A Chaotic Melody (Random Journal Entry)

sunset calls the sky home
in a land where the crisp air  
of a winter that doesnít  
fills my lungs until
they beg for release;
I make them suffer  
just a little
for the sake of gluttony  
I can breathe again
somewhere between  
the habit of being  
my motherís daughter
and the responsibility  
of my sonsí mother,
I forgot how to be myself
my soul suspended
over the dark chasm  
of the unknown,
I swing rather delicately
from strong rope  
as voices below
threaten my balance
making their way  
to the above
rain lands timidly
across chilled earth,
the stillness a gift  
bestowed to my ears;
theyíve not lost  
one precious drop
guardian sentinels
watch vigilantly  
over my front yard;
a pair of pecan trees
to some,
but never to me  
I understand their sacrifice  
baring themselves  
before the moon,
they shed the comfort  
of the past;
stripping their limbs  
of all that was
in hopes of being worthy
of who they will be  
once their beloved  
spring returns  
standing between  
the gentle giants,
I honor their pledge  
with one of my own
I feel it all now  
the unrelenting pain  
of skin that never fits
quite right;
the aching sorrow
of getting it wrong  
far too often
a persistent joy
at having been here
to experience this  
complicated existence;
there is peace  
in finding grace
for all the past versions
of yourself,
and hope exists
in having a little faith  
in all of those to come  
wet grass under my feet,
I sink into oversaturated soil,
curling my toes into the mud
naked arms raised  
in praise to the new moon,  
the sentinels stand patient ~
awaiting my words  
of supplication;
teeth chattering wildly  
in chaotic melody,
I ask them to lend me
their determination
Written by LunaGreyhawk
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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