Petals of Sorrow

Sweet love blooms  
blossoming under the warmth  
of anotherís affections  
Yet loss is embedded in veiny stems  
Threaded with the truths of time,  
all decompose in the end.  
Even the purest and profoundest of love,
loses glimmers of shine over time.  
But if you leave beauty  
where Mother Nature planted it,  
itís spoils birth new life.  
If cut down,  
displayed in a vase,  
itís vibrancy slowly fades,  
itís purpose becomes a waste,  
and it decays in vain.  

Out of selfish gain  
you cut her stem  
and buried her roots  
Careless lover,  
you leave her thirsty  
and malnourished  
Petals of sorrow  
fall as she wilts  
Donít you hear her tears?  
Donít you see her shaking in fear?  
Neglect slices the vein and love bleeds out  
Youíre too late  
Under self absorbed  
and distracted eyes  
the last petal falls,
She withered away  
the evidence fallen flat  
shriveled massacre of her soul scooped up in your hands  
remnants of  a love condemned  
The broken glass and scattered petals,  
tossed in fits of rage  
wonít bring her back again
as the loneliness echos  
through the empty space on the bed  
The foliage of love assassinated by vanity  
haunts you in your dreams  
The beauty you emaciated  
love you wasted  
fights back  
planting a seed  
in the back of your mind  
The truth digs its roots  
with painful claws
Awoken by her phantom screams  
feeling the invisible thorns tear at your flesh  
a horror neither one of you will forget  
You couldíve had the most fragrant of loves  
Instead you live in a garden of ghosts
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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