please.
Put my spirit back in my body and stop this bleed.
All I need was a couple of bright moments before i wrapped my car around this tree.
But now itís too late and my wife isnít even here beside of me...
Has she already left?  
Even after death lifeís confusing i guess.
Or maybe... she isnít here because she never passed.  
Wouldnít be the first time she stood me up and apparently not the last.
I bet sheíll get off with some bruises and a cast.
Bitch always was in luck.  
Shouldíve slammed on the brakes when that turn came up instead of speeding up.  
It seems karmaís a real bitch today.
Have to leave the scene without any words to say.
No use because no-one can hear them.
Just a body without life and over thirty empty beer cans.
But who even wants to hear me rant?  
Sheíll probably say we almost hit a deer and,
we had to steer abruptly and braking was too late by then...
I canít believe you got off this easy.
You were supposed to come with me and bow before the Antichrist, adore Lilith and maybe even meet Lucy.
But youíve ruined all of that.
Youíve ruined everything it seems...
By all means iíll devote my afterlife to haunt your dreams.
Iíll be the breeze in the air with closed windows.
Iíll be the crease in your fresh ironed church clothes.
Iíll be the thorn on your thornless grief rose.
Iíll be the red in your eyes on your next wedding photos...
Iíll always be close.  
Not even death can part us.
Iíll never go to sleep.
May your chest remain heartless.
Written by Drieks
Published | Edited 13th Feb 2021
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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