How to start a day

How to start a day:  
“With gratitude and humility”
sounds so trite  
and is easier said than done.  

Instead, start with coffee.  
When I’m groggy and depressed  
and can’t summon gratitude for anything else,  
coffee softens my edges.  
Next, get out Into the world  
and notice things,  
wonder about mysteries,  
connect with wisdom.  
I consider it prayer,  
but the label doesn’t matter.  
Noticing (awe) --  
--That the gray sky is not gray at all.  
If I was a painter, I’d need a full palette  
of muted blue-gray, purple-gray, orange-gray…  
it is beautiful, and I get to see it.  
--That the thin skiff of snow  
collects on one side of each pebble,  
showing the direction of the wind as it fell…  
it is intriguing, and I get to witness it.  
Wondering (curiosity) –  
--about the tracks in the snow  
Was that a cat, or some other small ditch-dwelling mammal?  
How did it jump so far?  
I ponder mysteries large and small.  
--about how the stars are still burning above me,  
beyond the daylight, above the clouds,  
although my current context won’t let me see them…  
here and now is not their moment to shine.  
(after noticing  
   and wondering  
      I find my point of connection)
Connecting (wisdom) --  
Stars always make me think of Time,  
and the double-think  
of smallness and significance.  
I am, by objective measures, of no consequence in this vast universe.  
I am also, at some moment, to someone, in some context,  
exactly what is needed,  
and therefore infinitely important.  
Small and large – like stars -- brilliant and invisible.  
I don’t think I’ll know my moment of significance –  
maybe it’s already passed.  
My purpose is to just keep shining
for that opportune moment of fulfillment,
trying not to get in the way  
of being what I am.  
Noticing.. wondering… connecting…  
Once I’ve grasped both  
my immeasurable insignificance  
and my unique belovedness  
I can begin.  
Equipped with a Self  
and with Resources  
for a Purpose --  
How shall I use them today?  
How to start a day:  
with gratitude and humility.
Written by brokentitanium (k.)
Author's Note
One example of one day. Your formula may be different...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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