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Itís Butta Love

Mmm... my kitty cat needs scratched
Restless from being  denied intertwined around a Tomcatís back
Played the Catholic good girl not for me
Took my uniform off, my passion needs to breathe, be free †
Mm....why you fulfill my desired needs †
I have nine lives that needs fucked one by one until they all flee †
Silk sheets fucking, to my twerking song †
You bring the honey, I got the cuffs, make me purr all night long †
Oh it feels so good to be the star when you engage †
Body stalking, mind prowling, my carnal pleasures one can never gage †
My handsome Tomcat I hear your soft whispers †
Spread my thighs and take my body to the stars and sink inside me your big dipper †
Relish in my skin † †
Between my wetness we make the eleventh commandment sin †
His wicked tongue slowly on patrol...mmÖ wickedness in the sheets we begin †
I am a virgin tonight, whore tomorrow †
So break me in like its my first time and forget about those mundane sorrows †
My legs still fit around his neck, what perfect fit †
Back arched in physical depravation as he eases in his hard dick
Mm.. his width is snug, in and out, the mattress dipping under the balls of his hands
thrusting all up in this tight love †
Oh baby, this is what this pussycat has missed †
Ass tightly clenched † †
Pussy been in exile, quickly drenched †
Oh...babyÖyesÖyes right thereÖwaitÖwaitÖI suppose to be the virgin tonight †
Slow and easy, my pussy walls gripping that fit just right †
Legs to his chest wall, headboard gripped †
My famished pussy walls puckering, oiling his dick † †
Bodies slipping and dipping †
Oh...fuckÖdonít make me cum, not just yet †
He feels too good marinating in my soft wet †
Purring, moaning, grunting sounds † †
My body seesawing against his losing ground †
Oh God...move that dick inside me around and around †
Rendering me senseless, without breath, as we relish pound for pound †
Gripping him tighter, loving such sweet suctioning sounds †
Lips to lips † †
Blindly gyrating my curvaceous hips † †
Thrusting, anchoring †for my sweet dip †
Tongue licks bathing my nipples, ever so slow † † †
Dick gyrating in comfort, weakening my body from the languish flow † † †
Getting addicted from his wondrous gift †
Plummeting deeper and deeper for that core elongation hit †
Hard groin mating against my pelvis, better than a wet dream †
Scratching his back, mmmÖmaking my butter rum slowly cream †
Cupping my buttocks his erection thrashing inside, making me whimper, scream †
Baby harder, his throbbing girth is still locked inside me drumming, dick and pussy slap happy †
Back flapping, legs around his ankles, wrapping †
Sweet mercy, it feels so good to be a woman †
Oh God closing my eyes... oh GodÖ Iím cumming †
MmÖ oh yes circling his dick deep, quicker, I feel the jerk of his release †
Tongue to tongue dance as my pussy kisses his dick for a contented please
A soft kiss to my lips, and then the peak of my nipple tip
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 13th Jan 2021
Author's Note
Sensual is everything that refers to the delight of the senses. And that's what artists do, is stimulate the senses in any possible way.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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